Best Nerf Flywheels

Best Nerf Flywheels To Ensure Better Dart Range & Velocity

It’s frustrating! 

Well, it’s not an easy job to choose flywheels out of a handful of options! You even ask yourself- why is it even that hard to choose these pesky little things? Let me tell you why-

They might look small and simple. But, these nerf flywheels are one of the most important aspects of your nerf blasters. Not getting the “right” ones will leave you with noisy blasters and even a lousy dart range. 

For this reason, we’ve experimented and researched around 15 items. After a close battle, these 5 best nerf flywheels made it on our list. 

Apart from the review section, we added tons of informative points for you to look at. Let’s go- 

Comparison Table

WORKER Modified Plastic Flywheel

Let’s present the overall best product on this list- “WORKER Modified Plastic Flywheel”. If you’re on the lookout for a better nerf flywheel that’s durable and has an incredible weight balance, you’re looking at the right product. 

First off, this product has incredible weight balance. It’s the heaviest on the list. But, the combination with the plastic material makes an even weight distribution. 

As these flywheels are well-balanced, they won’t be creating excess noise when you fire from your nerf blasters. This is quite important if you’re trying to reduce the noise.

Also, let’s talk about the outer design of this flywheel. It contains a grainy texture. Due to this, the darts will grip better. This improves the dart velocity too.  

So, the design is great. Even it has a wider diameter than the stock flywheels. It isn’t something that special. But, you’ll notice that difference. 

Other than that, the flywheel doesn’t get jammed up that often. And, the darts seem to go a further distance when compared to the stock ones. Hence, it’s a worthy replacement. 

Room for Improvements

Power retention isn’t the best in this nerf flywheel. The weight is the reason why this happens. Hence, you might want to check the “WORKER Mod Cross Grain Plastic Flywheel”.

WORKER Mod Cross Grain Plastic Flywheel 

Another cross-grain flywheel from our list. And, it’s from the same brand- WORKER. Well, the brand has been quite the revolution since it produced so many great products. 

This one is made out of ABS plastic material. Hence, it’s not that heavy and is durable at the same time. But, there are lighter products than this one on the list. So, you might wanna know that. 

It has almost the same grainy texture as the previous product. This will cause the gun to grip the darts better. Hence, the dart’s velocity won’t be reduced. 

These flywheels are compatible with the Nerf Stryfe N-Strike Rapidstrike gun. It was a bit expensive. But, it’ll still be worth it as you’ll get a lot of value out of it. 

Room for Improvements

The diameter could be a bit more than the stock flywheels. So, you need to sand the surface for that reason. But, the “WORKER Mod Aluminum Alloy Flywheel” doesn’t contain that problem. 

WORKER Mod No Grain Plastic Flywheel 

Presenting the only non-grain product on this list. We’ve spoken about the grainy textured flywheels in the list. But, it’s time for a change. 

This WORKER plastic flywheel could have the same material as the previous top two products, but, it’s the lightest flywheel. Yep! You read that alright. Due to having this much lower weight, the weight distribution won’t be the best. 

Added to that, having a non-grainy texture means that flywheels will not be able to grip the darts better. 

Still, the manufacturers have told a lot about the “groove pattern”. They claim that this design improves the overall dart speed and the dart range. 

Well, we do agree on this that the non-grainy design allows stability on the dart velocity. It even reduces the velocity loss of the darts as well. Hence, it does have benefits of its own. 

Room for Improvements

The non-grainy texture doesn’t grip the darts well enough. You can try the “WORKER Mod Aluminum Alloy Flywheel” as it has a grainy texture. 

WORKER Mod Aluminum Alloy Flywheel

Presenting the first aluminum alloy flywheel on the list. But, spoilers alert! This isn’t the only one on the list. You’ll find the other one below this product.

For now, let’s focus on this flywheel. Right out of the box, you’ll immediately feel the weight of this thing. Now, it’s quite heavy when you’re putting this one up against most of the products on this list. 

Having that extra weight is better though. It adds to the even weight distribution as well. This solves the problem of the overall balance which further helps at putting the noise level down. 

That’s a benefit here if you’re trying to keep your nerf blasters quiet. That said, some do prefer that loud noise, though. Hence, you will have to do some considering here. 

Moving on, the unique thing about this flywheel is that serrated coating. Many people might argue what’s the best use of this surface? 

