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JT Impulse Vs Etek 5 – Make the Smart Choice!

Paintball is an awesome activity to do with friends. And to get started you need to choose a paintball marker to provide with.

There are a few frontrunners in the market to choose from. But you are confused about which is the correct one.

So, what should you choose between JT Impulse vs Etek 5?

Both are great markers. But the Etek 5 has an internal LPR. As well as it has a greater range of aftermarket parts. So upgrading and repairing is more convenient. But it is considerably costlier than the JT Impulse. JT Impulse gives you nearly the same stock feel with a much more affordable price tag.

Well, that’s the basic comparison. But to make a firm decision I need to go deeper into the discussion. And that’s why I prepared this article for you!

Let’s get started!

Quick Comparison : JT Impulse Vs Etek 5

Paintball is an adrenaline driven activity that is equally enjoyable to both casual players and professionals.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re mindlessly shooting at your friends. Cause no matter how much you douse them in paint, paintball paint is washable!

Or if you’re fighting for your life in a competitive setting. In both scenarios a good paintball gun is a must have.

To make things easier there are reputed brands like JT and Planet Eclipse.

The Impulse by JT and Etek 5 by Planet Eclipse are two of the best paintball markers out there. They are also great competitors themselves and have their own fanbase.

If you search JT Impulse vs Etek 5 reddit, you’ll get lots of opinions. But the people in the forum will have their favorites and biases. 

That’s why I have carefully analyzed both the markers and tried to offer a neutral point of view. And I summarized the differences in a quick comparison table.

So let’s start off by looking at a quick comparison between the two paintball markers.

FactorJT ImpulseEtek 5
Internal LPRDoesn’t have internal LPRHas internal LPR
Aftermarket Parts Availability Isn’t very much availableCommonly Available
Price RangeAround 250-300 dollarsAround 450 to 500 dollars

The table gives us a quick glance at the key differences between them. But to come to a decision you need to understand better. And have constructive discussions about how the difference overall affects the system.

So let’s get started on a more detailed discussion.

JT Impulse
Source: Reddit

A Detailed Discussion on the Differences Between JT Impulse & Etek 5

While choosing a paintball gun, keep in mind that your play style depends on it. Mechanical paintball markers and electrical markers feel different.

So let’s see what are the deciding factors that will affect our judgment.

Having Internal LPR:

LPR in paintball markers means a low pressure regulator. 

The basic mechanism in paintball shooting is. It uses air pressure to shoot the paintball. A low pressure regulator maintains and regulates the air pressure in the internals.

A LPR can be set high and low. A high LPR is what helps you get a cleaner shot.

Having LPR will give you a more softer feel while firing. But it’ll give you increased accuracy and greater FPS. Also for controlling pressure dwell is very important too.

The JT Impulse doesn’t come with LPR but the design is made in such a way. When you fire the JT Impulse, it feels nearly as smooth as having LPR.

But to get the real deal, Etek 5 is a better choice. As it gives a better feel and more comfort.

Availability of Aftermarket Parts & Upgradability:

Paintball markers usually come in stock with the necessary parts you need to start playing. But if you want there are a whole lot of extra parts and trinkets that you can add to your paintball marker.

If you’re a casual player, the difference that these additions will make is. Will be unnoticeable to you. 

But the slight edge that these provide could mean a lot to a professional player. 

JT Impulse are generally less found in the market. And due to that, the range of aftermarket stuff is also little.

This also matters if there are any problems with your paintball marker. Generally, all damage or problems are covered by a warranty period.

And JT has a very good reputation when it comes to warranty. But if you need a quick fix or then availability of aftermarket parts means faster and better fixing.

This is where Etek 5 has an upper hand. Etek 5 claims a huge market portion in the aftermarket parts market.

This makes them more reliable. And you can use them without the fear of damaging them beyond repair.

If anything does go wrong, you can always fix them locally at a reasonable price. 

So if you’re into upgrading your paintball marker a lot. Then Etek 5 will give you the most convenience while doing so.

But if it doesn’t appeal to you and you’re more than satisfied with the stock performance, then you should go with JT Impulse.

Remember to clean your paintball guns. Here are some of the best products to use for cleaning for JT Impulse and Etek 5.

To reach the end of the barrle, use the Lucky Sports Paintball barrel Swab Squeegee Cleaner. You can check the price on Amazon.

For lubricating your paintball gun, Captain O-Ring Pure DOW 33 Paintball Lubricant Grease is reliable. You can check for availability on Amazon.

Keep your gun shinning with Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner. You can check the price on Amazon.

Riptide Armory Advanced Gun Cleaner
Source: Otosection

Difference In Price Range:  

Now this might be the deal breaker for a lot of people.

As we have seen so far, the Etek 5 has the upper hand in the other sectors. The inclusion of the internal LPR makes it a very good choice.

But that advantage surely comes with a price. The retail price for Etek 5 paintball markers are around 450 to 500 dollars. Most retail websites listing them at 499 dollars.

Yes, you are paying for a premium paintball gun. But compared to the JT Impulse vs Etek 5 price, the price is quite high.

JT Impulse doesn’t have the LPR. But it’s still a very comfortable gun to use in paintball fights. And you can get yourself one for only 250-300 dollars.

That’s a 200 dollar price drop compared to the Etek 5. Now if you look at the performance to price ratio. It really makes one think if the extra 200 dollars is worth it.

A difference that you’ll not notice or won’t affect you much. To us it doesn’t seem quite worth it if you’re a casual player. But if you seek that competitive edge, go for it!

So, Which Paintball Gun Should You Go for?

So far from our discussion we can see that Etek 5 does have some advantages over JT Impulse.

But to most people, the deciding factor would be the price. Because the JT Impulse is also a very good paintball marker. It provides nearly the same comfort and user friendliness that Etek 5 does. 

So for the extra dollars, the performance increase that you get is unnoticeable for casuals.

Finally, it comes down to you. If you are a professional who cares for every bit of competitive advantage then the Etek 5 is the one for you. 

But if you just want to have fun then the JT Impulse will satisfy all your needs. Here’s someone sharing their beautiful JT impulse.

Choose the correct paintball carefully. That way you will always gain competitive advantage.

Paintball Gun
Source: Punishers Paintball

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Are Paintball Guns Called Paintball Markers?

Before paintball guns were used for our enjoyment they had a different purpose. They were developed and used by the US forestry department. To mark down faraway trees before cutting them. That’s why they are also referred to as paintball markers.

What Is The Pressure Inside A Paintball Gun Tank?

The pressure inside the paintball tank can range from 3000 psi upto 5000 psi. The pressure is then lowered and regulated when used in the lower chambers. Additional regulators can be added to finely tune and control this pressure.

Is CO2 Better Or Compressed Air Better For Paintball Guns?

Using compressed air is the better choice. Mainly due to consistency. Air doesn’t get affected by temperature or pressure. Thus it is the first choice in winter or electronic guns.

Wrapping Up

Well now you know what to choose between JT Impulse vs Etek 5. Now that you’ve made up your mind, you’re ready to get down range!

Until next time, stay happy and healthy!

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