Best High Torque Motor Airsoft

Best High Torque Motor Airsoft: Ensure A Faster Response

A higher FPS (feet per second) matters a lot for an airsoft gun! This is because it’ll help to decide the range and accuracy. Here, the higher FPS guns handle heavier BBs. It even provides optimum stability which further improves the accuracy. 

And, where do you get a higher FPS gun? Well, most people think that an expensive option will have a higher FPS. That’s not the case always. You can easily replace and change your stock motors to a high-torque motor. 

Here, the best high torque motor airsoft will provide the higher FPS needed. As a result, you’ll get that better range and accuracy. The bonus factor is that you’ll even get a faster response. 

Hence, we’ve analyzed 15 motors today. From them, the best 4 are given in this list. 

Let’s start-

Comparison Table

SHS SportPro High Torque Motor

Introducing our best high torque motor airsoft- “SHS SportPro High Torque Motor”. Calling this one an ordinary motor would be an understatement. Because this one is an absolute monster! 

That’s right! This is the most powerful motor on the list with 30000 RPMs. The motor delivers amazing performance for the longest duration. Combine both of these factors and this would be one great product!

Now, let’s look at the other features- 

This motor comes with strong magnets. For this reason, it won’t come off easily. Plus, it will stick in place for a long time. Other than that, these magnets are made with the highest graded materials. This does increase the toughness. 

Also, the pre-load shaft spring is present here. This motor provides a higher FPS and also ensures that it doesn’t get heated in the process.

In the end, this motor does improve the trigger response. Added to that, it even ensures that your airsoft guns have a better range and accuracy.

Room for Improvements

Watch out for compatibility issues. It’s not strong enough to pull m150s. You could check out the “SHS Long High Torque AEG Motor” as it’s the most versatile. 

AOLS Long Type AEG Motor 

Okay! It’s time to announce the “runner up” of this list. You’ll probably know that from the comparison table. But, we’re talking about the “AOLS Long Type AEG Motor”. 

First off, it has almost all the great features you’ll expect on a top-end high torque motor for your airsoft guns. Here, the motor comes with silver brushes and copper wires. This improves the overall electrical conductivity. 

Plus, there’s a steel case for added durability. Other than that, the motor will enhance the speed of the shot at all times. This will improve the range and the accuracy at the same time. Added to that, the motor even allows a higher rate of fire and an overall performance boost. 

It even arrives with a superior magnet that’ll allow a higher FPS setup. Moreover, it has a long pinion motor that’s D-type. It makes the shooting easier as well. 

The pinion motor has a shaft spring attached to it. When you look at the fitting and compatibility, this motor will fit most AEGs. 

There isn’t much to hate in this motor. So, we give this one a big thumbs up!

Room for Improvements

The overheating situation isn’t the best in this motor. You can check out the “Evike EMG/ARES Long AEGs Motors” for that. 

SHS Long High Torque AEG Motor

This third product caught everyone’s attention by surprise. There’s a lot to like here. It’s mostly a great high-torque AEG motor. But, apart from the torque rating, there are other key benefits. Let’s check-

Starting off, this high-torque motor is a long-type motor. If you wanna consider the compatibility factor then it goes with most AEGs. Also, it’ll fit in P90s, MP5s, and M16s. 

One thing that’s common is that this motor will provide the utmost power and performance needed. This one does provide higher torque. 

Also, the neodymium magnets provide all the necessary torque when you desire a higher FPS setup. Other than that, the steel pinion gear in this motor ensures that it’s durable. Let me tell you, this pinion gear is good enough. 

Another thing, this motor is one of the most affordable ones on this list. To sum things up, this motor is impressive enough and you’ll get all the best features in an affordable price range.

Room for Improvements

Isn’t strong enough! It won’t even pull back with a 9.6V battery. So, if you want a stronger motor, go for the “SportPro High Torque Motor”.

Evike EMG/ARES Long AEGs Motors 

Time for a change! Let’s introduce a different product with a slim design. You hear me right! The “Evike EMG/ARES Long AEGs Motors” has one of the slimmest designs on this list. 

Well, the manufacturers designed this motor, particularly for the slimmer motor grips. Added to that, the low-profile design also reduces the size of the motor. It does that reduction without any sacrifice to the performance or the reliability. 

From the design perspective, this motor is made for slim grips. That said, you can even use this one on the wider grips as well. For this reason, you’ll need some technical knowledge. Because the fitting of the motors matters and you’ll need to modify the entire fitting based on this design. 

Now, let’s look at the torque tuning. This motor does provide a higher torque rating. For this reason, you can improve the response and the force as well. If you want to know the RPMs, then it’s 18000 RPMs. 

Other than that, the pinion gear is the D-type. This CNC machined pinion gear will make shooting way easier. 

Also, this motor comes with Neodymium magnets attached to it. Replacing and attaching this motor to the grip of the gun will be a breeze. 

The presence of the magnets means that you can apply a higher FPS setup easily as well. What’s the use of a higher FPS if you can’t do the setup in the first place, right? Don’t worry, the neodymium magnets do help out.

In the end, the best part about this motor is the slim and compact design. It does all the reduction in size without even sacrificing any of the compatibility factors. That’s it, if you feel like this matters to you, this motor is for you. 

