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Empire Mini Vs Invert Mini: Who Wins the Battle?

When it comes to paintball gun popularity, the empire mini and invert mini are mention-worthy.

However, the hesitation is equivalent to the hype when choosing between these 2! This situation may be frustrating but I’m here to help you choose.

So, which one should you be choosing between empire mini vs invert mini?

The empire mini is really good in terms of grip performance; when compared to the invert mini. On the contrary, the invert mini has more upgrades available than the empire mini. You’ll get more comfort with the empire mini but it’s way more expensive than the invert mini. It’s also pretty lightweight.

This is not all the information you are going to need. Read the entire article to cover every bit of information about these shooters.

Start now!

Empire Mini Vs Invert Mini: Brief Comparison

A small overview of these two paintball markers can help clear your confusion. I have included all the key differences between these two shooters below.

Empire Mini
Source: youtube.com

Note that, the empire mini is also known as empire mini gs. Just a heads up to protect you from confusion!

You can get the short empire mini-review and invert mini review from here. Have a look!

Differentiating FactorsEmpire MiniInvert Mini
Surface materialRubberAluminum
Upgrade optionsLessMore
Weight1.875 lbs3.55 lbs
PriceStarts from &399Starts from &270

You are all set for the main discussion now that you’ve observed the briefing. Let’s now head onto the key differences between empire mini and invert mini.

Now that you have got a look at the briefing, let’s dive into the details. In the section below, I’ve provided all the details you need to make a decision. Have a read!

Empire Mini Vs Invert Mini: Detailed Comparison

Unique and broad details can always help you pick when you’re in a dilemma. To help you choose between the two shooters, I’ve included a detailed comparison below. 

Read thoroughly to not miss out on any information!


Grips in paintball guns are super important. Since you are holding the gun at all times, you need to hold it properly. In such cases, grips can help you the most! 

Quite conveniently, the empire mini is the perfect solution here!

grip for empire mini
Source: youtube.com

The body of the empire mini is made of rubber. And as you may know, rubber provides one of the best grips. It basically creates more friction with the skin of a hand. 

This way, the rubberized grips of the empire mini are more comfy and grippy!

You have to use household spray cleaners to keep the rubber grip non-sticky though. Here are some recommendations for spray cleaners-

By using these cleaners, the rubber grip can keep doing its work!

Although the invert mini is great in many ways, grip performance is not on its strong side. Since the gun surface is made out of aluminum, it becomes slippery at times. On top of that, sweat and oil make it hard to hold as well.

For these reasons, a lot of players find the invert mini’s grip hard to deal with. In a competitive game like paintball, performance is critical. 

So if you can’t rely on the grip, your performance will drop; especially when using dwell paintballs.

If you like the empire mini, then check the availability on Amazon. I’m sure you’ll get a sweet deal!

Winner: The winner for this category is the empire mini, for offering superior grip performance.


Quite a few upgrades are available for the invert mini. Extra grips, eyes, bolt upgrades, board, etc! You can even put an upgraded barrel in an invert mini.

That way, it can shoot tons of bullets in a small amount of time! The situation is quite similar when comparing invert mini vs axe.

invert mini
Source: www.pbnation.com

As many upgrades as there are, for the invert mini they are also easy to do. That’s why it gets high marks in many reviews!

This range of upgrades really gives you a chance to increase the peripheral you want. If you want speed, you can definitely have the paintball guns shooting fast.

The empire mini also has choices for upgrades. 

However, it is not as broad as the case of the invert mini. The choices are quite limited on the invert mini; which may cause impulsive decisions. It is the same for the empire axe pro.

The main reason behind the narrow score of upgrades is the price. Since the empire mini stands on the lower end of paintball shooters, people don’t upgrade it much. 

In the case of the existing upgrades, they’re a bit costly as well; which is discouraging.

Winner: For having a wider range of upgrades, the invert mini is the winner here!


The main comfort factor of guns comes from the holding. If you can comfortably hold your gun; that means you are comfortable with the gun. 

In most gun-holding orientations, 1 finger rests on the trigger while the other fingers grip.

the invert mini
Source: www.nummech.com

The design of the empire mini focuses on comfort. Accordingly, it has enough space to grip the gun using 4 fingers! This is also seen on the mini axe paintball gun.

On top of that, the gun is lighter when compared to the invert mini. This also adds to the comfort factor of this gun. In fact, the empire mini is one of the most lightweight guns in the empire paintball series.

While the invert mini is quite comfy, it is not as comfy as the empire mini. The grip size is quite small on the invert mini. So if you’re someone who has big hands, it can be a clear red flag. 

On top of that, the invert mini has twice the weight of the empire axe. If a gun is not lightweight, it makes it difficult to control. Along with that, it substitutes comfort points as well. The weight fact is a big one when comparing the scar vs hk416

Winner: If you’re looking for the most comfortable gun, the empire mini is the winner!

Price Point

The empire mini offers a lot of unique and useful features for a mere paintball gun. These features actually make the gun more appealing and bring out more uses. 

Yet, the price is where it lacks a bit. If you’re looking for the empire mini price starts from 399 dollars. Considering that it provides a quality shooter, the price is still quite high.

empire mini component
Source: www.pbsports.com

An average paintball consumer can easily find the price too expensive.

The pricing of the invert mini starts from 270 – 290 dollars. It offers a lot of quality aspects for a paintball gun as well. When compared to the empire mini’s price, this gun is quite a cheap one!

Remember, the pricing is cheap for the invert mini; but the quality is not! By picking this, you can actually buy a decent paintball shooter along with saving over 100$. It really does pack a pun at under 300 dollars.

Winner: From the pricing perspective, the invert mini wins for the inexpensive option!

What is the Better Option For You?

Getting your priorities straight will filter out the best option for you. If you are struggling to choose between these two paintball guns, read the next bit.

The empire mini is a lightweight paintball shooter which is easy to maintain. It also provides a better grip performance. 

Yet, it is quite expensive for a paintball gun. Additionally, you’ll be missing out on tons of upgrades as the upgrade range is small.

On the other hand, if upgrades are more important to you than comfort, go with the invert mini. Purchasing the invert mini will also result in significant money saving for you. 

However, the grip performance can make you suffer a bit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is NXL firing mode?

NXL firing mode is one type of firing mode that is used in electric shooters. NXL basically increases the BPS of shooters. It ramps up the BP for a short period of time. For instance, if you are shooting at 10 BPS, turning on NXM will make it 21 BPS. It is not permanent though, only for a short time.

How far can a paintball gun shoot?

Paintball guns can shoot up to 100 feet. The general range is from 80 – 100 ft.

The range depends on the peripherals of the paintball. The power of your shooter actually decides the range of the paintballs. All the parts count such as springs, triggers, size, etc. Upgrading the shooter can upgrade the range.

Is the Tippmann A5 a good gun?

Yes, the Tippmann A5 is a pretty solid gun! It is an excellent choice when considering a long-term investment in the paintball world. This shooter is really durable. On top of that, there are countless mods and upgrades for this shooter. So if you want to increase a specific ability (speed or power), you can upgrade it!

The Final Words

That is all from our end. Hopefully, now you know all the differences between the empire mini vs invert mini.

Along with focusing on peripherals, always think if your buy is short-term or long-term. It really eliminates a lot of probable buying mistakes.

All the best!

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