Best Batteries For Nerf Stryfe

Best Batteries For Nerf Stryfe: A Guide On Energy Sources

“Damn my Nerf gun is dead again?” Chances are you’re going through this article because of a similar issue that you’re facing. 

But don’t be afraid, this is pretty common.

This is especially common when it comes to Nerf Stryfe guns, which happen to be battery-powered. The most common reason why this happens is because of the battery being drained out or going “flat”.

So how do you make your Neft Stryfe last for a longer time? Well, we have the answer to your question. More precisely our post on the best batteries for nerf stryfe gun for that matter.

There’s a ton of info regarding this issue circulating the internet. So you might get a bit confused if you attempt to go through all of the information regarding this.

But that’s where we come in, we’ve done your homework for you. More accurately, our research team has slaved over the past few days plundering the net for worthy information about this topic.

Their conquests have resulted in this informative article, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth of information. 

So put on your goggles, and let’s get to it-

Comparison Table

Amazon Basics Double-A Alkaline Batteries

Product Overview

The “Amazon Basics High-performance Double-A Battery” takes the crown for itself on our list of the top batteries for nerf stryfes. 

So why does the crown sit upon its head?

The Amazon basics come in an 8 pack package. All of the batteries in the pack have a voltage of about 1.5V and are compatible with a wide range of appliances.

It has a shelf-life of 10 years, which is the standard for most AA batteries, and is quite reliable. Aside from its reliability, Amazon is also compatible with a lot of appliances. Moreover, the Amazon is leak-proof due to its specialized ring at the bottom of the cell.

Room For Improvement

One of the main issues with the Amazon Basics is that it’s not a rechargeable battery. For being an 8 cell package, it’s imperative that you have a rechargeable aspect to the battery to counteract the less amount of batteries given. If that’s the case then we suggest you go for the “EBL Triple-A Battery” which happens to be rechargeable.

Duracell (CopperTop) Double-A Alkaline Batteries 

Product Overview

Coming in second is a familiar name in the world of batteries. And it should be no surprise given how Duracell is one of the most reliable brands out there when it comes to batteries.

So what makes the Duracell so good? Well, it’ll be clear after we look at its specs.

The Duracell has decent durability and lasts very long. It also has a voltage rating of 1.5V as it is a double-A battery. This means that it can be used for a wide range of things other than just your nerf gun.

What’s more, is that Duracell guarantees that all of its products are top-notch. They’ve even stated that they would replace and repair any battery defects that are to reach back to them. The Duracell is also guaranteed to last for 10-years.

Room For Improvement

The only problem with the Duracell is that it is reported to be prone to leaking, which for a battery is absolutely disastrous. In that case, we suggest you use the “Energizer Ultimate Lithium Metal Battery”, which isn’t prone to leaking.

ACDelco Super Alkaline Double-A Battery

Product Overview

In third place, there is the “ACDelco Super Alkaline Double-A Battery”. Now, we’ll be honest this is was quite the battery, given the set of interesting features it boasts. 

This is the reason why this battery is so highly ranked.

For starters, the ACDelco is the only battery that comes with a 40 cell count. This means in a single pack you get around 40 batteries! You could lay a siege to Fort Knox with this supply.

Each and every battery within the 40-cell package is rated to have 1.5V. This gives you the highest total voltage rating of the bunch (if you put them together that is).

These alkaline batteries are also very efficient and long-lasting. This is due to the absence of any cadmium or mercury within it. So if the battery leaks there is no threat, as no heavy metals will get into the environment.

Room For Improvement

The kryptonite for the ACDelco is the sea, more precisely rust. These batteries are prone to rust, which is why if you leave them live near the sea, it isn’t wise to leave them unattended. In this case, we suggest you use Amazon Basic’s anti-leaking and anti-corrosion alkaline batteries.

Energizer Long-Lasting AA Lithium Batteries

Product Overview

Next up we have the “Energizer” brand’s Long-lasting AA Lithium batteries. This is the only lithium-based battery on the list. 

