Best GBB M4

Best GBB M4: An Expert’s Guide On Airsoft Assault

Ever find thinking to yourself that “Did I make the right call, regarding this GBB M4?” 

Don’t worry we’ve all found ourselves cursing at our airsoft guns at least once during an airsoft battle. So since this is a prominent issue, what’s the cure to it?

Do you give and accept defeat and make do with the gun you have? No, you trust us.

Now, we know reading this intro seems to be a bit sketchy, however, our post on the best GBB M4 was designed for this. 

Since there is a surplus of information on the web regarding this particular issue, it may be hard for you to pinpoint exactly what you want out of a GBB (Gas Blow Back) M4.

But why should you trust us? 

Well, for starters our research team consists of individuals who have a passion for airsoft guns and writing articles. They’ve spent their blood, sweat, and tears while doing their homework on this.

So it makes sense to trust in their quality of research. 

Rest assured, all the guns on our list are a class apart and we won’t leave you disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Let’s strap up and dive right in

Comparison Table

SoftAirs Colt M4A1 M4 Rifle 

Product Overview

The SoftAirs Cold M4A1 takes first place in our list of the best GBB M4 guns. So what made the M4A1 worthy of the crown? Well, a lot of things in fact. 

Why don’t we go through its features? That’ll clear things up

For starters, the SoftAirs is the lightest of the bunch. This is an important feature when it comes to shooting as it’ll make things easier on your hands carrying such a light load.

However, you’d think that the SoftAirs would have an extremely low FPS rate given its weight. You’d be wrong. It has the second-highest FPS rating, which is 395 Feet Per Second!

This means the BBs coming out the other end are going to hurt.

What’s more, is the SoftAirs also has the second biggest capacity of all the m4 on the list. It Magazine has a capacity of 350 rounds, which is crazy given its weight.

This means that you don’t have to carry around so many extra mags like some of the other guns.

As for the SoftAir’s build, it’s pretty decent too! It has an outer metal barrel, charging handle, and magazine release. It also comes with an adjustable stock which can be used to rest your chin and snipe from a long distance if need be.

One of its greatest features is that it comes with an extra battery and charger. This might come in handy if your mates run out of charge on the battlefield and need to charge up ASAP. 

The M4A1 also comes with an adjustable hop-up which can be tweaked to increase its range. 

Room For Improvement

The SoftAirs Colt M4A1’s main issue is that it doesn’t have a good loading magazine clip. Sometimes the clip freezes and it doesn’t fire the rounds in them. In that case, go for the “Umarex Hk Heckler & Koch”.

Umarex’s HK Heckler & Koch HK416 AEG Airsoft Rifle

Product Overview

Coming in second is the Umarex’s, HK Heckler & Koch. We had a tough time placing this here because, in all honesty, it was quite the gun too. But it really did deserve one of the places in the top 3 for sure.

So why did it get picked as second in place? Well, if we look at its specs it’ll become clearer.

It is also lightweight, weighing in at 5 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around, and its lightweight polymer receivers in conjunction with its handguard reduce fatigue in the hands. 

The Umarex has the highest round capacity of the lot. Its gargantuan 500 round clip ensures that you don’t need to take anything else into the battlefield. 

Coming in second is the Umarex’s, HK Heckler & Koch. We had a tough time placing this here because, in all honesty, it was quite the gun too. But it really did deserve one of the places in the top 3 for sure.

So why did it get picked as second in place? Well, if we look at its specs it’ll become clearer.

It is also lightweight, weighing in at 5 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around, and its lightweight polymer receivers in conjunction with its handguard reduce fatigue in the hands. 

The Umarex has the highest round capacity of the lot. Its gargantuan 500 round clip ensures that you don’t need to take anything else into the battlefield. 

This makes it the ideal airsoft rifle for beginners or expert airsoft players.

It also has an impressive FPS rating (340). This airsoft gun can fire single shots or six-shot bursts and is powered by two 12 gram CO2 cartridges. For a comfortable and adaptable shooting experience, this rifle also includes flip-up sights, an adjustable stock, and integrated tactical rails.

As for its body, it’s a mix of plastic and metals. The body of the frame is made of plastic while the barrel is made of metal.

Like the SoftAirs it also comes with an extra battery and charger, so there is no need to buy those separately.

