Best Airsoft M9

Best Airsoft M9: Pro’s Guide To Sharpshooting

Ever find yourself wondering if you’ve made the right call regarding your airsoft gun? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Sometimes a gun just isn’t the right fit for you.

So now what? Do you give up on looking for options? Fret not, we have your back.

We’re aware that this doesn’t narrow anything down for you, which is why we’ve come up with this post. Our post on the best airsoft m9 is surely going to help you out with your search. 

And how are we so sure about that?

Well, we’ve spent hours scouring everywhere for information on airsoft m9s. This post is the fruit of our labor. 

Rest assured, all the products on our list are top-notch and we won’t disappoint you. So what are you waiting for? Strap up and let’s get to it-

Comparison Table

WG’s Plastic Beretta Handgun m9

Product Overview

The “WG 500 FPS Beretta m9” takes first place on our list of the ultimate m9 handguns. So what made WG Plastic worthy of the top spot? 

Well, why don’t we find out?

For starters, the WG Plastic has one of the highest FPS ratings of the bunch, weighing in at 500 FPS. Moreover, the Plastic beretta m9 has a plastic build. This means that it can weather even the toughest of storms and won’t dent or break that easily. 

And, this is one of the greatest advantages of having a plastic frame. It even has a good capacity of rounds, as it can hold 15 rounds per mag.

The WG 500 plastic also has a CO2 canister. This means that performance-wise it has the best propulsion system out of the 6 products on the list.

Its weight is also on the lower end of the spectrum as it weighs in at a meager 23.38 ounces. This isn’t the lightest of the 6 m9 handguns, but it also isn’t the heaviest. It’s lightweight means that it won’t end up spraining your wrist that much.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s exactly risk-free. Since it’s made of plastic, it can be quite a hamper for your environment. All the tiny components may act as a choking hazard.

It’s also a non-blowback type of gun. This means that you won’t get the exact feel of a gun if you fire it round after round.

Room For Improvement

The WG’s Plastic m9’s main issue is that it doesn’t have the exact feel of a real handheld gun due to its plastic and non-blowback nature. So if that’s an issue for you we strongly suggest you go for the “WG Metal Blowback Handgun”.

WG’s Metal M9 Beretta Blowback Handgun

Product Overview

Coming in second is a familiar name on the list. It’s the “WG Metal 500 FPS Beretta Blowback Handgun”. It is similar to the first pick on the list, however, there are slight differences too.

Even though it’s so similar to the first pick on the list the WG Metal got placed second because of a few differences. 

We had a hard time picking between the two guns but in the end, the WG Plastic edged this title race by a hair. Here, the first notable difference is that the WG is made exclusively of metal. Although it’s not as environmentally unfriendly as the former, it does mean that the WG Metal is heavier.

This is a problem if you use it for prolonged periods. It too possesses a risk of spraining your wrist if it’s used excessively.

But WG has compensated for that by adding a textured military-type m9 hand-grip, which is supposed to make your life easier.

It also has adjustable rear and glow-sights that you can attach to it. The Gun is also a blowback. This means this imitates a real gun when it’s in action. So when you fire it you’ll get the feel of a real gun.

Like the top contender of the list, this one is also CO2-powered. This means that when it comes to the performance of its propulsion, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Room For Improvement

The WG metal’s weight seems to be its biggest issue. If that’s an issue for your delicate wrists then we suggest you use the lighter gun on the list such as the “UKARM’s M757B Beretta Tactical M9”.

Y&P M9 Green-Gas Beretta Airsoft Handgun

Product Overview

Next up, we present number three on the list; “Y&P M9 Beretta Handgun”. This officially ends our race for the top 3 m9 guns available on the market. 

So what makes this worthy of the last coveted spot on the list?

For starters, it is also gas-powered just like the two above it is on the list. Although there is a slight difference, it is propane-fueled, unlike the two WGs.

This means that it counteracts the CO2 problems such as temperature sensors and it’s perfect for the brisk outdoors.

Apart from that, its barrel is made out of high-quality metal and its frame consists of both plastic and metal components. Moreover, it has the second-highest capacity of all the guns (23 rounds). 

This adds up with the maximum amount of shots a single refill from a propane canister can provide (30-40 shots). This way you don’t have to go in for refills!

