Can You Leave Co2 in an Airsoft Gun

Can You Leave Co2 in an Airsoft Gun? [Yes Or No]

Are you worried about your airsoft gun because you kept your co2 cartridge in your gun?

Is that the reason you want to know “can you leave co2 in an airsoft gun”?

No worries at all if you didn’t keep the co2 cartridge in your gun for long. Because you can just keep it in your gun to some extent. But it can cause damage if you keep it for long. Then again you’ll find some different opinions to keep co2 in your gun as well.

So let’s find out what the real case is. Because in the article we have briefly answered your question.

Is It Bad to Leave CO2 in Your Airsoft Gun?

Yes, it is bad to leave the co2 cartridge in your airsoft gun

Because there is a high chance that it can damage your gun. Mainly the gun seals. Also for the safety issue.

But there are some different opinions on this issue. Most airsoft gun users recommend not to keep the co2 cartridge for long. But some of the users find it good for the gun somehow. 

And if you want to keep co2 in your gun you should follow some process. That is explained later on in the article.  

Why You Shouldn’t Leave CO2 in Your Airsoft Gun?

There are mainly 2 reasons why you shouldn’t leave CO2 in your airsoft gun. But these 2 reasons include the main issues. Which we all should be concerned about.

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Reason 1: It Can Damage the Gun

The airsoft guns that are run by co2 use co2 cartridges. These co2 cartridges are filled with liquid co2. When you fire the gun this liquid turns in and creates pressure in the gun.

So you pull the trigger every time, the liquid turns into a gas and fires the gun.

Do co2 cartridges leak? Can be a common question when it comes to the matter of damaging guns.  

When you put the co2 cartridge in the co2 magazine it can leak a bit. Because the pin in the magazine creates pressure on the top of the co2 cartridge. And it helps to keep the cartridge sealing. 

As co2 is a dry gas and because of its liquidity, it can leak a bit. It can damage the rubber seal of the magazine if it keeps leaking for long. And changing the seal is a hustle.

Then again, we already know that co2 is a dry gas. And if you keep the co2 cartridge in the magazine for long it will run throughout the gun. And as co2 is a dry gas it can cause damage inside the gun. 

Reason 2: Safety Issues 

If you are having an airgun then a simple question can come to your mind. Are co2 airsoft guns dangerous?

I am definitely sure that you know airguns don’t create any major harm. But it’s justified that it can injure kids to some extent. 

Most gun users store their guns in cardboard boxes or gun bags. And if you keep the cartridge in the magazine while storing it will be fireable. As kids are always curious, they may create an accident.

From that perspective, you should keep your gun clean before storing it. Not only the co2 but also remove the magazine. Make sure there will be no BBs in the magazine left. 

And of course, you need to make sure if you can use plastic bbs in a metal bb gun or not.

And most importantly remove the power source from the gun. 

But you can store it in a locking box or a compartment. And there should be no access to children. Then you don’t have to worry so much about safety.  

Can You Keep CO2 in Your Gun? 

Are you having the question in mind that how long can you leave co2 in an airsoft gun? Then the answer is here.

In most cases there comes the rule of not keeping co2 for more than a week. You can keep it overnight or for a few days but not for long. 

We have got some opinions on keeping co2 in your gun. But the question comes naturally. Why should you keep co2 in your gun? And How can you keep it?

Why Should You Keep CO2 in Your Gun?

As we’ve said there are mixed reactions and logic behind keeping co2 in your gun. Some airsoft tech gave the opposite logic of keeping co2 in your gun.

They said that keeping pressure on your gun is good for the seal. That gives more longevity to the lifespan of the seal. Which leads to more longevity for the gun. 

So, if you think from that perspective it’s good to keep co2 in your gun.

If you aren’t sure about the fact: can you reuse a co2 cartridge?

Then the answer is “no” you can’t reuse a co2 cartridge. 

Process of Keeping CO2 in Your Airsoft Gun! 

As we know some flaws are keeping co2 in your gun. Because that can damage the gun. There are also some safety issues as well.

But if you want to keep co2 in the gun you need to follow a simple process. The process of keeping co2 cartridges in your gun is pretty simple.

All you need is “Pellgunoil”.

Then you just need to put a drop of the Pellgunoil on the top of the co2 cartridge. And just put it in the magazine.

Putting this oil has several benefits. 

  •  Pellgunoil will go through the seal point in all the bodies of the gun. And it will work on the leakages.
  • And most importantly as co2 is a dry gas it creates dryness in the wall of the gun. So, pellgun oil keeps the wall lubricated. 
  • Most importantly it helps BBs to travel smoothly through the gun.

So, if you are on the positive side of keeping co2 in your gun. You should definitely follow this process for your own gun’s betterment. 

Also, don’t forget to maintain your gun properly. So that, you can experience a smooth shooting session. 

After all this process a simple question comes to mind. How long does co2 last in an airsoft pistol? 

if you have pulled the trigger for one then it will get penetrated. After that, it will remain 24 hours or 21 shots. 

You can have the same kind of question. Which is “how long does a 12-gram co2 cartridge last in a BB gun?

One Important Tip

We have described in both ways how you can keep your gun. Now it’s totally your personal choice.

But we’ll suggest you keep your gun in a safe place. It can be a locker or compartment. And of course not in the access of kids.  


Can You Leave CO2 in an Airsoft Gun Overnight?

Yes, you can leave co2 in an airsoft gun overnight. But we’d like to suggest you not keep it for long. And you should also maintain safety. 

Can CO2 Cartridges Explode?

The cartridges can explode if it gets too hot. If you want to boil or heat the cartridge and the heat past 87.9 degrees it can explode. 

Is CO2 Flammable?

No, co2 is not flammable. By nature, co2 doesn’t burn. Even it helps to stop burning. Fire distinguisher is basically co2. 


So, we think you have got the proper answers of can you leave co2 in an airsoft gun?

As you have both options. It’ll be your personal choice how you want to keep it. We are just suggesting keeping your gun safe.

Enjoy your shooting and have a safe life.

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