Well, the surface of this product allows a better grip on the darts. This will increase the force and the dart velocity. 

Other than that, it’s made of aluminum alloy. So, it’s way more durable and strong compared to the plastic flywheels you’ve seen before. 

While durability is a concern. So, is the weight. This one even weighs more than the previous product. But the Worker brand has always produced well-balanced flywheels always. It even provides an even weight distribution. 

It’s compatible with a large motor and with the “Worker Mod Flywheel Chamber” as well. 

Besides, it’s made of vibrant color as well. Hence, it matches pretty nicely with your nerf blasters.

Room for Improvements

It’s a bit heavy at times. Hence, the weight distribution isn’t as good as we hoped for. You can opt this one out with the “WORKER Modified Plastic Flywheel”. That has a better weight distribution and balance. 

WORKER Mod Twill Metal Flywheel 

Lastly, we have our most premium product on the list. It’s from the same brand. Well, the WORKER brand has produced absolute wonders of products. Hence, we couldn’t resist featuring the best 5 on the list. 

If you observe closely, it almost resembles the second product in this list. I mean, they’re from the same brand. So, there will be similarities between them. 

But, the obvious difference between both of these products is that one is made out of plastic. And, the other is made of almunium and metal. 

This one is made of that aluminum and metal material. Well, the most important thing is that it’s more durable than the previous design. Plus, it’s more wear-resistance as well. 

And, you’ll get that grainy texture we talked about a lot in this product’s outer design. 

But, the thing we didn’t appreciate that much is the weight factor of this product. It’s too lightweight. Well, it’s not the lightest flywheel on the list. But in comparison with the rest, this one is lightweight.

This automatically enforces that this product won’t have a better weight distribution which will further imply it not being a well-balanced product. 

Now, let’s focus on the design. Here, the “concave twill design” will make the rotation of the darts easier. Also, it will increase the precision factor as well. 

But, since it’s the most expensive product on the list, it just doesn’t possess the best features at all. Hence, it doesn’t bring that much value to the table. You need to consider that. 

Room for Improvements

It’s expensive. But, it still lacks a lot of great features. Hence, it’s not the “best value for money”. You might wanna check the “WORKER Modified Plastic Flywheel”. It provides a better value as it’s affordable and with the best features. 

Does Having a Serrated/Grainy Surface of Flywheels Matter?

Yep! You might have seen the products, by now. In those products, you would’ve probably noticed the outer surface or the outer layer. Some of the outer surfaces or layers had non-grainy plain surfaces on them. 

Whereas, the other products had more of a grainy texture on their surface. Here, some products even had a serrated surface in them. 

Now, is it for the show only? Or does this design have a purpose in it? Well, there’s a basic science behind this- 

Well, the dart’s force from the barrel gains from the speed at which nerf flywheels spin. Here, the grip allows the dart in receiving that kinetic energy. 

Not having enough grip and the dart being too slick won’t cause the same level of force. And, that’s not something you’d really want. 

Hence, many people try to add coatings to their flywheel so that they’ll grip the darts better. But, there’s one thing you don’t wanna do and that’s creating uneven weight distribution. Also, you don’t need to put on additional weight on the flywheels. 

Also, adding coatings mean that you could unintentionally create dart slippage. Due to this, there will be a further reduction in dart range and dart velocity.

That said, you could easily find the solution by getting 3d prints of textured/serrated/grainy flywheels and installing them. They’ll add in the material and would be a cheap fix. Plus, they’ll serve the purpose of getting an overall better fit. 

But, the important question is- will a non-grainy surface cause a problem? 

Honestly, it won’t really cause a threat. But, as we said, having texture/grains on the surface will help generate better kinetic energy in the dart since it’ll grip well. 

That’s it, there’s your answer. 

How Do Nerf Flywheels Work?

Well, you’ve seen the comparison table, review section, and even some informative discussions by now. We know! You’re being curious all of a sudden and you want to know how these things work. 

The mechanism is pretty simple! Here, the entire flywheel blasters will use round wheels (which are the flywheels). These round wheels have to be in a pair and they have to be connected directly to 2 motors. 

Now, each of the wheels has to spin in opposite directions. And, all these actions happen inside of a flywheel cage. 

Once you start revving the flywheels up, there’s a pusher mechanism. This will cause the dart to slide into that particular flywheel cage. Here, the wheels will grab the dart and it’ll just fling out of the barrel.