Room For Improvement

Umarex’s problem seems to be that they sacrificed quality over convenience. Its battery and charger seem to be poor. So if that’s an issue for you we suggest you go for the SoftAirs M4A1.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Gen2 M4 Rifle

Product Overview

Next in line is number three on the list; The “Lancer Tactical Airsoft Gen2 M4 Rifle”. This cordially brings an end to our race for the top 3 m4 rifles that are powered by gas.

So what makes this worthy of the last coveted spot on the list?

The Lacer has an FPS rating of 390 Feet Per Second, which is the third-highest one. and upgraded flip-up iron sights (front and rear) with a quick release. It gets its high FPS rating due to its full-metal 2nd generation gearbox.

You can also customize the Umarex as it hosts a rail segment that allows flashlights and lasers to be attached to it.

The Lancer can hold around 300 rounds in its magazine. This makes it a high-capacity mag. Having two of these is enough for you to charge a whole squad on the battlefield. 

Also, the Lancer Gen2 is a full-metal-bodied gun. All of the components including the frame and barrel are made of metal.

The Lancer also has two firing modes, a full-auto, and a semi-auto mode. Both of these have a safety features on them.

Room For Improvement

The problem with the “Lancer Tactical Gen2 Airsoft M4” is that reloading the gun is a pain in the neck, in both the semi-auto and full-auto modes. If you want a quick reloading action then go for the “Bushmaster BMPWX Air Rifle”.

Bushmaster BMPWX Full Auto MPW Air Rifle 

Product Overview

At number 4 is the Bushmaster BMPWX Full-Automatic Air rifle. This takes the second last spot due to a lot of reasons. So why don’t we take a closer look at the gun?

For starters, the Bushmaster is the most realistic gun on the list. This is also why it’s the second heaviest on the list. This makes it a bit tough to carry around in a match, which is why it got bumped down the list.

The Bushmaster also has a dual selector setting which allows it to seamlessly switch between Full-Auto and Semi-Auto settings. Along with these, the Bushmaster’s most notable attribute is its high FPS.

This is one of the fastest guns on the list with a staggering 430 Feet Per Second fire rate. If you’re on the receiving end of the Bushmaster’s barrel then you’re in for a world of hurt.

Along with all these features, the Bushmaster also comes with a red-dot sight attached to it. This makes it ideal for target practice and fun too!

The Bushmaster is the easiest to reload due to its small round chambers which house only 25 rounds. So if you’re the type of person that enjoys a quick reload and rushing in on your opponents, then this is the gun for you.

It is fueled by 2 CO2 canisters, however, these have to be bought separately.

Room For Improvement

The Bushmaster’s issue is that doesn’t come with extra 12g CO2 canisters. If you don’t fancy buying your CO2 canisters then we suggest you use the “Umarex HK Heckler & Koch HK416”.

DPMS Full Auto SBR Air Gun

Product Overview

Last but not least, we present to you the final gun on the list. It’s none other than the DPMS Full-Auto SBR air gun.

Now, you might dismiss the gun completely as it is the last on the list. However, being this hasty would be a bit unwise, as it did beat a lot of worthy contenders to get here.

This is pretty similar to the 4th one, in terms of FPS, CO2 Cartridges, and even the number and convenience of its rounds.

However, it got bumped down the list, despite having the highest FPS rating of 430 Feet Per Second, because of its weight. It is the heaviest gun on the list and weighs around 8 pounds.

This makes it pretty hard to carry around and it isn’t that effective on the battleground.

Other than that, the DPMS has a pop-up sight in place of a red dot sight.

Room For Improvement

The DPSMS’ problem is that it’s too heavy and doesn’t include any extra CO2 canisters. If this is a problem for you then go for the “SoftAirs Colt M4A1”.

Things To Consider Before Buying An GBB M4 

Now, the main of this section here is to take an in-depth look at the different aspects of an M4 Airsoft gun. A lot of the audience aren’t seasoned airsoft users and as such, this section will prove to be very helpful for them.

After all, doing some extra reading never really hurt anyone, so let’s do it-

So let’s get to it, without further ado-

What’s The Mystery Behind The Term FPS? 

FPS stands for ‘frames per second,’ to put it another way. The muzzle velocity of a BB (6mm pellets) as it exits the barrel of an Airsoft replica is measured with this device. Using a chronograph, it can be determined.

Some countries use “meters per second,” or m/s, to measure velocity. Simply divide by 3.3 to convert FPS to m/s. As a result, 330FPS = 100m/s. However, all airsoft players around the world are familiar with the term “first-person shooter.”

