Best Hop Up Bucking

Best Hop Up Bucking: Aim For Precision

Are the BBs in your airsoft gun not rolling out as smoothly as you desire? Or are you facing feeding issues? 

Or perhaps there is a fluctuation in your BBs frame per second? 

All these issues are important because they affect the overall performance of your airsoft gun. 

Now, the problems can be manifold but their solution is only one. And that is to upgrade your hop-up bucking.  

To make the choosing process smoother for you, we have created a list of the best hop-up bucking. 

Now, it is not necessary that you need to attach a new hop-up bucking only when the previous one is damaged. 

This article is beginner-friendly enough! Therefore, it can also be used as an instruction guide for beginners to upgrade their airsoft. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it… 

Comparison Table 

MODIFY Baton Flat Hop Up Bucking

The first product we have on our list is considered to be one of the best hop-up bucking for AEG. And it is none other than “MODIFY Baton Flat Hop Up Bucking”. 

Firstly, this bucking is not soft to touch. However, it is not very hard either. At least not according to the measurement scale used by the Airsofters. 

The hardness of “MODIFY Baton Flat Hop Up Bucking” is 55-60 degrees. That means you can do the hard shooting with it. Because of its hardness, the risk of wearing out the rubber is less compared to others. 

Now, this bucking can be used for both R-hop and flat-hop. And that is honestly a great feature. 

It not only indicates the adaptive ability it has but also shows the efficiency of this bucking. 

R-hop is the most accurate and precise hop-up among all. And a bucking that can match that must be a great one too. So, you can guess how amazing this one works.

Above that, you do not need to do any sanding while installing it. 

However, some people may still find it a bit hard to place it in the hop-up chamber due to its rigidness. 

Besides this, the “MODIFY Baton Flat Hop Up Bucking” is suitable for BBs that weigh .25g or more than that. It offers a consistent backspin as well. 

And better air seal which is very important for an airsoft gun. Now, even though it does work with all standard AEG, the only hop-up that is not suitable with this bucking is “Valken Hop Up”. 

Room For Improvement 

  • The installation of this bucking in the hop-up chamber is not as easy as the “G&G or Baton Airsoft Bucking”. You might wanna check that, I guess!

G&G Rubber Hop Up Bucking

The second product is “G&G Rubber Hop Up Bucking”. 

The most unique feature of it is that the rubber is cold-resistant. Now, you may think why is it important?

Well, because cold can dry up the bucking really fast. And that can lead to the bucking being torn apart. 

Moreover, the “G&G Rubber Hop Up Bucking” is not as hard as “MODIFY bucking”. That reduces its durability even more. 

However, the softness is also crucial for lower-powered guns. They won’t work as well with a hard bucking like MODIFY. 

Lastly, you should keep in mind that “G&G Rubber Hop Up Bucking” only works with Flat-hop. So, if you have an R-hop chamber then maybe you should go with “MODIFY Bucking”. 

Room For Improvement

  • “G&G Rubber Hop Up Bucking” does not work with R-hop ups like MODIFY bucking. 

Baton Airsoft RYUSOKU Bucking

Next is “Baton Airsoft RYUSOKU Bucking” which is another flat hop-up bucking. 

Similar to G&G, this also is a soft type of bucking. That means if your airsoft is low-powered and you are a beginner who hasn’t replaced hop up bucking before then go for it without thinking twice. 

With the “Baton Airsoft RYUSOKU Bucking” you can nudge a BB that weighs 0.20g. 

Now, as we have mentioned earlier, this is a soft type of bucking. It means that there are some pros and cons to it. We have already said what the pros are. So, let’s move on to the cons-

The con is that soft bucking wears out quickly compared to heavy ones. And that means you may need to change the bucking more frequently than others. 

Room For Improvement  

  • Baton Airsoft RYUSOKU Bucking needs more frequent maintenance compared to MODIFY bucking. 

