How to Remove Krylon Paint from a Gun

How to Remove Krylon Paint from a Gun? 5 Effective Methods

If you want to remove Krylon paint from your gun, you’ve got a real job waiting.

Because the surface is likely to be destroyed due to the dried paint and paint thinner. For this reason, it’s essential to clean with proper procedure.

So, the question remains- How to remove Krylon paint from a gun?

Various methods can be used to remove Krylon paint from a gun. But the process is slightly different for plastic and metal guns. You can use your daily necessities available at home like nail polish remover. You can also make use of the market products like lacquer thinner or paint stripper.

However, this was just a rundown of the procedures we’ve mentioned in the article. So, what are you waiting for?

Scroll down and stay with us to know more about the methods in detail.

Can You Remove Krylon Paint from a Gun?

To answer straight to the point, yes you can remove Krylon paint from a gun.  Whether it’s Krylon fusion or colormaxx, or other brands, you can remove it using some methods. To understand Krylon paint better you can check out an in-depth overview of Krylon.

But there’s a catch- you need to consider the material before you can get rid of Krylon paint. You have to pick a specific method for removing paint considering the material first.

Guns can have different kinds of surfaces-wood, metal, and plastic. Now you will need to choose your specific method based on these particular surfaces. Here’s why-

A commercially available paint stripper can remove Krylon paint from metal surfaces. The solution is, however, too corrosive to be used on plastics. It can melt or eat away the plastic.

Hence, you can remove Krylon paint from a gun. But you just need to be careful with the methods.

Precautions and Safety Measures while Removing Paint from A Gun

People exposed to paint strippers are exposed to the hazards of paint removal. Taking safety measures is therefore vital. Therefore maintaining safety while removing paint is as important as maintaining safety while using/practicing airguns.

If you have a heart condition that could be aggravated by poisonous fumes, see your doctor. Smokers should never smoke near paint removers or their vapors because of the risk of fire.

Keep Away from Sources of Heat

It is important to stay away from lights and heat sources during a paint removal project. Static electricity or sparks should also be avoided during the use of flammable paint strippers.

Ensure Enough Ventilation

You have to ensure the right amount of ventilation while carrying out a paint removal job. Whenever possible, we recommend doing paint stripping outdoors. The air conditioner does not provide sufficient ventilation for the smoke of the paint stripper. 

Wear a respirator 

Wear a respirator to protect against paint smoke. Organic vapor cartridge respirators help minimize exposure of paint strippers to smoke. Paper masks are not suitable.

Wear eye protectors 

To avoid eye irritation, wear plastic splash goggles when pouring or using the paint remover. Buy safety glasses (engraved with “Z87”) approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Use Gloves 

Gloves must be worn when using the paint remover. Paint remover can dissolve regular dishwashing gloves. Neoprene Latex Blend Gloves can tolerate most paint-removing solvents.

These precautions should be followed with great care to avoid accidents and injuries.

5 Effective Methods to Remove Krylon Paint from Guns!

Guns need to be taken proper care of while removing Krylon paint. Every Gun has its own procedure for removing the paint which should be strictly followed

For Plastic Based Guns

It is important to know what can be used to remove spray paint from plastics. Because many commercially available paint removers damage plastic surfaces.

To preserve plastic products, you need to use the right tools to remove paint stains. Ensure that to prevent damaging the plastic products.

Method 1 of 3: Use Cooking Oils

Most spray paints are oil-based. Remember, ‘like-dissolves-like” from school? Try different oils. Let soak and remove with water pressure or a stiff brush.

Method 2 of 3: Apply Acetone 

Acetone is suitable for nylon bases such as gun frames. Other plastics, like EOTech, will melt. You can clean a frame in about 15 minutes and it will not harm the gun. 

Now you can use acetone in different sources-

  • Using Nail-polish remover: Nail polish remover is one of the best products available for cleaning up spray paint. It is an inexpensive method for cleaning, easy to find, and takes little time to implement.

Ensure that the nail polish remover you use contains acetone. 

Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and apply it to the affected area. Pronto is the best choice for this job as it contains 100% acetone. 

  • By graffiti remover: Are you trying to get rid of spray paint? Then Graffiti remover might be your next best friend. Its gelled system correctly eliminates spray paint and latex paint from any surface. 

To use, just spray on the material and rub the affected area.

Method 3 of 3: Utilize Brake Cleaner

Brake cleaner works like magic to remove spray paint. The only downside is it works very slowly. So you might need a spray can or two and have to work your way around it.

Brakleen has shown maximum efficiency in doing its job.  

For Metal and Wood-Based Guns

The methods that are mentioned above can also be used for metal and wood-based guns. Compared to Rustoleum or Tremclad, Krylon can be removed a bit easier. The tip is if you need something not too abrasive you can use the previous methods.

But if you want to remove something that hardly comes off try the following methods.

Method 1 of 2: Use Paint Stripper

The most feasible method to remove spray paint from any surface is using a paint stripper. In the parts where it’s hard to reach paint, strippers can do the job manageable for you. Our best recommendation for this product is Citristrip.

Citristrip will remove most types of paint easily and will have no detrimental effects on metal or blueing. National monuments are being restored with it. This stripper has the advantage of not drying out like liquid strippers. It also leaves behind a gel-like residue that is easy to clean.

Another really popular alternative to Citristrip is SmartStrip. Its biggest advantage is that it’s environmentally friendly.

Method 2 of 2: Apply Lacquer Thinner

The lacquer thinner works like magic when removing paint from surfaces. Here are the steps for applying it.

Steps to Remove Spray Paint Using Lacquer Thinner

  • Put a layer of lacquer thinner onto the Krylon paint.
  • Use thinner to cover the painted area with a brush.
  • Let the thinner sit on the paint for five minutes. 
  • Scrape or scrub away peeling paint with a plastic scraper or scrub brush. 
  • You may need to reapply a thinner coat until all paint is removed.

This is one of our best choices for lacquer thinners in the market-

That was all about how to remove Krylon paint from guns. Now, what happens next? What if you’re not satisfied with the results? 

Well, we got your back. We have something special to help you out. Stay with us a little more to find out. 

Not Satisfied with The Results?

It’s not the end of the world if you’re not happy with the results. There are other alternatives to check out. A new coat of black can be a great alternative if you want it to look real.

Nonetheless, it can also give the gun a fighting look. Be sure you seal off the barrel if you repaint it black. No overspray then gets down your barrel or into your chamber.


Is Krylon spray paint good for guns?

Krylon Colormaster Spray Paint for Guns has the best value. Despite humid conditions, it creates a moisture-resistant finish.

How long does Krylon spray paint last?

The shelf life stated by Krylon is between 3 to 4 years from the production date. It can be easily done with good care and storage

Is Krylon spray paint weather resistant?

Krylon spray paint is indeed weatherproof. A wide range of colors is available in Krylon Outdoor Decor Spray Paint. It’s excellent for waterproofing.


This was all you needed to learn about how to remove Krylon paint from a gun. We hope now you can easily remove Krylon paint from your gun. 

Surely there are other methods as well. But the ones we mentioned will work better than those.

Thank you for staying with us till the very end. Let us know if you have any further comments!

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