Can You Use Green Gas in A CO2 Gun

Can You Use Green Gas in A CO2 Gun? [Yes or No]


Isn’t it frustrating? You are ready to fire and suddenly notice you are out of your CO2 magazine! Then you find a green gas magazine. To be honest, we’ve also faced the same problem.

So, now you’re thinking, can you use green gas in a CO2 gun?

Well, mostly yes. Nowadays most guns are equally capable of holding both CO2 and green gas magazines. But there’s a chance that your CO2 gun might not be suitable for green gas magazines. In this case, you can face problems. Plus there is a chance of breaking the gun as well. 

Now, this isn’t all of it. We’ve discussed everything in detail. We’ve also provided how you can use green gas in your CO2 gun. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s find out more about this.

Can You Put Green Gas in A CO2 Gun?

Yes, you can. Because almost every CO2 gun accepts a  green gas magazine without any issues.

If we aren’t wrong you can also get confused about whether all co2 cartridges are similar. Which can be an issue for smooth shooting.

But a few years back, it was impossible to use green gas in a CO2 gun. Because green gas wasn’t that strong enough to cycle CO2 guns. Sometimes the guns even got damaged using different types of gas rather than the required ones. 

If this is a metal gun, there won’t be any issue at first. But if it’s a plastic gun, it will break down. And it only takes a few shots for that to happen.

But nowadays manufacturers make guns capable of holding both co2 and green gas. 

For example, guns like Glock 19 Gen 3 and Colt M45 can hold green gas along with CO2 magazines.  So yeah! If your CO2 gun accepts both CO2 and green gas, you can use green gas.

Things to Consider before Using Green Gas in A CO2 Gun

When you want to use something instead of another, you need to know a few things. For example, let’s say you are thinking about using plastic bb in your metal gun. Before doing so, you need to know if that’s possible.

The same can be said if you want to put green gas in your CO2 gun. So, you already know that it’s possible. But before moving to use green gas in the CO2 gun, let’s get some facts checked-

Does the Green Gas Magazine Fit?

Yes, we can use CO2 mag or green gas mag in a single gun. But let’s consider you have an old gun like Vintage OLD BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 137 USA. Then it can be a problem.

In a situation like this, find out if the magazine you are using fits the gun or not. If it doesn’t fit, there is nothing to do more. Because the magazine has already been rejected. 

Now, you might think the fitment means just the green gas mag sitting perfectly inside your gun. And you are then ejecting without any problem.

But that’s not it! Fitment actually includes the green gas magazine and will be able to feed bbs in your gun. 

It also means compressed air is going through to the proper workings of your gun. And last but not least, the magazine will eject properly. 

Now, if this part is checked, you can move on to checking another fact.

Can You Cycle the Gun?

Wondering about the green gas vs co2 comparison in terms of power?

Well, green gas is actually not as powerful as CO2. So, if a CO2 gun accepts green gas, it may take a few attempts to cycle the gun. Sometimes, it may take a handful of shots to cycle the gun. 

Moreover, there can be some other problems as well. For example, the slide might not correctly return to the battery. Or the gun might misfeed and so on. 

Thus, do confirm that you’re not facing this. Only that way you can use green gas in your CO2 gun. 

So, guys, we have got an idea about green gas and CO2 gas. At the same time CO2 cartridges as well. 

Now, you might be thinking of sticking to CO2. In that case, after using firearms keep in mind to properly handle the used CO2 cartridges Because it’s necessary for your own safety. 

How to Use Green Gas Magazine in CO2 guns? 4 Easy Steps:

You now know if your gun is capable of holding green gas magazines. So, let’s find out what is the proper way to use green gas.  

Proper Magazine for The Gun

You need to be sure about the magazine first. If the magazine doesn’t fit the gun properly then there is no more discussion. 

Hold the Magazine Upside Down

After you make sure it’s a proper magazine for the gun, it’s time to fill the gas. You need to hold the magazine upside down on a hard surface. This way you can have support from it. And you don’t need to put so much of your energy into it. 

Fill Gas into the Magazine

After holding the magazine upside down, you’ll have a good grip on it. So, start putting the green gas valve into the magazine valve. Then press it hard. It’ll take a few seconds to fill the magazine up.

Test The Gun

After filling the magazine with green gas, put the magazine into the gun. Take a few test shots. And check if your gun is working properly or not. It may take a few shots to be in the proper cycle. 

Don’t forget to take necessary precautions before firing. Valken V-TAC Echo Airsoft Goggles can be your eyes saver during shots. This type of goggles can be useful while shooting after you oil the nitro piston gun you have.

Another thing-

To check if the green gas is properly working or not try shooting a particular target. GAME FACE ASTLG can help you with that. 

All clear now? Well, that’s all you need to do to put green gas into your magazine. 

Note: You might not have green gas mag with you. And you might just think of doing an experiment. In that case, try using  Asura Power Green Gas or Green Gas x2 DUAL PACK by Fire Power to fill your magazine. Valken Green Gas can also be a good choice for your CO2 gun.

We also advise you to take all kinds of safety precautions. This will make your shooting experience better. 


Can You Use a Green Gas Mag in a CO2 Glock?

Yes, you can use it if the green gas magazine properly aligns with the gun. Some guns have both CO2 and green gas options in them.

Is CO2 and Green Gas The Same?

No, they are not the same. For example, performance-wise CO2 is more efficient. Because it kicks harder, shoots faster, and gives better performance in low temperatures. 

What Can You Use Instead of Green Gas?

Propane gas can be an easy replacement for green gas. It is easy to get and even cheaper. It’s also proven that green gas and propane are not that different. 


We have discussed everything on can you use green gas in a co2 gun? We hope you can easily use green gas in your CO2 guns. 

By the way, make sure you take enough precautions while using guns. You can use gloves, goggles, and ear plugs for better safety.
Stay healthy and safe. Take care of yourself until we meet again!

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