can you thread a non threaded barrel

Can You Thread a Non Threaded Barrel? Let’s Find Out!

You are thinking of installing a suppressor or other barrel attachments. And you didn’t think you’d need it hence you bought non-threaded guns. And you’re asking the right questions.

So, can you thread a non-threaded barrel? 

Yes, you can thread a non-threaded barrel. There are three ways to thread a barrel. One is using the silencer or muzzle devices to create threads. The second is to replace the unthreaded barrel with a threaded one. Or you can consult a professional gunsmith for threading the barrel.

Consulting a gunsmith will cost you some money. If you have a DIY spirit, you can obviously thread the barrel by yourself. 

We’ll tell you how to thread a non-threaded barrel throughout the article.

Let’s move on to the article. 

How To Thread a Non-Threaded Barrel?

There are often some procedures for shipping airsoft guns. Which excludes silencer, suppressor, or muzzle devices. In such cases, you’ll need to thread your own barrel to install muzzle devices. 

Pretty much all mock suppressors need a threaded barrel to fit in. And most airsoft guns come with a plastic barrel for unthreaded barrels. 

Read through this section to know how you can thread your non-threaded barrel –

non-threaded barrel
Source: Lunde Studio

Method 1: Threading a Non-Threaded Barrel With a Silencer (DIY)

This method is pretty simple. Basically, you have to forcefully screw the silencer/suppressor on the barrel. So that it cuts a thread into the plastic barrel. 

Most soft air guns come with a 14mm outer plastic barrel. it will match the 14mm threads perfectly. If you have these 14mm non-threaded barrels, you should be good to go. 

Some of the tools required for the job are listed below.

You need tape to complete the job. I recommend the Tape King for that perfect hold. You can check the price on Amazon.

A Multi Tool Pen is required to dismantle the gun. The RAK Multi-Tool Pen is ideal in this job. You can check for availability on Amazon.

You’ll also need Metal Air Compressor. Anndason Metal Air Compressor can be ideal. However, check the required size before. You can check the price on Amazon.


The most difficult part of this method is to get it to thread on straight. That’s where the guide rod and the pen come in. 

Firstly, dismantle the pen because you’ll only need the tube. Take the tape and wrap it around the middle part of the guide rod. That way, the rod will fit snugly inside the barrel of the gun. 

Secondly, put the rod through the tube. Then put the tube and rode inside the barrel of the gun. Because of the wrapped tape, the whole thing should fit nice and snug. The guide rod shouldn’t move while it’s inside.  

Now slip the silencer on the guide rod. Again, the wrapped tape should keep the rod held in place. Make sure to insert the shorter end of the rod inside the gun barrel. 

If you find it inconvenient, you can dismantle the gun. Just take the barrel in your hand for the procedure.

This should help you line the barrel and the silencer up neatly and straightly. Make sure the setup is nice and straight. Now push the silencer on the barrel. Start screwing the silencer slowly onto the barrel.

Take your time and twist the silencer/suppressor very carefully. Because there’s no way to fix it if you make a mistake. 

Every now and then, back the silencer/suppressor up a little bit and get rid of the shavings. 

Carving 2-4 threads will be enough. Repeat the process to get nice and deep threads. 

Take out the rod and assemble the gun back. Now you can use any kind of muzzle device, or suppressor with your previously non-threaded barrel. 

If your unthreaded barrel is made of metal, you’ll need a cutting tool to create threads on the metal barrel.

Method 2: Replace the Barrel with a Threaded Barrel

Replacing the unthreaded barrel of your airsoft gun with a threaded barrel is also doable. 

For the replacement procedure, first, purchase a threaded barrel according to the model of your airsoft gun. Most guns come with a 14mm barrel. Which is quite easy to find on the marketplace.

To proceed, find a screwdriver and a towel. Now sit down and dismantle your airsoft gun carefully. 

Remember to clean the parts with a towel and cleaning rod. This will prevent your airsoft gun from not feeling.

Place the pieces carefully in order. Take the unthreaded barrel out. Assemble the gun back after installing the threaded barrel inside. The diameter of the barrel can slightly differ. In most cases, a difference of 1mm doesn’t cause any problem. 

Take the dismantled pieces in order and assemble the gun back. Now you can use the suppressor or muzzle devices that matched your airsoft gun models with ease.

Replacing the unthreaded barrel
Source: The Firearm Blog

Method 3: Pay a Visit to a Gunsmith

Generally, it’s possible to thread a non-threaded barrel by yourself. 

But if you have a big airsoft gun, we highly recommend you get it done by a professional. In this case, a gunsmith.

Sure, it’s going to cost you some money but your prized possession will stay safe from amateur mistakes. 

Knowing that your barrel will be threaded by a skilled, experienced gunsmith will keep you assured. They use cutting-edge machinery to ensure that a correct thread pitch is cut for your barrel.

The entire barrel threading procedure can be completed from the convenience of your home. Just like everything else we do. Now you can install a muzzle break to reduce recoil of your guns.

Mail your barrels, and a gunsmith will thread them correctly before returning them to you. This is the most fail-proof and convenient way to thread a barrel!

A small tip for safekeeping your airsoft guns, oil the threads regularly to prevent rusting. 

In case you see rust on your barrels, get them cleaned and rethreaded.

barrel threading procedure
Source: Waymore silencer

These are the ways you can thread a non-threaded gun barrels. Here’s a beautiful non-threaded barrel gun.

Now let’s go to the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Threaded Barrels Worth It?

Even if you can’t afford a suppressor just yet. A threaded barrel is frequently the ideal addition to a tactical gun. Your muzzle velocity will go up if your barrel is longer. Additionally, muzzle devices can be installed in threaded barrels. This can increase the usefulness and “cool-factor” of your gun.

Does A Suppressor Require A Threaded Barrel?

Yes, barrels with threads are commonly accurate enough to suit a suppressor. Although some bolt action rifles may be offered with a threaded barrel, the majority of firearms ship without threading. This is the typical way to get airsoft guns, or you can purchase threaded suppressor-ready barrels.

Can You Put A Muzzle Break On A Non-threaded Barrel?

No, putting a muzzle break requires a gun to be threaded. If you have a non-threaded barrel airsoft gun, a professional gunsmith can thread it for you. It will increase the total expense. Additionally, adding a second barrel to some weapons can enable them to have an integrated muzzle brake. 


We hope we could answer your question ‘can you thread a non threaded barrel’ with this article. 

Make sure to conduct regular maintenance on your guns to prevent any kind of damage.

How did your DIY project of threading a non threaded barrel go? Let us know and connect with the community.


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