Plus, this means you can consistently keep shooting without a reload. The Y&P m9 isn’t that heavy either, this means your hands won’t be getting any tired while shooting all of the 23 rounds consecutively.

However, this is still a non-blowback type of gun and it won’t give you the feel of firing a real gun. 

Room For Improvement

The problem with the Y&P is that its non-blowback version and green-gas version gun. If you want a higher-performing propulsion system and want a blowback type then go for the “WG Metal Beretta M9” instead.

Evike – CYMA Full Auto M9 Airsoft Handgun

Product Overview

Coming in at number 4 on our list is the Evike CYMA. However, this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise given how Evike produced some splendid guns in the past. So them being 4th on our list isn’t such a shocker.

But, how did this land on this list? For starters, the Evike has some interesting features for an airsoft gun. It is the most adaptable of the bunch because of its complete polymer frame and metal slide. All of which can be detached and upgraded.

This makes Evike the stuff of dreams for customizing airsoft fanatics.

In addition to this, the Evike also has a flashy color; tan. This would appeal to users that like to show off a bit.

But by far its most interesting feature is that it’s the only battery-powered gun of the lot. This makes it the only Fully automatic handgun of the 6 m9s. 

Essentially, the m9 can be used to rush in on your opponents in the heat of battle.

However, the best feature about the Evike is its capacity. It has the highest capacity of rounds among all the guns on the list. It has a staggering 29 rounds worth of capacity in its chamber. This means you won’t have to constantly keep reloading this gun.

It also has an impressive muzzle velocity between 400-420 FPS. This is quite a lot given how this is a battery-powered handgun.

Room For Improvement

The problem with the Evike is that it’s battery-powered. This means that it’s lacking a bit of punch in the FPS sector so the BBs won’t travel so long. If that feature isn’t your cup of tea you could always go for the Y&P M9.

UKARM’s M757B Beretta Tactical M9 Airsoft Gun

Product Overview

Coming in 5th on our list is the UKARM’s M757B. This tactical beretta comes in at 5th on our list for a lot of reasons. So what are they exactly? Let’s find out.

It’s a spring-powered gun, which means that it has quite an impressive range (100 ft). That being said the M757B has an impressive 200 FPS, which means that its BBs pack quite the punch.

Since it is spring powered, it means that it’s the most dependable of the bunch. So there is no risk for the M757B to run out of steam in the middle of a battle. However, if you were to use a Gas-Powered Or Electrical Gun you’d risk that.

Also, it is important to note that this handgun needs to be handcocked every time it’s fired. This may be an issue for some users.

Room For Improvement

The M757B is a spring-powered gun that needs to be hand-cocked after being fired. If you’re the kind to take the stress away from your arms we suggest you the Evike instead.

UKARM’s Spring-Piston M9 Beretta Airsoft Handgun

Product Overview

Last but not least, we are here with the UKARM’s Pistol. It’s the UKARM’s, M9 Beretta. You’d be a fool to write this gun off, given how it beat a lot of worthy competitors to get the last spot.

Like the 5th-position UKARM, the Beretta is also springloaded. This means that being on the receiving end of its barrel will end in your opponent being in tears.

What’s more, is that the UKARM Beretta m9 is budget-friendly compared to the rest on the list. This means you won’t be blowing a hole in your wallet when getting this gun.

Room For Improvement

The UKARM Beretta m9 is not that durable when it comes to combat. If you want to go for a more durable product we suggest you use the “WG’s Full Metal M9 Beretta Handgun”.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Airsoft M9 

Now this section talks about the in-depth specs and attributes of an airsoft gun. The purpose of this section is to empower you with the wisdom to choose your gun for yourself.

So let’s get to it, without further ado-

What Powered Gun Should I Go For? 

This is the most important decision you have to make about buying an airsoft handgun (m9). Most of the accessories that you buy for your airsoft m9, depend on the power source of your airsoft m9.

Now there are mainly three types of powered guns that you can find on the market. The first is the gas-powered guns, either CO2 or Green-Gas guns (which use propane). 

The second is the electric guns, which use batteries. And finally, you have the good-old-fashioned spring-loaded guns.

