Airsoft Gun Not Feeding

Airsoft Gun Not Feeding: 6 Reasons & Solutions

Shooting and playing with Airsoft guns are very popular nowadays. They give us the experience of original guns but with zero damage. 

However often there is the problem of feeding in the gun. This affects the momentum and fun of the game heavily. 

Today we will solve this problem for you. So, why is the airsoft gun not feeding?

Airsoft guns can stop feeding for lots of reasons. The magazine might be jammed with dirt or BB. There is the possibility of an empty magazine too. Often dirt accumulated in the barrel causes problems. Misfeeding also happens due to overwinding. Wrong HopUp position and bad BBs can cause this too.

These are all the causes of misfeeding. We have discussed the details and fixes in our discussion. Please keep scrolling to know it all.

What is Airsoft Gun Not Feeding? 

One of the most common problems of Airsoft guns is a hindrance in feeding. There are proper steps to solving this problem. But before solving the problem, it’s important to understand what feeding problems mean. 

Guns not feeding is the term used to express the incident of dry firing. Dry firing is the situation where Airsoft guns make noise but do not fire. But this is not the only meaning. In Airsoft guns, not feeding also means the gun shooting multiple BBs at a single shot. 

Airsoft gun keeps misfeeding and double feeding is a very annoying thing while playing. You can solve the problem easily once you identify the reason behind it. Below we will find out why the incident of airsoft pistols not feeding is happening. 

Reasons Behind Airsoft Gun Not Feeding 

Many factors can make the airsoft gun not feed. There are exact solutions for each of the problem factors. So let’s inspect the factors one by one. Then we will look at the solutions.

Jammed Magazine

The magazine is the part of the gun that holds the BBs or bullet balls. Once you press the trigger the bullet is shot from there through the barrel. Often misfeeding happens because the magazine is obstructed. 

The magazine can get stuck for various reasons. One or more BBs can get stuck in the corner of the magazine. That will stop the magazine from going all the way up. The Airsoft gun won’t feed if the magazine is not properly attached.

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Also, dirt can block the outlet of the magazine. The debris formed because of continuous usage is responsible for this situation. Gun brands like the Condor brand also face this issue of debris.

Insufficient BB in The Magazine

The airsoft gun bbs won’t feed properly if there isn’t sufficient BBs in the chamber. The best shooting happens when the magazine is full of BBs. The full chamber exerts the correct amount of pressure that results in proper feeding. 

The Airsoft guns have two types of magazines. They are the high-cap and the mid-cap magazines. The high-cap magazine like Lancer Tactical Metal Magazine can hold a lot more BBs than mid-caps. So when using a high-cap magazine make sure it is not empty.

The high-cap magazines should be correctly winded too. If you have a mid-cap magazine, the magazine should be full. The BBs should be through the magazine.

Dirt Inside The Barrel  

The Airsoft gun shoots but no bbs coming out can happen because of barrel blockage. The barrel is the pipe-shaped opening of the gun. If the problem is not in the magazine, it is probably in the barrel.

Grimes forms inside the barrel after using the gun. Build up of dirt can also affect the barrel. And this happens only within a day of using the Airsoft gun. This dirt layer will stop the bearing ball-shaped bullets from going out.

Over Winding the Magazine 

Another problem that the users overlook is overwinding the magazine. The power of the shot is somewhat dependent on winding the magazine. Yet winding it more than required will result in the Airsoft gun shooting every other shot.

Winding is performed by rotating the wheel at the bottom of the magazine. This procedure inputs energy in the coiled spring. The energy will be used later to feed the magazine. However, by rotating the wheel too much you can damage this setting.

Using Low-Quality BB

The size and quality of the BB play a very significant role in the shooting. There are special plastic BBs for Airsoft guns. The size of these BBs is about 6mm and weighs around .2 grams. Plastic BBs for metal BB guns are not a good idea. 

Because they are designed for Airsoft guns. But cheap and low-quality BBs will not perform well with the Airsoft gun. Because they often don’t meet the specifications. And thus the gun starts misfeeding. 

Incorrect HopUp Position 

Just above the magazine, you will find the HopUp of the gun. The HopUp is used for creating a backspin in the BB. But incorrect settings in the HopUp will prevent the gun from feeding. 

The HopUp is adjusted by rotating the dial. Correct adjustments will create a perpendicular force by backspinning. This force will increase the effective range of the BB. If you rotate the dial in the wrong direction, it will damage the shooting mechanism. 

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These are all the potential reasons behind your Airsoft gun misfeeding. You have to check all these factors carefully. Then you can fix the gun. Now let’s see how to fix a misfeeding airsoft gun.

Fixing Airsoft Gun Not Feeding

To fix the Airsoft gun you have to try some methods. All these methods are easy and short if you know the correct methods. 

Clean The Magazine & the Barrel 

The first thing you have to do is to keep your Airsoft gun clean. It is not enough to clean the outer parts only. To increase the longevity of your gun you have to thoroughly clean the inside too.

Open the magazine and find out if there is any foreign material. Then get rid of the dirt. While resetting the magazine make sure that it goes all the way in the gun.

Clean the barrel with a long stick. Attach a piece of cloth to the head of the stick. Then shove the stick inside the barrel and rotate it. Make sure you are gentle to avoid breaking the gun. You can use silicon oil for this purpose. It will also lubricate the gun.

Listen to the Clicking Sound while Winding 

Winding is essential for feeding the gun. But don’t get too excited when you are rotating the wheel. Slowly rotate it and try to listen to a click sound. This sound indicates that the wheel is winded sufficiently. 

Also, the wheel will have some tension when it gets enough winding. You should stop once you observe these signs. Then insert the magazine in your Airsoft gun and start shooting.

Turn off the HopUp 

Keep the hope off when the gun is not intact. That means when you are cleaning the gun you have to rotate the HopUp all the way. Also while filling the magazines it is better to turn it off. 

Once you attach all the parts of the gun, turn on the HopUp according to your needs. In this way, you will save yourself from wrong HopUp positions.

Use Good Quality BBs 

Buy the best compatible BBs for the Airsoft gun. Don’t go for cheaper options because they can damage the gun. You should buy the BBs from certified shops to avoid hassles.

Follow these methods to solve the feeding problem of your Airsoft gun. We think now you can fix the gun easily.


Is it OK to dry fire an Airsoft gun? 

No, it is not OK to dry fire an Airsoft gun. The best ways of handling any firearms are available in the manual. So look at the manual to know about the results of dry firing. Too much dry firing will damage the internal components of the gun. So avoid dry firing the gun without any reason. 

How often should I oil my airsoft gun? 

You should oil your Airsoft gun after each game. Experts recommend oiling the gun within 24 hours of gaming with the gun. There are several benefits of oiling the Airsoft gun. Oiling increases the longevity of the gun. While oiling the gun, it also gets cleaned. Oiling lubricates the gun too.

What oil should I use for my airsoft gun?

You should use silicon oil for your Airsoft gun. Silicon oil is an excellent lubricating agent for BB guns. It reduces the friction between the parts of the gun. Also, silicon oil can hold the elasticity of plastic parts. It accelerates the bullet balls too. So use any silicon oil on your gun without hesitation. 


This is all we have on airsoft guns not feeding. You have now learned the solutions and reasons behind this problem. Fix your Airsoft gun as soon as possible in our methods.

Though the BBs are small and made of plastic, they can hurt you. So wear protective gear while gaming with Airsoft guns. 


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