So why does it rank 4th on our coveted list of the top batteries for the nerf stryfe? Well, why don’t we find out? 

For starters, this 24 pack is the only battery on the list that can be used for demanding appliances. This means that the Energizer battery can be used to really inflict some damage as it is the most powerful battery on the list.

However, this power does come at a cost. The cost of this power is that the Energizer Lithium battery can explode if placed backward. Although we wouldn’t worry that much about it leaking given how it’s not alkaline based.

Moreover, the Energizer lithium battery has been known to hold up to 20 years worth of charge even when it’s idle. It also has the widest temperature range within the list (-40 to 60 degrees celsius).

Room For Improvement

The Energizer lithium’s greatest flaw is the fact that it is a potential fire hazard. If you want a safe and sure bet, then we suggest that you use the “BONAI” instead of this, since it is less likely to leak and won’t cause an explosion.

Energizer (AA) A-Max Alkaline Battery

Product Overview

Coming in 5th on our top list of batteries nerf stryfe is another familiar name. It’s none other than the infamous Energizer brand. 

Although it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise given how the Energizer brand is a reputed name in the battery game.

They’ve produced some great batteries over the years, and there is no reason this should be any different.

For starters, this 24 pack of batteries last up to 50% longer! This is quite an improvement on the previous batteries.

The A-Max however, got bumped down the list because its energy demand is a bit less compared to the “Energizer Lithium Batteries”. Other than this, the A-Max is quite the battery.

Moreover, this “Energizer A-Max Battery” is known to hold up to 10 years worth of charge even when it’s idle.

Room For Improvement

The Energizer A-Max cannot support high-demand appliances. If that is an issue for you then we suggest you use the “Energizer AA Lithium Battery”. 

EBL AAA 8 Pack Ni-MH Batteries

Product Overview

Coming in 6th on our legendary list is the “EBL AAA Battery”. This is the only triple-A battery on the list. So why did it land itself on a list so dominated by double-A batteries? Let’s find out-

It comes in a pack of 8, with each battery rated at 1.2V. This is a bit less compared to the rest of the voltages on the list which is 1.5V.

The EBL can be recharged up to 1200 times and can maintain 80% of its initial charge after gathering dust on the shelf.

Whatsmore is that the EBL is extremely environmentally friendly. Around 15% to 20% was precharged with solar energy. 

Moreover, the EBL doesn’t have any traces of Lead, Cadmium, or Mercury in it. Its mAh is rated to be 1100 mAh and its performance is consistent with that rating.

Room For Improvement

The issue with the EBL AAA is that its voltage rating is a bit less. So instead you could go for a higher voltage rating of 1.5 AA Battery like the Amazon Basics.

BONAI AA Pre-Charged High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the “BONAI AA Rechargeable Battery Pack”. Even though this may be ranked last on the list, it would be unwise for you to write it off just yet.

First off, the rechargeable pack has a 24-cell count and all of these are rechargeable in nature. This NiMH battery has a unit volt of 1.2V and can be recharged about 1200 times! This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Moreover, the BONAI is also stated to maintain 80% of its initial charge even after 3 years of being idle. That is a rare quality to have for a rechargeable battery.

It’s also very safe as it is supposedly leakproof and environmentally friendly. It can also operate in any temperate from -20 degrees Celcius to 60 Degrees Celcius. 

Room For Improvement

The biggest problem for the BONAI is the mAh rating seems to be inaccurate for it. If inconsistent mAh ratings are a nuisance for you then we suggest you use the EBL instead whose mAh ratings are consistent with its performance.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Nerf Stryfe Battery 

Before you hop on to go and find the next battery for your Nerf Stryfe, try to consider a few things. 

If you ponder about the different specs within the battery’s description, it might end up serving you better in the long run. 

This section is dedicated to helping you understand those labels better and should help you decide for yourself what to buy.

So, let’s not beat around the bush anymore, and let’s get cracking-

NiMH, Alkaline & Metal Batteries: What Do These Mean?