Gas-Powered Guns use gas to propel the BBs out. This can be either in the form of propane or CO2. The CO2 cans come in small canisters of compressed air and the green gas or Propane has to be injected into the chamber and comes in the form of a can.

Most of these gas-powered guns come in the form of semi-automatic guns. However, some of these are available in full automatic as well. Gas- Propelled guns are more common than handguns.

Next up, we have the AEGs or Automatic Electric Guns. These come in both semi-automatic and automatic settings. The mechanism of this gun involves a gearbox. 

So when you press down on the trigger of a fully-charged AEG gun, it’ll keep on spewing out BBs.

Most Rifles are AEGs by default as the semi-automatic setting is a must for them.

Lastly, we have the spring-loaded mechanisms. This may be the oldest of the mechanisms, but it’s not obsolete. These need to be hand-cocked after each shot to reset the spring.

Although that may be time-consuming, it has an advantage. Since the spring-loaded mechanism has a low amount of moving parts involved in it, it is the most dependable of the bunch.

What’s more, is that spring-loaded guns are also the most budget-friendly. This is because the mechanism is pretty simple. Most Sniper rifles are spring-loaded by default since they apply a bolt-action mechanism.

Green-Gase Or CO2?

Now, comes the fork of a path you’d normally face in an FPS game. Since Gas-Powered guns have two options which one should you go for? The green-gas (propane) or CO2?

CO2 charges normally come in small 2 gram canisters. These canisters are one of the most reliable and cheapest options that you can find on the market. This is why CO2 canisters are so popular. 

However, there is one problem with the CO2 canister. They are highly temperature sensitive and they tend to freeze up at 60 degrees Celcius. At that point, the valve freezes and it just stops working.

Next up, we have the Green-Gas which comes in cans that have to be filled into the gun. These are more reliable in terms of temperature sensitivity compared to CO2. 

However, GGB (green gas blowback) guns only get around 30-40 shots per fill. The total amount of shots in a Can of Green-Gas is about 1800. That being said, needing to carry around a spray can for your refills may be a bit cumbersome for some users.

So which one do you go for?

Well, if you’re just looking from a performance point of view, you should go for the CO2. However, its only problem is that it is not suited for the cold.

If you’re in a wintery environment up north, you should use green-gas or propane-fueled guns for maximum fun!

Blowback Or Non-Blowback?

Any sort of Airsoft gun can be put into two categories when it comes to its form of fire. These are the blowback guns and the non-blowback guns.

It’s important to note that this form of firing has nothing to do with the power source of the gun. For example, you can have either a non-blowback or a blowback gun that’s powered by either gases, electricity, or, a spring mechanism.

So what does this mean?

Blowbacks tend to recoil when fired and they go back to the front of the barrel. This imitates what a real gun would look like while firing.

Whereas, a Non-blowback is an exact opposite. It doesn’t go back and forth when it’s fired, instead, there’s a slight recoil when you fire a shot.

So, if you’re looking for a realistic feel when firing a gun, then you should opt for the blowback gun.

Body Type: Metal Or Plastic

These are the only two types of body that airsoft guns have. And both of these are extremely durable and sturdy.

Plastics, although not being environmentally friendly, is lighter and less prone to dents and bends that a metal body might have after prolonged use. However, metal bodies give a much more realistic feel of an actual gun, even though they’re heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the meaning behind AEG?

AEG is the acronym for Automatic Electrical Gun. It’s one of the four basic power types in airsoft guns. This is also one of the most reliable and reusable options out there if you’re in a pinch.  

Which type of BBs hurt the most?

BBs that are heavier tend to hurt the most. This is because heavier BBs conserve their energies better than lighter BBs. A 0.44g BB will hurt a lot after being fired from a sniper rifle compared to a 0.25g BB, which will barely even be felt.

What does FPS mean in the world of airsoft?

FPS stands for Feet Per Second. This is a measure of how fast your BB is leaving the barrel of the gun. This shows you how many feet per second your BB covers.

Ending Remarks

Well, this was about all the info we could muster up about the best airsoft m9. We hope that you’ve picked your top gun by now. If you haven’t then we suggest going with the top gun on the list.

All of us are believe in your capability to choose the right airsoft gun now. However, a little extra reading never hurt anyone, so feel free to read up a bit more on the topic.

Be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself out there. Till then, stay safe and take care!

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