Is Condor a Good Brand

Is Condor a Good Brand? [3 Consideration Facts]

Choosing the right brand for buying your favorite tactical gear can be a headache. There are so many factors to consider among which quality comes first. Then there is pricing. Condor tactical gears can fulfill both of the requirements.

So, is Condor a good brand?

General people have a negative point of view about the company. But Condor’s price point is what sets them apart from their competitors. There may be an issue of lower quality. Condor has been improving the quality of the gears while keeping the price low. So far they have done a great job.

Interested to know more? This guide has everything you need to know about the company.

So what’s the wait for? Let’s dive right into the details!

What Do People Think About Condor?

You must be asking yourself “is Condor good quality”. That’s why you are here.

Condor faces a lot of criticism and hatred from the normal customer base. They are thought to be products with low durability and quality.

But it’s also true that Condor is known for its cheap pricing. Which sometimes can be used as a reason for the lower quality.

On the contrary, people also argue that Condor products are well worth the price. They might be of worse quality than their competitors but they do the work just fine. In fact, there can be a lot of arguments about Condor being good or bad.

Condor is trying to improve their quality while keeping the price low according to many customers.

Before that let’s dive deeper into the question about the quality of the brand.

How is Condor as a Brand?

There are a few factors that we need to consider before jumping to a conclusion. Every brand has its unique selling point. Also, every brand tries to be as competitive as possible with similar brands in the market.

So, let’s see the things that set the brand Condor aside.

Price Point

Condor gears are known for having a very low price point. Whereas a similar gear from other brands will cost thousands, Condor is super cheap. Like, gear from eagle industries will cost 3-4 times more than Condor gear.

In fact, some may argue that Condor is the best among the cheapest gears. But the cheap price comes with a caveat. And sometimes quality is the trade-off.

Also, there are companies like a tactical tailor who handcraft their gears. Thus, it costs a lot too unlike Condor’s cheap gears.

But even with the lowered quality Condor has many examples of performing well in durability. There are customer reviews that say Condor tactical gears have lasted longer than they expected. And there are also complaints that say it didn’t last them even a month.

But considering the price point and the amount of positive feedback, Condor is quite good. The cheaper price range gives people a more economic option. Someone may not be able to buy the higher-end gear. Because of Condor, they can still enjoy the benefits without breaking a sweat.

Compromised Quality

Condor tactical gears took everyone’s attention as knock-off premium quality tactical gears such as flyye’s. They copied the design of the premium companies and made a cheaper version of it. Of course, they used lower-quality material. They are known to fall apart in too heavy usage.

But they are more than enough to stand an airsoft gun. In case you come across feeding problems of airsoft guns, then that’s another problem.

You may be wondering where are Condor products made? They are made in the USA. As a result of their quality, the US army doesn’t use these gears. While companies like crye precision have been supplying their product to the US army.

Improving Quality of the Gears

Even though Condor started with quite a lot of negativity in its backdrop. They’re doing a great job improving the quality while keeping the price lower. So, is Condor tactical a good brand to buy from?

Customers have started to grow a positive point of view about the company. Especially after Nutnfancy reviewed a full rig of Cordon and gave a positive review. 

Condor has listened to the market and adapted correctly. They are slowly but surely becoming competitors of brands like Umarex. They have also started to improve the quality while adding more features. The features are sometimes outstanding also at a very competitive price. 

Previously bad stitching was a big part of Condor’s bad quality. But nowadays they have done a great job of improving on that. You can also check some Condor plate carrier Reddit reviews to get a better idea.

Along with that they have also given special attention to style. They are improving their style for the tactical gears. Cordon has always been famous for its pouches. The pouches have always been good and had good reviews.

Here are some of the best Condor pouches that we recommend-

It’s still keeping up to the expectations. Condor gears had another issue of bad fitting which is improved now. The gears are well fitted now with near to no stitching failures.

Moreover, Condor has always been a good choice for lightweight users and it still is. One of the most economical options for tactical gears is the Condor brand.

Inconsistency of quality was another issue that Condor faced. But with time and years of improvement that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Check some latest Condor reviews to get a better idea about the current condition.

Now let’s move on to the FAQ section.


Are Condor chest rigs good?

Yes, Condor chest rigs are good. The ideal chest rigs are the ones that include cushioned adjustable straps. This gives you good control over your kit. When it comes to high-quality chest rigs, they’re typically light, robust, and flexible. These allow you to concentrate on your objective rather than your gear.

Do you wear a chest rig over a plate carrier?

Yes, you can wear a chest rig over a plate carrier. Simply purchase plate carrier pockets or pouches. You can also remove the plate carrier completely and wear only the chest rig. Basically, you have to pick either one. It’s not a bad decision to have both.

Where to wear my battle belt?

You can wear your battle belt like a normal belt. First, you need to attach a duty belt to it. After that wear it on top of everything you are wearing like a normal belt. Make sure to not wear it on top of the actual belt which might be uncomfortable. You can have mag pouches or an ammunition pouch.

Wrap up!

So that’s a wrap for today. So, is Condor a good brand? I’m sure you know it by now. Think about everything you know and then make a purchase decision.

Even though the starting of the condor might not have been smooth but they are improving.

Good luck and see ya!

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