Can You Use Butane in a Green Gas Gun

Can You Use Butane in a Green Gas Gun? [Yes or No]

Let’s assume you are prepared for your shooting. But suddenly found you are out of your green gas. It is annoying, right!

So, are you finding something like can you use butane in a green gas gun or not!

Sadly, you shouldn’t use butane gas in your green gas gun. It can create different problems. First of all, it can create problems which can make you suffer. You can also face problems like getting your gun jammed. And most importantly the leakage of the cartridge can damage the seal.

Let’s move forward to the article and know more about it.

Can You Use Butane in a Green Gas Airsoft Gun? Why You Shouldn’t!

It’s really important to avoid different gas if the gun is made for a particular gas. So, we don’t recommend you use butane in a green gas gun. Because you will have to face different problems.

Butane doesn’t create enough pressure on the gun, unlike green gas. This is the core reason why it is not recommended.

There are basically two problems with using butane in green gas airsoft. And these two problems can make your shooting experience worse. However, the problem isn’t very complicated like airgun doesn’t feed issues.

Problem 01: Butane Can Jam Your Gun

Using butane will be just like a gamble for your gun. As you have already known, it won’t create pressure as green gas does. 

So if you get lucky, you can get plenty of good shots. That might make you think it runs fine with butane.

If you are semi-lucky, you will get some good shots. But in continuation, the gas pressure will get lower. Then you will get misfed and you get to face other problems as well. 

Lastly, if you get unlucky you can have good shots once or twice. After that, your green gas airgun will have feeding issues and jams. Well, this jamming isn’t related to the issue that causes using plastic bbs in metal bb guns.

Solution: Change Butane ASAP

Basically while using butane, facing these issues are common. That’s why you need to shift as soon as possible. So that it can’t damage your gun.  

Problem 02: Butane Cartridge Leakage 

Butane gas doesn’t create as much pressure as co2 can create on the gun. So the cartridge starts leaking. 

This leaked butane gas can damage the seal. Sometimes these can be chances to damage the gun as well. 

Solution: Change Butane ASAP and Use Pellgunoil

If your seal already gets damaged then you need to change your seal first. 

But most importantly you need to avoid butane the next time. And to protect your seal and gun you can use pellgunoil. 

You just need to put a drop of pellgunoil on the top of the cartridge. And just  It will protect your magazine seal and gun. 

Can You Use Propane in a Green Gas Airsoft Gun? Best Alternative!

So you’ve already known that butane is not that suitable for green gas guns. Because it creates less pressure than green gas. Then what can you use if you run out of green gas?

The best alternative to green gas is propane. By research, plain propane gas is worth using. It is affordable and creates the same pressure as green gas.

If you try to compare green gas vs propane airsoft gun gas. You will not find that much difference.  

But propane has a strong smell. Most gun users don’t like this bitter smell. That’s why they try to avoid propane. 

Now you should know how to use propane for airsoft guns. For that, you basically need three items. And you’ve to work according to, a simple process.

Items You Need

These three items are definitely needed to use propane in your airsoft gun. So, we recommend you gather all these before starting the process.

  1. Airsoft propane adaptor. 
  2. Silicone Oil
  3. A bottle of propane gas.

How to Put Propane in Your Airsoft Gun?

Firstly, you need to fill the top of the bottle with silicone oil. But if your adaptor has a fill spot then you can skip putting the oil here.

Secondly, put the propane adaptor onto the bottle and screw it.

Thirdly, if your adaptor has a fill spot then fill it with silicone oil. 

Lastly, the main function of filling the magazine with propane. You need to hold the magazine with the golden gas feeling port facing up. You can put it on a hard surface to have more grip.

Then you need to hold the propane can facing downwards. Put the adaptor nozzle into the port. And press that into the valve but don’t press too hard. 

It will take 3 to 10 seconds to fill up the magazine. It basically depends on the magazine. 

While feeling the gas sometimes you can hear the gas fizzing. Or sometimes it can be completely silent. There is nothing to worry about.

And wallah, your magazine is ready to use. 

Before ending this section, here is the recommendation list for some of the good quality magazines-

2 Tips on How to Put Green Gas in an Airsoft Gun! 

To put green gas in your magazine is kind of easy. You just need to hold the mag upside down and tightly. Put the top of the gas on the valve and press gently.

It is going to take around 10 seconds to fill up the mag. But you should know some tricks that will help you to fill the mag perfectly.

  1. While you hold the mug upside down, place it on a hard surface. That will help you to have a good grip. It will also take less energy to fill the mug. 
  2. Try to fill the mug in 2 or 3 presses of the green gas can. Don’t try to fill that for more than 3 seconds continuously. Because it can cause leakage.

One more thing that is necessary to remember is to maintain safety while using an airgun.


What gas can I use in my airsoft gun?

You can use different types of gas as per your gun’s requirement. Generally co2, green gas, and propane gas guns are more common. 

Can you refill airsoft green gas?

Yes, you can refill airsoft green gas. And we’ve already described the process in our article. If you follow that it will be really easy for you.

Which is better: CO2 or green gas?

In terms of performance, co2 is better than green gas. Because it creates more pressure than green gas. Which leads to a smoother shooting. 


So, we think we’ve answered: can you use butane in a green gas gun properly right!

And if you are thinking of using other gas please be concerned about the filling process. If you have any more questions please let us know.
Be safe and have a secure shooting.

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