The weight of the BB, for example, is one of several variables that might affect the FPS. So when people talk about FUK’sy’re mostly talking about 0.20 gram BBs. 

For example, if the propellant is the same, a lighter 0.12g BB (extremely rare these days and generally used on very low cost and low power Airsoft guns) travels far faster than a heavier 0.3g BB.

There are numerous factors that FPS can influence, but it all boils down to three. Power, range, and precision are all factors to consider.

At first, there’s power, which is perhaps the most crucial factor. Consider a wall with a target on it. The faster the ball travels, the harder it hits its target. That’s because there is more force behind the throw. 

The more time the ball spends in the air, the less energy it has. When the ball is released from your grip, it will have the highest energy. Having said that, we’ve all heard the expression “huge power.” It also connects to the following point we’ll make.

The range is the next factor to consider. As previously said, the more force you put behind your throw, the faster it will be. Also, the further the ball travels before gravity intervenes, the better. 

Throwing a ball clumsily won’t get you very far. Once the force behind the ball has subsided, gravity will quickly take possession of the ball. But if you summon your inner hulk and throw the ball with all your brilliantly green might, you’ll win.

Last but not least, there’s precision. Accuracy is a difficult topic to tackle because there are so many variables to consider, but here’s the T.L.D.R. version. 

The faster you throw, the more probable the ball will go where you want it to go before external forces like wind and gravity have an impact on its eventual location.

A lighter ball will be more affected by external elements such as wind than a heavier one, but it will also require less force to propel it. A heavier ball, on the other hand, will require greater power to reach its goal, despite the fact that external influences will have less of an impact.

How Many Rounds Is Too Much?

A high-capacity magazine has a hollow body that can contain a large amount of ammunition. You must manually crank an internal gearing mechanism using a wheel to tension the spring inside the magazine. 

This spring works in conjunction with the internal gears to load BBs from the main compartment into your M4 through a chute.

You’ll have to rewind the magazine once the spring tension is released. A typical high-capacity magazine can go through three or more winding cycles before it runs out of bullets. 

The operation of this type of magazine does not require the use of any tools. Also, Mid-capacity mags are much more common and they use a basic spring and a plunger for loading the ammunition.

The loading tool is a mechanism that uses a plunger to manually transfer ammo from the tool to the magazine. You’ll keep transferring ammo from the tool to the magazine until the plunger can no longer be compressed.

This indicates that the spring has fully compressed and the magazine has reached its maximum capacity. It doesn’t need any more winding or loading again once it’s loaded, and it’s ready to be used.

These tend to feed consistently and wear down more slowly. The BBs also don’t make any loud noises as they move about inside the magazine body.

However, if all of the information above confused you, and you’re a numbers guy then let us simplify. The High-Capacity mags for M4 guns are 300 rounds and mid-capacity mags have around 130 rounds in them.

In an average setting, you’d need about 2 high-capacity at max in an actual match. But if you’re taking mid-capacity mags, then you should take at least two or 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blowbacks guns really necessary for a game?

No, Blowback guns imitate the real feeling of a gun as it recoils and moves back and forth with the barrel. However, from a practical standpoint, there is no point in using blowbacks in actual matches, as they have a lot of moving parts they are more likely to get damaged and cost you points.

What’s The Mechanism Behind A GBB Gun?

An airsoft BB from the magazine is pushed into the breach or hop-up unit by a mechanism. The spring then pulls the piston forward when it has been released. The air in the chamber is compressed quickly, and the BB is propelled out of the barrel. 

Does A Paintball Hurt More Than An Airsoft BB?

Despite the fact that airsoft BBs travel slightly quicker than paintballs, paintballs are significantly bigger, resulting in heavier impacts. As a result, a paintball would injure more than an airsoft BB in terms of basic strikes. Both 6mm and 8mm airsoft pellets fall under this category.

Ending Remarks

Looks like we’re at the end of the line here. Well, we’ve kept up our end of the bargain regarding giving you information about the best GBB M4 available on the market. Hopefully, by now, you’ve picked out your top gun from the list.

However, if you’re one of the indecisive ones then we suggest that you go for the top pick of the day. After all, that gun was picked by aspiring airsoft fanatics.

Do be careful out there, it’s one thing to have fun, just as long as you don’t get hurt. Till then, stay safe and take care!

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