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Best Spray Paint for Nerf Guns: To Make Your Guns Shiny

The Shine Matters!

Doesn’t matter if it’s in your life or in even in your nerf gun- the shine will always matter. You can relate to this even more. Especially if your nerf gun has been lying there all by itself when you suddenly notice it lacking that shine. 

I know, that’s a painful thing in itself. But, we can fix it! Yep! All you have to do is just re-paint the surface. It isn’t as easy as it sounds, though! 

Because a lot of steps need to be taken for that to happen. The first of which is the selection of the best spray paint for nerf guns

You’re in luck because we’ve just researched the top 20 spray paints for the nerf gun. Finally, it’s possible to craft this guide. Here, you’ll find everything even the application process. 

So, let’s begin the journey-

Comparison Table

Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint

The best product on our list- Krylon K02732007. This product had a lot to offer. We loved everything here from the paint consistency to the superior adhesion. For your nerf guns, this product will make things work like a charm. 

Starting off, this product has one of the best durability there is! It’ll ensure that there’s no fading, chipping, and even breaking of paint. Once you press the spray button, it’ll start providing consistent layers of spray everywhere. 

Now, we focused on the word “consistent” because uneven paint distribution can lead to further problems. You don’t really want that. Another wonderful thing is the extreme rust protection. Even though it won’t be an issue with the nerf guns, it’s good to have this. 

Besides, it works on different surfaces including plastic, tile, PVC, and even metals. 

Apart from this, this product sprays a premium paint always. It’ll also offer a sleek finish as well. This classy black paint will make your nerf guns stand out. 

But, the drying time could be better. It says 20 minutes. But, it could be better. Apart from that, this one is a solid product because it excels one almost all departments. 

Room for Improvements

It has a runny texture. This makes it hard for the tighter areas to reach. You can swap this out with an acrylic brush. Or, go for an ultra-matte product like the “Rust-Oleum 331181 Spray Paint”.

Rust-Oleum 331181 Spray Paint

The first Rust-Oleum product on the list. This one is the “Rust-Oleum 331181”. If you put it up against the top product, you’ll see a lot of difference. First of which is this one being white. 

Yep! This one is an ultra-matte white product. And, we really love the texture it gives off once applied. This will completely give the nerf gun’s body a different outlook. 

One thing we’d declare already is that it isn’t that shiny. Now, you can’t really expect a glare or a shine from the matte products. But, if you’re really into shiny products, this ain’t it. 

Besides that, this one follows an oil-based formula as well. So, the adhesion factor is decent enough. Once applied, this even gives off a lower odor. That’s good since you don’t really wanna go near harsh odors. 

Other than that, it even will resist any bit of chips and will remain durable for a long time. It does promise to be a quite long-lasting product. But, we feel improvements could’ve been made in this sector. 

It works on plastic, metal, wood, and even plaster. So, there are options when it comes to other surfaces. And, for your nerf guns, this is good. 

Plus, it even has a faster drying time of 20 minutes. We could expect this one to be better too. Because normally the nerf gun’s body needs to be coated multiple times. 

Room for Improvements

The white color develops a bluish tint at times. So, improvements will be needed here. If you want something similar to this color, the “Rust-Oleum 271473 Spray Paint” works better as it’ll give a white-golden color. 

Rust-Oleum 271473 Spray Paint

We’ve seen two products by now. This means you’ve developed some sort of knowledge already. If you haven’t though, it’s okay! You’ll know a lot more here. 

The “Rust-Oleum 271473 Spray Paint” is different from its previous counterpart. Mainly because this one works on most surfaces quite easily. 

In fact, the unique feature of this product is that you can use it on various surfaces. Be it vinyl or even iron- this paint adheres quite well. But, if you want a list then they’ll work on glass, vinyl, metal, plastic, metal, and even wood. That’s not all! It even does work over fiberglass and concrete. 

The main reason why this product works so well with these many surfaces is that it has superior adhesion. Here, the main thing is that oil-based formula. 

Yep! This formula is enough to provide that long-lasting finish. Other advantages of the formula include rust prevention, resistance to chipping, and fading. 

Besides this, the product has a good drying capability. It dries within 30 minutes. Even though this isn’t the fastest drying time, it’ll work in your favor. 

We haven’t glorified this drying factor that much. Because waiting for 30 minutes could be an issue since you’ll need to take intervals. We’ve personally felt it would’ve been better if the drying time was even faster. 

On the other hand, the durability factor of this paint is amazing. It prevents chipping, we’ve been told that before. But, it even works at preventing corrosion and rust. Quite a package, I must say. 

But how does it look? That’s the most important question! 