When you’re aiming to buy batteries, chances are you’ll see a lot of different types of batteries. However, for your Nerf Stryfe, these can be categorized into three different types- Alkaline, Metal (Lithium), and lastly NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.

This section of the article focuses on what each of these specializes in. So let’s get into the details. 

An interaction between manganese dioxide and zinc fuels the alkaline batteries. They have a substantially larger energy capacity and a longer storage life than zinc-carbon batteries. 

Alkaline batteries are the ideal choice for all household gadgets and have long been the most popular energy source. They have a long shelf life and can survive up to ten years in some situations.

Lithium batteries have a high charge density, but they are very costly and you would end up paying more per cell unit. Lithium batteries are ideal for high-drain devices and applications that need complex technology.

Other than that, Lithium batteries outperform ordinary alkaline batteries and they are up to a third of an alkaline battery’s weight. This makes them ideal for situations where weight is a problem. They also have a 10-year storage life, like alkaline batteries.

NiMH batteries have two to three times the capacity of NiCD batteries of the same size. Typically, NiMH batteries should be used for devices that are often used and have a high drain. 

A decent rechargeable battery may generally be recharged 100 times or more. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, have a limited shelf life since they lose a little amount of energy for every day they are kept.

Which One Do I Go For?

The primary function of batteries, both single-use, and rechargeable, is to store chemical energy and convert it to electrical energy as necessary.

When a battery discharges, a chemical process causes energy to move between the battery’s two electrodes via an electrolyte. The chemical processes slow down when the stored energy runs out. When it comes to a disposable alkaline battery, it’s high time to recycle it.

So, how about rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydroxide) batteries? 

The ‘depleting’ electron flow can be reversed due to the NiMH batteries’ differing chemical makeup. Electrical energy is converted back into chemical energy by connecting the battery to a charger. 

The cycle is complete when the capacity reaches its maximum, and the battery is ready to release new energy. So theoretically it should cost more right?

Yes, it does cost more initially, but that’s not the case in the long run.

In most situations, rechargeable batteries last between 5 and 10 years, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money over time. This can make a huge impact on demanding, high-drain devices. 

After all, a single rechargeable battery may last hundreds of times longer than a single-use battery.

However, choosing a rechargeable battery for low-drain gadgets with extended battery life is not always the best option. When considering the typical lifespan of a rechargeable battery, it may be more cost-effective to utilize single-use batteries.

So in conclusion, if your device is a long-lasting device such as a wall clock and isn’t that demanding on a battery source, you should definitely go for an alkaline or Lithium metal battery.

However, if your device drains a lot of charge for quick and intense bursts of energy. It’s better if you use a rechargeable NiMH battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Nerf Gun Has The Most Power?

The most powerful Nerf Gun is the Elite Titan CS-50, which is the most powerful gun on the market. However, this insane power comes at a cost. The Elite Titan CS-50 is one of the costliest guns out there. 

What’s The Side Effect Of Removing The Air Restrictor In My Nerf Gun?

The side-effect of removing the air restrictor from your nerf gun results in a loud noise being emanated when it’s fired. This might be intimidating to some, especially to children, so we don’t recommend it. However, there will be a drastic increase in the power department of the nerf gun.

Which Nerf Gun Has The Fastest FPS?

The Nerf Gun with the fastest FPS is the Nerf Hyper, which is fairly recent in the market. This new line of blasters has the fastest FPS of all nerf guns, which is 110 FPS (feet per second). Moreover, the Nerf Hyper is also the quickest to reload because it has smaller projectiles in it and has a high capacity too since it can hold 40 of the projectiles.

Ending Remarks

This seems to be the end for us now. This was all the info we had on the best batteries for nerf stryfe guns. We hope that our post came to your aid, and you now have what you were looking for all this time.

We are confident that you’ll choose the right battery for the job, as we’ve told you about what to look out for.

Till then, take care and stay safe!

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