is paintball paint washable

Is Paintball Paint Washable?: A Complete Breakdown!

You had a great game time on the paintball field and won the match with great excitement. But after coming home, you find the clothes are colorful and stained. Besides, the masks, vest, and goggles are also stained!

You may be asking yourself is paintball paint washable?

The good news is that paintball paint is totally washable. Paintball pallets are made from water-soluble harmless food colors. Hence it does not stain too long. However, paintball dye, quality, and overdated pallets can stain the clothes. Therefore, wash quickly after the game with water and soap. 

That was just a short overview of what comes next. Stick with us to know more. 

Do Paintball Stain Clothes?

If you want to try out paintball for the first time, you may have lots of questions. Being concerned about clothes is just one of them. Just like this woman.

Generally, paintball paints do not stain clothes. If you wash quickly after the play, then it will vanish. 

However, there is a possibility that paintball paints may cause stains on your clothes. It is typically determined by these criteria listed below:

Paintball Dye: 

Because of the food coloring in the paint combination, pink and red paintball dye leave more traces. The color red is more powerful.

As a result, it is more likely to infiltrate your clothing, particularly if you are wearing white or brighter colors.


Wear dark clothes to keep this from occurring.

Quality of Paintball:

The precision of a paintball’s coloring power, shell, weakness, weld, and resilience characterize its quality. Poor-grade balls are much more prone to stain clothing. 

Because the combination is far less water soluble. Cheap paintballs are sometimes fairly hard and can pierce the flesh.


When purchasing paintball pellets, ensure the substance is of high quality.

Paintball Manufacture Date:

Paintballs should be utilized as quickly as possible once they are manufactured. These are more prone to stain the garments when they are too dry.


You must ideally visit a crowded paintball site. The balls are soon depleted and new ones are made available to participants on a regular basis.

Quality of Paintball
Source: SOXY

Can I Wash Paintball Paint?

Yes, Paintball stains can be removed. Paintball bullets are not composed of normal paint. Paintball pellets are made up of water-soluble, harmless colors.

Paintballs are produced from gelatine, a medicinal food coloring. In most situations, the inner mixture contains water, sorbitol, glycerine, and polyethylene glycol.

Many parents are concerned that the paintballs will not wash out properly. But This indicates that the dye inside the paintball pellets would disintegrate in water. 

The best way to prevent the stain is to wear a proper dress. If you have a good idea about what to wear in paintball, then the chances will be relatively low to be stained. 

How to Clean Paintball Pain?

After playing the match you can find all your clothes and paintball gears stained with colors. Or you may be wondering, does paintball paint wash off cars and houses?

Yes, you can wash off paintball paint from cars and houses. You may need to use car detergent to clean the car. However, soap and water will work perfectly to clean your house off paintball paint. If stains don’t go away, then tar removal spray can work as a charm. 

Each item is cleaned in a unique way. So don’t panic! I give proper solutions for each version. so, how to clean paintball paint?


When you get back to the house, soak your dirty clothes in water. This enables the paint to disintegrate before it is wiped away, preventing it from ending up in your washing machine.

Squirt a laundry pre-treatment on the paint-covered regions and leave it to sit for 5 minutes.

Place your laundry in the washing machine and run it through a regular period with water.

Dry every one of your paintball clothing. Apply no heat or stains that are completely set.

For doing laundry, the best detergents to remove the paintball paints are listed below.

To remove deep stains, go for Gain Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap. You can check the price on Amazon.

For making the fabric smell good and soft, try Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap. You can check for availability on Amazon.

If you have sensitive skin, then ARM & HAMMER Sensitive Detergent is ideal for you. You can check the price on Amazon.

mask for paintball
Source: Healthline


Wash your car, as usual, using a light car cleaning detergent, water, and a sponge. Using a cloth, dry the paint-covered surface.

You may apply just a few sprays of tar removal solution over the paintball stain. Then wipe it with a paper towel.

From now use the cleaner on the paint mark until it disappears. Cleanse the spot to get rid of any leftover paint.


For starters, soap and water should be used to clean the paint area. 

You can spray the paint with your garden hose on high to smash it up as much as possible.

Then, drench cotton balls with hydrogen peroxide and massage them well over the paintball mark.

To get rid of any paint, re-spray the surface with the garden hose.

If you still can’t remove the color off the wall, use a scrubbing brush. 

If you can’t just remove it off the brick, you can use an acid wash from a hardware shop. Just make sure you follow the washing instructions.

Pod Packs and Vests: 

Just like Delta rings are an integral part of guns, vests and pod packs are also necessary items to clean it up. Follow these two steps to clean the gears.

Method 1: Soap-water Cleaning

Spraying pod packs or vests with a water hose is the finest method for eliminating paintball traces. You may also clean it by hand with hot water and soap. 

If the paintball marks are stubborn, you can use a cleaning solution to remove them.

Method 2: Oxy Cleaning System

Pour boiling water and Oxyclean into a bucket. After that, immerse your pod pack or vest in the liquid for about an hour. 

Start removing the vest or pod packs from the solution after the hour is up. Rinse it in the sink or with the garden hose until the entire stain remover has been gone.

Paintball Masks and Lenses

Just wash the masks with water and dry them with a microfiber towel. Then, let it air dry because the foam will take some time to dry.

You should inspect your lenses since scrapes, smears, and other physical concerns can develop over time. To clean it properly, use a lens cleaner.


NEVER clean or polish glass with paper towels, toilet paper, or other materials. Although they appear soft, paper goods are scratchy.

Paintball Masks and Lenses
Source: KSF.FI

Paintball Marker: 

After each day of the game, the paintball gun is usually cleaned. It assists with the prevention of paint, oil, and dust development within the interiors. 

Remove the tank and cylinder to begin washing. After that, gently wash the insides of your barrel.

For such regular cleaning of the marker, simply use water and no soap. Aside from chemical cleaners, abrasive washing towels are also forbidden. 

Then, clean the interior with a fresh microfiber towel and leave it to dry fully before reassembling.

Just like empire mini and invert mini are two different things, you should clean different parts of your gun in a proper way.

What Should I Wear to Paintball?

The generally accepted rule for paintballing is to show as little body as feasible. You should be thinking about the best protective clothing for paintball.

Lower Half of Body:

Just like with shoes, the primary objectives for legwear must be pleasure and safety. It’s ideal to wear a flexible pair of joggers, a tracksuit, or cargo pants.

Upper Half of Body:

Dress in a sweater, hoody, or full t-shirt rather than short sleeves. Layering with a full t-shirt and a hoodie is an excellent choice. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat in case it pours!

Hands and Head:

When it comes to paintballing, these are two of the most susceptible regions of the body! Wear gloves that provide protection but aren’t overly bulky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does paintball leave stains on clothes?

Paintballs are harmless, nonstaining, and disposable. As a result, the paintball fill will not damage your clothes forever. To eliminate any paint remnants, wash your clothes as usual.

What do I wear to summer paintball?

Choose thin, single-layer clothes and add knee and elbow protectors for further precaution. Reduce the weight of your bag by getting rid of any superfluous stuff. Wear a goggle visor. 

How frequently should I lubricate my paintball gun?

Oil is used regularly but not overly. Make careful to grease both the front and rear bolt O-rings before playing. Other forms of oil can harm the O-rings in paintball guns. 


Hope I accurately answered is paintball paint washable. And gave you a proper cleaning idea.

So what are your thoughts after reading this article? Tell us, how you clean the paintball paints. Do let me know what I missed in this article.

Be careful when playing paintball. Enjoy your moments!

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