That’s how the entire thing works! But, if you want to know about the flywheel blasters, in general. We’ve explained that too. 

How to Make Nerf Flywheels Quieter?: 2 Simple Methods

Yeah, we get it! You’re not really appreciating that loud noise out of your nerf blasters. Well, the flywheels are somewhat responsible for that. Be it the lack of better weight distribution or off-balance- the flywheels can cause a lot of noise. 

So, there have to be ways to make this thing quieter. Well, we’ve done that exactly. Let’s look at some of the methods here-

Method 1: Choosing the Right Kind of Flywheels

It’s important to first choose the right kind of flywheels. You see, there are different materials of flywheels, in general. Here, you’ll have to select the flywheels that are well-balanced. 

The main reason why you’ll see that the nerf blasters making a lot of noise is because their flywheels are being too out of balance. That’s why you need the well-balanced nerf flywheels by your side. 

Another thing about the well-balanced flywheels is that they have a better weight distribution. Overall, they have a higher quality too. This brings down the noise level. 

Method 2: Choosing the Right Motors & Their Right RPM

Yep! Motors matter when you’re trying to make your nerf flywheels quieter. Perhaps, the choice of RPM is as important too. 

Motors above 22000-23000 RPMs are a good choice here. They provide the standard velocity too. Face it, the slower the flywheels will be, the quieter your blasters will be too. 

Many people aim for a higher RPM. But, don’t realize that it’s also taking a toll on the noise level too. That said, the higher RPM does matter for a lot of people. 

But, we believe being in that 22000-23000 RPM range will be the key to making your flywheels quieter. 

How Should You Remove Flywheels?

While we’ve shown you the best nerf flywheels, it’s important that you give their replacement process a fair consideration. 

Because it’s not easy to remove them from the nerf gun. Especially the ones that don’t have holes on the back of the guns. So, let’s look at the ways you can easily remove them-

Step 1: Take Paracord Guts

Well, to pry the flywheels out, you’ll need a set of paracord guts. Now, the question is how much should be the measurement? 

The entire measurement of the paracord guts should be around 14-16 inches. You could get a longer cord, if you want. 

Step 2: Wrap them Around the Cage

Now as you’ve collected your paracord guts, first, wrap them around the flywheel cage. Here, tie them off tightly. This ensures that the guts don’t come off easily. 

Repeat the similar process for the opposite side of the cords as well. 

Step 3: Put Anything Between the Loops

As there has been a loop formed, it’s time to insert something between them. Well, this phenomenon is a safety factor. But how? 

The paracord guts are thin. Like way thinner than you can imagine. Hence, you can’t really generate a greater amount of force. So, putting anything between the loops will allow you to pull the entire thing with great force. 

Step 4: Pull with Great Force

Yep! It’s as simple as we’ve said. You’ll have to pull it with a great force here. But, make sure you’re pulling both the sides with even force. 

With a great pull, the flywheels will come off, eventually. It does take a bit of effort since you’re pulling way hard. But, it’s worth the effort, we believe!

Any Alternatives to this Process?

Now, you can follow the entire thing without using the paracord guts. Here, you’ll just have to go ahead and use a screwdriver. Basically, you’ll have to pry them out in the opposite direction. 

But, the problem here is that there’s a greater chance that you’ll damage your screwdrivers in the process. So, it isn’t the smartest of the choices. That said, this one works well. With a slight effort, your purpose will be served. 


Do all flywheels contain the same material? 

No! All the flywheels don’t contain the same material. And, neither are they made from almost the same surface. Some of the flywheels have a smoother surface. Whereas, some have a serrated surface.

Are all flywheels quiet by nature?

No! Flywheels can make a lot of noise. Even the stock flywheels out of the box make a lot of noise. Hence, you’ll need to make them quieter. 

Is it possible to remove stock flywheels?

Yes. it’s possible to remove the stock flywheels. You’ll just need to make sure you’re following the right steps. 


Guess we’re at the end of the discussion! It’s time we bid you goodbye in this guide- best nerf flywheels. We do sincerely hope that you’ve found the answers to all of your questions. 

So, go ahead and make the purchase. However, do think about how to quiet their sounds since they’ll be making some noise. If you wanna do that, we’ve prepared an entire section in this guide. 

That’s all! Take care! Best of luck with your purchase.

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