Mad Bull Thunder Bucking

Another great product on the list is “Mad Bull Thunder Bucking”.

It is quite different from the previous two buckings, “G&G and Baton Airsoft”. Because both of those are soft buckings whereas this one is off a hard-type. 

The hardness level of Mad Bull Thunder Bucking is similar to MODIFY buckings. It is also made out of 60-degree rubber. 

However, there is a similarity between G&G and Baton Airsoft. And that is three of them are compatible with only flat-hop-ups.

So, that means it improves the range of your gun. But probably not as extensively as MODIFY bucking would do. 

Room For Improvement 

  • Mad Bull Thunder Bucking cannot increase the range of your gun as much as the “MODIFY Bucking”. 

Evike Guarder Hop Up Bucking 

Next is Evike Guarder Hop Up Bucking. 

The unique thing about this is that it is one of the hardest bucking on our list. In fact, it is even harder than the MODIFY and Mad Bull bucking. 

The hardness of the “Evike Guarder Hop Up Bucking” is 70 degrees. That means you can shoot heavy BBs as well as use it with heavily powered AEGs. 

It will not easily wear out and last a long time. 

However, it does not offer as accurate shooting as MODIFY. Because it is a flat hop-up bucking, not an R-hop-up. 

Room for Improvement  

  • The accuracy of “Evike Guarder Hop Up Bucking” is not as precise as Mad Bull Bucking.

Maple Leaf 70 degree Hop Up Bucking 

Next on the list is the Maple Leaf 70 Degree Hop Up Bucking is another hard type of bucking. 

When you need a bucking to do the heavy-duty work, pick up this one. This will can handle all the rough smack your heavy-powered gun has to offer. Moreover, because of its hardness, it can last longer. 

But there is a catch-

Here, the rubber is not cold-resistant. Meaning during the winter there is a good chance of it drying out and becoming more rigid. And this can cause it to snap. 

On the other hand, “Maple Leaf 70-Degree Hop Up Bucking” is a flat hop bucking. So, like the MODIFY it may not offer more range. 

Room For Improvement

  •  Maple Leaf 70 Degree Hop Up Bucking is not cold-resistant like G&G. So, there is a chance it may break in winter. 
  • It is not suitable for R-hopping like the MODIFY bucking. Therefore, it does not offer the range MODIFY bucking does.

Maple Leaf 60 Degree Hop Up Bucking

The last product on the list is Maple Leaf 60 Degree Hop Up Bucking. 

It is the softer version of the previous product. Its hardness is 60 degrees, similar to MODIFY and Mad Bull. 

That means it can also take up heavy-duty challenges. But maybe not to the extent as Maple Leaf 70 Degree Hop Up Bucking may have. 

Moreover, it is only suitable for flat hop-ups. So, if you have airsoft with an R-hop-up chamber it will not work.

Room For Improvement   

  • “Maple Leaf 60 Degree Hop Up Bucking” cannot take heavy-duty work to the extent of “Maple Leaf 70 Degree Bucking”. 
  • It is not suitable for R-hop like MODIFY bucking.

How Does Hop Up Bucking Improve Your Airsoft?

To understand why does the airsoft community gives so much importance to hop-up bucking, you first need to know how does hop-up bucking works. 

Now, the primary agenda of gun sports are hitting the target. The more challenging it will be, the more fun it will provide. 

But to win those challenges, having amazing skills are not enough. You also need to have a good companion that will go the distance. 

And that’s what a good hop-up backing offers. The ability to go the distance. 

Now, the next part is not for the fainthearted. Because we are about to dig into some aerodynamics. So, if you get bored then don’t blame us because you have been warned.

So, hop-up backing is a minuscule device that nudges the BBs. And that nudge creates a backspin. 

The backspin helps the BB to act like a glider. That means the BB does not immediately start falling down once it is shot out of the barrel like it normally does due to its projectile motion. 

Instead, the backspin helps it to go straight for some distance. And after that, the projectile motion starts to hit. 

