Are All CO2 Cartridges The Same

Are All CO2 Cartridges The Same? Questions Answered

If you are an airgun enthusiast, you must know about CO2 cartridges. And if you are not, let me tell you that CO2 cartridges are essential for airguns. CO2 cartridges use compressed air to propel the ball bullets out of the gun,

Now the question comes, are all CO2 cartridges the same? 

Well, the answer will be both yes and no. Fundamentally all the CO2 cartridges are the same. But there are some minor differences among them. They are different mostly in terms of their sizes and usage. 

But there are much more. To know about that, we would like to welcome you to read through the entire article.

What Are CO2 Cartridges? 

CO2 cartridges are simple metal cylinders with some CO2 gas in them. But, the gas is pressurized. We use CO2 cartridges in bb guns Benjamin Armada Air Rifle

BB guns use this compressed CO2 to shoot metal bullet balls. One reminder: do not use plastic bbs in a CO2 gun.

Once inside a pressurized container, some of the carbon dioxides turn into a liquid state. In short, this container contains CO2 both as liquid and gas. 

When you pull the trigger, it opens the valve on the cylinder. Afterward, it lets some of the gas escape into the barrel. The sudden pressure drop is explosive. This explosion causes the bullet balls to fire out of the gun’s barrel.

These guns are more powerful than you may think. So, try to be safe

CO2 Cartridges: What Makes The Difference?

As we have already mentioned, all CO2 cartridges function similarly. But there are some differences. 

So, the big question is, what are the types of CO2 cartridges?

You need to consider the following factors when getting a CO2 cartridge:

Factor 1: Threaded & Non- threaded Cartridges

If you want to use CO2 cartridges, you must consider whether it’s threaded or not. Non-threaded cartridges have a plain body. On the other hand, threaded cartridges have threads at the end. 

You can use both threaded and non-threaded cartridges in air guns. You will need non-threaded cartridges for direct use. You can get threaded larger cartridges if you have refillable airguns. We will get to that later, we promise.

But are all threaded CO2 cartridges the same?

The answer is yes. All threaded cartridges have the same thread. Their only difference is their sizes.

Factor 2: Size

Are you now wondering, are all CO2 cartridges of the same size?

Here’s the answer. CO2 cartridges vary the most when it comes to their sizes. Different sizes of CO2 cartridges include 8g, 12g, 16g, 18g, etc. All air guns require 12 gm cartridges as standard. 

You can use the larger cartridges indirectly as well. But that depends on if you have refillable CO2 cartridges or not.

Now, are all 12g CO2 cartridges the same?

No. There are threaded and non-threaded air guns. 

Factor 3 : Refillable & Non-refillable Cartridges

If you want to be environmentally friendly with your cartridges, you have options. There are refillable cartridges. You can refill these cartridges with CO2 after using them. You can also use green gas in your CO2 cartridges if they are compatible.

It will save you a lot of money. And not to mention the enormous environmental benefit.

For example, you can buy Umarex 12 gram refillable CO2 cartridges. There is a section at the bottom of the CO2 cartridge. You can inject CO2 into your cartridge through that section. 

Here you can use larger threaded CO2 cartridges. You can inject high-pressure CO2 from the larger cartridge to your 12g cartridge. For example, you can get the Umarex 88g CO2 cartridges. You can inject high-pressure CO2 from this cartridge into a smaller one. 

However, you will need an adapter like Umarex CO2 Saver Adapter to do so.

You may not get the refillable CO2 cartridges. In that case, you should know what to do with empty CO2 cartridges.

Note: We want to clear out any confusion here. You may find cartridges with the same flow technology and size. However, if the threads are different, then the cartridges will function differently as well. 

How To Choose The Right CO2 Cartridge For Your Airgun?

We guess we have established the similarities and differences of CO2 cartridges. But how would you choose the right CO2 cartridge for you? You can ask yourselves the following questions and hopefully, you’ll get your answers.

What Will You Use Them For?

If you are reading this article, you will use the cartridges in your airgun. So, you will have to keep that in mind. The airguns in the market use 12g non-threaded CO2 cartridges as standard. So, you have to purchase these CO2 cartridges. 

How Is Their Build Quality?

We know that CO2 cartridges contain pressurized gas. Meaning, these containers are extremely volatile and explosive. If not contained properly, these cartridges can explode and cause damage. 

One user claimed that his cartridge exploded and made a hole in his wooden ceiling. 

For this reason, we will always advise you to buy high-end CO2 cartridges. Look for the sturdier ones. They tend to offer more build quality. 

What Value do They Offer?

It is a more holistic point. Opt for the cartridge that offers you the best value. And it depends on your priorities. 

You can go for higher grade, more expensive CO2 cartridges. Crosman 12-Gram CO2 Powerlet or Umarex offers great overall value. 

You can go for the cheaper alternatives if you want. They work well, to be honest. But you have to make peace with the risk of miniature explosions. Do remember that. In that case, buy CO2 cartridges cases like the Layapex CO2 Cartridges Case


Are the CO2 cartridges flammable?

No, not really. You see, CO2 cartridges are explosive and volatile. They can explode in the slightest inconvenience. But CO2 is not flammable. It means that CO2 cartridges are not flammable.

Can I fill my CO2 tank with compressed air?

Technically, you can if you really want to. But do not think you should. Compressed air does not provide as much pressure as compressed CO2.

Can I safely store CO2 cartridges in my house?

Yes, you can. Most homes as more than cool enough to safely do so. And if your home is abnormally hot and not air-conditioned, you can store them in the fridge.


Did you get the answer to your question are all CO2 cartridges the same?

But remember one thing, store the cartridges in a cold place. High temperatures can cause explosions, no matter how expensive your cartridges are. 

And let us know how we have helped you in the comments. We do love ourselves some validation.

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