Room for Improvements

Some people just don’t like this slim design. They feel like it’s not that great for the wider grip. In that case, you can check out the “SportPro High Torque Motor”.

Should You Even Replace the Stock Motor?

It’s obvious you’re here in this article because you want to change/replace that stock motor. The question is- why should you even replace the stock motor of your airsoft gun? 

And, will you face any consequences for changing the stock motor or not? Well, there are answers to everything. Yes, you can replace the stock motor. 

The main two reasons why you should replace the stock ones are given below-

Benefits of High-Speed Motor

Let’s focus on why you should invest in high-speed motors, firstly. Well, these types of motors enable a higher fire rate. But, how? They’ll spin at higher speeds. Due to this reason, the motor will provide an even higher rate of fire. 

But, there’s a downside to this. This action doesn’t take place immediately. Overall, it’ll take split seconds when it’s trying to spin on a max RPM. hence, there will be slight delays when you’re putting the first shot. 

Benefits of High-Torque Motor

This is the talk of the town. Well, the review segment of this guide was finding the best high-torque motors. Let’s see why you should prioritize this over the regular stock ones. 

Now, the high-torque motor will spin to the maximum RPMs easily. And, it’ll spin at the fastest of the way as well. Hence, when you’ll be pressing the trigger, you’ll get an amazing response. Thus, it’s great for players who are using that semi-auto functionality. 

When you compare this high-torque motor with the high-speed motor, you’ll see that this one ensures the slightest of the delays possible. That’s why it’s more preferred than the high-speed ones. And, surely preferred over the stock ones. 

Proper Way of Adjusting The Motor

Normally, when you’re trying to adjust the motor, you’ll first need to know where the motor is even located. It’s basically located on the grip. And, some good news! It’s easier to adjust the motor. 

Let’s look at how you can locate it. Below the grip or at the bottom, there’s a cover with 2 screws that are small. And, there’s even a larger central screw. 

Here, the flat large screws allow you at adjusting the position of the motor. This will engage the gears inside the gearbox in a “perfect position”.

Now, why should you even adjust the motor? I mean, you can let things be as they are, right? Well, there’s a thing you should know! 

If the motor isn’t in the “perfect position”, there will be some problems. Let’s say it’s in a higher position, this will cause the drop in FPS. There will be an increase in tear and wear as well.  

Now, let’s say the motor is at a lower position, this will ensure that it’s falling to grab the gears of the gearbox. So, this needs to be in a “perfect position”.

Besides adjusting the motor, you can remove it in a safe and easier manner. Firstly, there are 2 smaller screws holding the bottom plates together. You need to unscrew these two screws. 

By doing this, you’re going to reveal the rear bottom of the motor. There will be connecting cables on this side as well. When you unplug these cables, it’ll remove the motor. 

The Importance of MOSFET In High Torque Motors

So, we’ve seen the list! You’re now on your way to purchasing a new high-torque motor for your airsoft. But, wait! You’ll need to know about this electrical component MOSFET. 

Because, before taking the advantage of new motors, you’ll need to use a powerful 11.1v LiPo battery. Here, the battery even needs to be at a discharge rate of 25c. Only then, you’ll get your desired results. So, the motor with the battery will provide the best combination. 

Here, the MOSFETs will ensure that you’re not burning the trigger contacts because these batteries are that powerful. 

Basically, this electrical component will redirect electricity going from the battery directly toward the motor. And, it’ll pass without even touching trigger contacts ever. 

What Happens If you Don’t Use MOSFET?

Without MOSFETs, the higher discharge rate will damage trigger contacts slowly when it passes.

There are two wires- the positive and the negative one. When you don’t have MOSFET installed on the replica, the positive wire sends electricity straight to the trigger contacts. Then, it’ll pass the electricity to the positive end of the motor. 

Since the electricity passes the trigger contacts, it’ll get damaged. 

Here, if you had the MOSFET installed, it would add 2 signal wires. These are the signals that’ll enable the MOSFET to send electricity directly towards the motor from the battery. Hence, it’ll save the trigger contact from electricity.


Will shifting to a higher torque increase the FPS?

Yes! Shifting to higher torque motors means you’ll get an increased FPS. The higher torque motors spin at a higher force. This causes the gearbox to turn against a heavier resistance. 

What are the benefits of a higher torque motor compared to a stock motor? 

The higher torque motor provides a more dynamic performance. In applications, this motor is more accurate and productive. It even ensures a lower tear and wears. 

Does a High-torque motor matter in an airsoft gun? 

Yes! High torque motors matter a lot in an airsoft gun. If you’re looking for a faster response in the airsoft gun, high-torque motors will provide that. 


I guess that’s going to be it! We’ve seen a lot in this article. But, we believe everything was covered. We’re happy to provide this in-depth analysis for the best high torque motor airsoft

There were 5 best motors in this article. But, we’ve added plenty of informative segments to enlighten you a bit more. In the end, knowing a lot of information will help you decide only. 

Now, it’s upto you whether you want to go ahead with the purchase or not. We’ll advise you to read the info segments again to clear the air. That’ll be it, goodbye!

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