The initial straight motion is the key factor here. It is what helps to increase the range of the BB.   

Also, the effect that lets all these things happen is known as the Magnus effect in the world of physics.

Now, don’t worry, we won’t be getting into what the Magnus effect is. We are just letting you know the term so that you can come off as an aerodynamics genius in front of your friends. 

So, now you know what is all the hype around the hop-up bucking-

A good hop-up bucking helps to stabilize and extend the trajectory which as a whole helps to improve the range of your airsoft gun. 

Types of Hop: Select The Most Suitable Option! 

Now, there is no technical distinction between different types of hop-up bucking. However, the Airsofters have made a rule of thumb and taken it upon themselves to do it. 

They have divided the hop-up buckings based on the way they nudge the BBs. 

So, you can understand that there is a lot of confusion about the exact number. However, we are going to discuss here the four most common types of hop-up bucking-

Standard Hop

You will find this type of hop in most of the budget AEGs.

It is pretty easy to work with, all you need to do is adjust the nub. And that’s it. 

The nub is what supports the bucking. Here, bucking is the main character that nudges the BB. You can set the pressure according to your preference by adjusting the arm.   

Flat Hop

Flat hop is another modification that is very easy to do. However, it does not provide a huge difference as a standard hop may. 

Its main concern is creating as much flat space as possible on top of the BB. So that the BB does not wobble much and lose energy. 

It also ensures more contact with the hop. And that means a stronger nudge which eventually results in more kinetic energy. 


R-hop is hands down the best among all the hops.

It provides far more consistent and longer shots. However, it is harder to modify. Therefore, a lot of people believe it is not possible to get it right on the first attempt. Some may even suggest that it is not beginner-friendly.

However, if you want you can pay a professional to do the modification for you. Now, if you are wondering if it will be worth it or not? Well, yes it will be.

The R-hop does not offer a flat top surface like the flat-hop. Instead, what it does is that it envelopes the BB like a cushion. Now, the cushion helps to save the energy gained from the bucking from friction-related loss.  

And that strong nudge translates into a more precise and accurate hop. 

Custom Hop

Custom hop is basically a mixture of various hop modifications which is not rigid because people keep on coming up with newer versions every day. ER hop, S hop, G hop, etc. are some well-known custom hops. 

However, custom hops are good for experimenting. For someone who is trying to modify their airsoft on their own for the first time, we would suggest going either for a flat-hop or an R-hop. 

Adjusting A Hop-Up: An Easy Guide for The First-Timers 

Adjusting hop-up is a crucial step in gun maintenance that everyone should learn by heart. Especially, when the whole performance of your gun depends on it. 

For the beginners who have always been intimidated by this, do not worry!

This is a very easy process. All you need is practice. 

Now, in most AEGs, you will find a hop-up system behind the dustcover. If you cannot locate it there, then pulled the bolt back and you will find it. 

Back there you will see a little wheel that will help you adjust the hop-up. 

Now, remember- you need to use 100% pure silicon oil while replacing the bucking. The oil helps the bucking last for a longer period of time.  

After you adjust the hop-up in there, it is important to dial it in.

And how exactly are you going to do that?

Well, by shooting a lot of shots until you see that the BB leaving the barrel is making a somewhat upward trajectory. And the distance has also been comparatively good. 

That’s it. You are now good to shoot. 


What bucking can I use with my R-hop up?

Answer: You can use MODIFY bucking with your R-hop up.

Do I need to sand my MODIFY Baton Bucking before installing it?

Answer: No, there is no need of sanding it before installing it to the hop-up chamber.

My airsoft is a low-powered pistol. Which hop up bucking should I choose?

Answer: For your low-powered pistol you can select soft buckings such as G&G or Baton Airsoft. 

To Sum Up

We have reached the end.

We hope you have no longer any confusion regarding what will be the best hop-up bucking for you.

However, if you still have any queries just ask us in the comment section.

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