It looks quite good. No exaggeration! It does look pretty neat. The manufacturers call the color Flat Soft Iron. We can explain the color as a metallic shine. On the surface, it provides quite rich tones. 

So, your nerf guns will look shiny and as if you just bought that now. That’s why if you’re thinking of coloring your old nerf gun, this could be a product. 

And, how easy is using this product? 

It’s quite easy. This product features a 3600 angle spray. This means you can spray the tight corners as well. Even though we’d recommend a brush for that, you can take this option too. 

Room for Improvements

There’s a problem with the spray consistency. It’ll spray tightly one time and then give off small mists the other time. If this problem bothers you too much then go for the “Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint”. That has an amazing spray consistency. 

Dupli-Color EHVP11200 Vinyl and Fabric Spray

Presenting another product on our list- “Dupli-Color EHVP11200”. This medium blue color paint is perfect if you’re thinking about giving details. Yep! Using this paint to give details will look really good. 

The best thing about this painting is that it follows a self-priming formula. Due to this reason, you won’t really have to go on and do the surface preparation. 

But, a little bit of cleaning the surface will be important. We’ll explain that in the application procedure. 

Now, the paint is durable! It’ll resist peeling, flaking, and even cracking. That’s a nice option to have because your nerf guns will really go through some abuse. It’s better than you having them coated with this paint. It’ll last through the abuse. 

Besides, this paint even adheres way better to the surfaces. And, the nozzle of this paint is smooth enough. So, it doesn’t get stuck or clogged. So, overall, this is an effective product. 

The only complaint we have is that it’s expensive. But you don’t really get all the top-line features here. For the price it comes with, we’ve expected this one to be really better. Sadly, that isn’t here. 

Room for Improvements

It was expensive. But, it doesn’t maintain the price-quality ratio. If that’s the thing you desire, check out the “Krylon K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint”.

Krylon K01309 Clear Coating

We’ve reviewed a Krylon product on the list already. It’s sitting there at the top of the list. But, what about this one? Well, it’s at the bottom. But, don’t call this product off because of it being at the bottom. 

Let’s see the features-

The best thing about this product is that it’s UV-resistant. Now, this is its USP. And, we get that. You’ll be taking your nerf guns outdoor. But, you’ll feel secure here as this paint will protect the gun’s body from the UV rays. 

Besides, the product does have a matte finish. So, shine here, I guess. But, for the people that really love a matte finish, this one is it. There’s just something about matte finishes, in general. They look really good. 

However, we get it, for the nerf guns, you want something smooth and shiny. The smooth factor is here. But, for the shiny part, well, that’s missing here sadly. 

Even though it has a matte finish, this product will prevent yellowing. That’s good since you won’t be ruining the texture at any time. 

Face it, a lot of things can happen when you’re using your nerf guns for a while, this product prevents that. 

The coating is solid and the product will last through. We do feel that the adhesion could’ve been better. Also, the durability factor of this product isn’t the best too. 

Hence, there are reasons you might think this isn’t worth it. We felt that it was better since it gave options. Well, the rest is up to you. 

Room for Improvements

The adhesion factor needs more improvement. For this reason, you can opt this one with the “Rust-Oleum 271473 Spray Paint”. It has solid adhesion. 

How Do you Even Spray Paint a Nerf Gun?

Yeah, it’s nice and all that you’ve finally selected your favorite spray paint. Not gonna lie, even we would’ve loved the feeling of choosing something out of a lot of options. But, the struggle doesn’t end there. 

Because it’s time to use that bad-boy in painting the entire thing. How do you paint using the spray paint, though? 

Well, a rookie would just go and aim the paint in the direction. You wouldn’t wanna do that. That’s why we’ve prepared an entire section here. Let’s check it out 

Step 1: Set-Up Process & Surface Preparation

That’s correct! Before even starting the painting process, you gotta start preparing the surface. By now, we assume that you’ve already selected your paint. Any of the above 5 options would be easier. But, you could choose any. 

Let’s look at the preparation of the surface. Yep, we’re talking about the workstation here. Yeah, you need a dedicated workstation when you’re thinking of painting your nerf gun. It’s not like you’re going to do it at the dining table anyway. 

So, start by pulling your workstation inside a ventilated area. You’ll be making a mess so it’s better to plan ahead. Start by collecting all the working gears you’ll be needing in your journey. Like cardboard, gloves, and paper. 

Step 2: Preparing the Surface of Your Nerf Gun

In the first step, it was all about preparing your workstation. It’s a pretty basic thing, we believe. But, now, it’s time that you start preparing the surface of your gun. 

Here, you need to clean the entire plastic part of the gun. Take a mild soap and start rinsing the surface. The idea here is to remove any part of accumulated dust from the surface. By doing this, the paint will adhere better. 

