how to ship airsoft guns

How to Ship Airsoft Guns? A Step-by-Step Guide!

The shipping process of any airsoft gun is more complicated than it seems. Different states have different rules. If you don’t follow the regulations then you might end up facing legal notice!

So, you’re now curious about “How to Ship Airsoft Guns?”

First, you need to choose the courier medium and company. You need to choose the right case for packing. Do not forget to unload and detach the ammunition and attachments. Also, make sure the package is supported and sealed properly. Finally, don’t forget to put on the firearms declaration form.

That’s the summary of the whole process. We have prepared a step-by-step guide for your ease.

Let’s jump right in.

Step-by-Step Guide to Shipping Airsoft Guns

An airsoft gun looks identical to a real firearm from the outside. But the internals of the gun is obviously not the same.

You might get nervous while trying to ship an airsoft gun. You might think of getting pulled off by the police or getting arrested.

Airsoft Guns

Worry not, all these assumptions are absolutely wrong and hoax. Shipping an airsoft gun is as easy as fixing problems with KWA ATP.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of shipping an airsoft gun. Another great thing about airsoft guns is that they can be shipped internationally!

So, let’s start with the whole procedure. 

Step 1: Choosing Shipping Company 

First and foremost, you need to choose the shipping method and company. UPS and USPS are the most popular shipping options.

First-class postage can be used if the parcel weighs less than 13 ounces. However, if it weighs more than that, you can ship it a priority at a metered rate. You will still pay less than the cost of a flat rate box.

For larger guns and packages UPS is the best option as they offer a flat shipping rate. 

USPS is better off for smaller gun packages like pistols and SMGs.

Step 2: Choosing the Shipping Box/ Container 

Choosing the right Shipping box/container is very important. Not only does it need to meet the TSA regulations, but also to maintain the safety of the guns.

Shipping Box of airsoft gun

It’s best to ship your guns in a solid hand-sided hard case. This meets the TSA regulations and ensures your gun’s safety. For example, Eupako 5x5x5″ Cardboard Boxes can be a good option for mini airsoft guns. 

However, if you want better protection, check out Polar Tech 205C Carton with Foam Shipper. This package is covered with foam all around to prevent any damage.

You can also use any box supported by styrofoams. Still, you must ensure that the rifle is stable on all sides.

Step 3: Removing BB, Attachments, and Batteries from Guns 

Before loading everything on the box, you need to follow some procedures. First, you need to unload your guns. The chamber should be cleared and all BBs should be removed.

removing attachments from guns

Also, you need to detach the magazine and unload them too. Make sure there are no BBs left. Make sure you don’t have any airsoft gun feeding problems.

Be sure to take out the batteries from your airsoft rifle if it requires them. The courier may refuse to accept the gun if the batteries are still inside.

Also, make sure you detach gun attachments from the guns and pack them separately before shipping.

It is recommended to pack the BB bullets in a separate container. In this way, you can easily keep tabs on what’s within.

Step 4: Attaching Safety Measures 

Attaching an orange tip as a safety measure is a must for airsoft guns. Airsoft guns look similar to real firearms. Anyone who does not know might confuse it with a real gun.

Due to this, the TSA mandated that orange tips be included on all Airsoft weapons.

The same goes for shipping guns as well. Attaching an orange tip will mean it’s an airsoft gun.

Verify that the gun is unloaded and that safety is engaged.

Step 5: Arranging The Package 

After sorting all things out, you will need to arrange the package. You can use styrofoams in the box to support the guns and equipment. You can pack as many firearms and accessories as you choose.

Arranging The Package

But don’t forget to leave out the batteries while packing your rifle. You can ship them in a lipo bag or case. 

Make sure the gun is set to stable and does not jiggle inside the case. This way, it will be safe from transportation impacts. There are cases where the gun got damaged due to improper packaging. 

Finally, close the case and check everything fits in.

Step 6: Locking & Sealing 

The final part of the packaging is the locking and sealing part. If you use gun cases, it is mandatory to use locks. 

You can use a padlock for this purpose. If you use other types of locks, make sure they are recognized by the TSA.

If you are using a generic box, make sure you use paddings or wrappings around them. Use duct tape to close the lid and seal. Do not forget to add styrofoams.

Step 7: Firearms Declaration Sealing 

This is the most important thing before sending the package for shipping. It is absolutely mandatory for you to put the firearms declaration seal on the package. It’s possible you could go into legal problems if you don’t.

Fill up the necessary information according to the requirement. Then attach the firearms declaration seal to the package. You may be asked by TSA security for details and clarification. 

Do cooperate with them and remain gentle. Otherwise, you might face consequences.

Necessary Precautions

There are some airsoft shipping regulations and restrictions. Hence, you need to follow some precautions. We have compiled them for you. 

  • You must be at least 18 years old to purchase or ship airsoft guns. Otherwise, you might face legal consequences.
  • The courier service will not be responsible if your package gets seized by customs.
  • Unloaded and securely closed gun cases are the only acceptable means of carriage for airsoft firearms.
  • It is mandatory to fill up the firearms declaration card for shipping airsoft guns.

Do maintain these precautions while shipping airsoft guns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Ship Airsoft Guns Internationally?

Yes, you can ship airsoft guns internationally. But keep in mind that customs rules and regulations will dictate the shipping. Different countries have different regulations. Make sure you check them before shipping. Also, make sure you follow the legal procedures as well.

Do Airsoft Guns Have To Have Orange Tips?

Orange tips aren’t necessary for airsoft guns. Even though US federal law says that all replica guns that are imported, shipped, made, or sold in the country must have orange tips, owners don’t have to keep them on after they buy the gun.

Can I Use Airsoft Guns For Self-Defense?

Yes, you can use an airsoft gun for self-defense. It can be used as a substitute for a real gun. It shoots biodegradable BB bullets which are totally non-lethal. Hence, it is a good self-defense weapon. To stop someone, you don’t have to hurt them badly or kill them.


That will be all on “How to ship airsoft guns”. Hopefully, now you know what procedures to follow to ship your airsoft gun.

Whatever you do, make sure you always follow state regulations at all times. Make sure the package is sealed properly. 

See you soon.

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