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2 Common Gas Blowback Magazine Problems and Their Fixes!

While you are getting ready for action with your Airsoft, it has blowback magazine problems. We know how bothersome it can be.

 So you want to know about gas blowback magazine problems?

Gas leaking is the most common problem for gas blowback magazines. Because of it gas leaks and you’re unable to fire. Also, the gas nozzle might be broken. And you might not get any shots from your Airsoft gun. The other problem is the inefficiency in getting shots.

But knowing only this much won’t do you any good. That’s why we have written a whole article to further elaborate on it. 

Gas Blowback Magazine- Problems and Solution

Although the Airsoft gas blowback guns work like a dream, they too have problems. It might be that you have a faulty magazine that isn’t holding gas as it should.

 Also, your blowback function might be problematic. Thus you’re not getting continual or any shots.

Gas Blowback Magazine

Here we have tried to elaborate on these problems on why they happen. Also, we’ve tried to provide proper solutions for these problems. So, be sure to go through all of it. 

Problem 1: Not Getting Shots

The first problem you might face is not getting shots. As we know, gas guns use gas to fire shots. So, where to fill gas in airsoft guns? You have to fill it in the magazine. It’s quite easy to fill gas in an Airsoft gun.

As you are filling gas in the magazine, it should work. But it is not? Well, even if you hear the hissing of the gas going in, you still feel like it’s not full. 

But you are sure that the magazine is not leaking. Well, this could mean two things. 

The first one is if your magazine is fine then you have a broken nozzle or valve. Thus it is unable to hold the gas. So, while shooting you’re not getting enough pressure for the bbs to come out.

Also, it could mean that your gas blowback magazine probably has a jamming issue.

So, how to check if the gas gun valve is damaged?

First, fill out the magazine. Then release the valve to see what happens. If the magazine was properly filled then you’ll get a large blow which means the valve is alright. But if you just hear a small poof and that’s it, then the valve is damaged.

Also, is it necessary to apply pressure when filling gas in mag? It might be that you are not applying enough pressure for the valves to open up. That’s why the gas isn’t going in. Also, it is important to fill it in at the right angle.

May the shots are plastic or metal BBs, the problem remains the same. Although you have to know if you can use plastic bbs in metal bb guns.  

Now let’s dive into the solutions. 

Solution 1: Replace Gas Nozzle

So, how to replace the gas nozzle in Airsoft? Here is a complete guide provided just for you:

  • First, remove the mag. Now, to slide out the slides,  pull down the levers above the trigger guard. 
  • Now, remove the blowback spring and barrel assembly. Then, unlock the rear side by unscrewing it. Now pull out the nozzle assembly by pinching it out.  
  • Then it’s time to pull apart the nozzle assembly. Remove the bottom plate carefully and let the spring pop out. Now gently pull out the nozzle and replace it with the new one.

Repeat the process in vice versa to reassemble your Airsoft. Finally, check to see if everything works properly. 

Solution 2: Adjust Fill Angle and Pressure

This is really important. So, how should I fill gas in a magazine? 

Push the green gas pipe in. Sometimes we think that if we apply too much pressure on the valve, it’ll break. Well if it is too much then yes. 

But a firm push doesn’t do any damage. In fact, it ensures that the valve is properly opened for the gas to go in. 

Also, it’s advisable to keep the gas can straight with the magazine. If the angle isn’t correct then chances are that it won’t go in properly. Thus the gas will leak out and the magazine won’t fill. 

Lastly, do I need to shake green gas before filling? Yes, this is to ensure the proper mixture with the silicon spray. 

Here are some quality green gas suggestions you can check out:

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Even though there are butane, CO2, and other options. But, using green gas for a green gas gun is advisable. To know why you have to know if you can use butane in green gas gun.

Problem 2: Leaking Magazine

Another problem you might face is a leaking magazine. If it’s leaking then it won’t matter how much gas you put in. So, why do magazines leak gas? The main reason is dried-out O rings.

Leaking Magazine

They fail to create the perfect seal, causing a magazine leak. 

This could happen for various reasons. Maybe the magazine was kept at cold temperatures. Or the gas was used without silicon. 

Also, storing a magazine without even a little gas might over time harm it. 

Solution: Fix Magazine

So, how to fix leaking gas magazines? Here we have prepared a guide just for you:

  • First you have to empty the magazine of gas and BB. Hold down the primary valve of the magazine to empty the gas.
  • Then, remove all the bolts, valves, gas routers, and followers from the magazine. Now, with a cleansing spray, carefully and gently clean each part.
gas magazines
  • Now it’s time to examine the O rings and seals. Aside from the primary and fill valve, there’s also an O ring in the baseplate. Be sure to check for even the littlest damages in these O rings. So, that no gas can escape. 
  • If they are damaged then they have to be replaced. And even if they look good, lubricate them using gun oil or gun grease. 
  • Before reconstructing your magazine, use PTFE. It’s a sealant mainly used for plumbing but you can use it here too. Just apply one or two layers of PTFE around the valves to seal them properly. 
  • Finally, reconstruct the magazine. Be sure to be extra careful so you don’t damage anything. 

Now fill in your magazine with gas and check if it still leaks. After filling it, if you don’t hear a hissing sound, then it should be fine. 

Try out your gun to see if everything works accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between CO2 and gas blowback?

The greatest option for you may be CO2 if you’re seeking performance. Depending on the manufacturer of the weapon, CO2 might cause blowback pistols to recoil more forcefully. Because it’s a higher pressure gas. Additionally, CO2 performs better in colder climates than other gasses. 

Is it okay to use a CO2 mag in a green gas gun?

Only a few airsoft pistols allow the use of both CO2 and green gas magazines. However, a gun built for green gas won’t work with CO2 unless it’s made for both. Similar to how most CO2 weapons won’t work properly with green gas. Thus it’s advisable to use the prescribed one. 

Are electric guns better than CO2 for Airsoft?

The trigger reaction time on an electronic gun is quicker. Additionally, purchasing fresh CO2 cartridges for gas pistols is more expensive than charging batteries. There is no need to be concerned about a gas leak or the cold weather. Cause, it won’t hamper the firing mechanism of your gun. 

Bottom Line

Now it’s time to listen to your opinion!

Did you get everything related to gas blowback magazine problems? I hope you did!

Here’s an extra tip for you. It’s advisable not to discharge the magazine while it’s not in the gun.

If there’s anything else on your mind, be sure to comment down below. 

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