The ammonia-based cleaner works the best in these cases too. But, that’s completely an optional thing. I mean, using a mild soap would do the trick here as well. 

Step 3: Disassemble the Entire Gun

Get yourself a screwdriver. Then, start disassembling the entire nerf gun. Be careful with the parts. Otherwise, you’ll mess up something. The first thing you need to open is the panels. 

Another thing to look out for is the strings. They are heavily loaded and are always under heavy tension. So, they could easily escape at a higher speed than you could imagine. 

Now, you could paint without dissembling the gun. That’s true! But, trust me, dissembling the gun and then painting it is way easier. 

Pro Tip

It’s better if you take a photo of the entire internal part of the nerf gun. This is because it’ll be way easier to assemble the entire thing once you have a photo of it. 

Step 4: Sand Panels & Wipe Away Dust

This is an important step. Before you start spray painting the entire thing. It’s really important that you sand the entire surface. Sanding a surface means the paint will bond well to the other surface areas. 

How much should you sand?- you could be thinking. Well, you’ll have to sand the panels until they start developing a rough texture. 

After you’re done, get ahead and dust off the debris. You can clean the surface again with mild soap. But make sure you dry it properly after the wash. 

Step 5: Tape Parts You Want to Be Unpainted

The last thing you want is to paint parts that are irrelevant. Yep! That’ll make things even worse because now you have to remove the paint. 

Also, you could easily want to give more details on one part and keep the other one hazy. We get it! So, the thing you need to do is tape the parts you don’t want to touch. 

But, the question is- will all tapes work here? Well, it’s best if you go for the painter’s tape here. They’re pretty smooth and will peel off easily as well. Here, if you go for the normal tape, it’ll give off a sticky texture and might even have a residue. 

So, the painter’s tape will ensure that paint doesn’t cover all the areas. Now, you can use the tape for adding details as well. You can simply cut corners from the tape using a knife. Then, spraying paint over it will give finer details. 

Another trick you can use tape on is putting it over the base coats. Suppose if the color is black, you can keep it black by just taping it over the coat. But, make sure the entire section has been dried. 

Step 6: Start the Base Coat

Start with the application of the base coat. Here, it’s better if you’ve already applied more than two light coats. Usually, the lighter coats will be black spray paint. 

If the gun has contrasting color, applying a lighter coat which is a primer will be great. Because it’ll allow the color to stick out even more than it would’ve normally. 

After you’ve done the first layer. Give it time to dry. If you wanna put a number on it then wait for 10-11 minutes. But, don’t put the gun in direct sunlight. 

Step 7: Adding in the Finishing Colors

Now that you’ve followed all the steps, it’s time to finally add in the finishing colors. Firstly, take in the spray paint color and start spraying in the lighter coats over your base coat. It’s better if the base coat is black. 

Between the several coats, there should be around 10-11 minutes of intervals for the drying process to take place. 

Right after you’ve finished applying the finishing colors, go ahead and remove your tape. Wait for the paint to dry thoroughly. 

Also, if you’ve mixed paints together, it’s wise to test the compatibility with plastic. This will allow you to see the finished form beforehand. 

Step 8: Add in Details

This is completely an optional step! If you feel like adding in some details, you can go ahead and do that. But, you won’t need spray paints to do that. 

You see, spray paints aren’t the best for reaching the tighter areas. You’ll have to do that using acrylic brushes and acrylic paints. 

Step 9: Add Coating Sprays

Coating sprays are what many people ignore. But, it’s a game-changer. Because it’ll allow your paints to last for a long time. 

The process of spraying them is quite similar to the paint sprays. So, that’s not going to be an issue. 


Do you need surface preparation before spray painting nerf guns?

Yes! Surface preparation is needed before spray painting the nerf guns. In the entire process, you’ll have to sand the surface. Then, remove the dust and clean it thoroughly. 

What are the most prominent colors in a nerf gun? 

The most prominent colors in the nerf gun are blue, white, and red. 

Can you spray paint by keeping the nerf gun’s part assembled? 

Yes! It’s possible to spray paint the nerf gun’s part by keeping the entire thing assembled. But, here’s the problem. It’s really hard to spray paint the entire nerf gun by keeping the parts assembled. So, it’s better you disassemble them. 


Folks, if we’re being completely honest here! It’s been a pleasure! We’ve been through a ton of information. But, it’s time to part ways here. Hope you had all your queries answered, by now! 

So, go ahead and buy the best spray paint for nerf guns. If you want, follow the steps of application from this article as well. You can easily apply the paint to your gun and it’ll last for a while. 

Lastly, the paint will make your guns shine like it’s new. But, make sure you’re maintaining it regularly. That’s the key thing for making the shine last. 

Take care!

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