Krylon Fusion vs. Colormaxx

Krylon Fusion vs. Colormaxx – 5 Differences

Spray paints can offer better utility, but choosing the perfect one is also confusing. Fusion and Colormaxx both are two signature products of Krylon. But they are not the same in all aspects.

So, what are the differences between Krylon Fusion vs. Colormaxx?

There are so many things that differentiate Krylon Fusion and Colormaxx. The drying time isn’t the same on both. Also, outdoor and indoor usability is different on both. Their protection from different rough conditions isn’t the same. They are different in terms of the need for priming as well.

The brief statement above can still leave confusion in you. But don’t worry; we’ve got more information to cater for you. Please have a read of our full comparison article to get to know all the things.

Colormaxx Vs. Krylon Fusion: Quick Comparison

We have discussed all the things in detail. But before that, we want to give you a sneak peek to hype things up. Also, this quick look will help you to find more relevance while going through the detailed discussion.

You can find a quick comparison in the table below.

Comparison FactorKrylon FusionKrylon Colormaxx
Adhesion QualitySuperiorInferior
Priming RequirementNot RequiredRequired
Rust Protection QualitySuperiorInferior
Full Drying TimeComparatively SlowerComparatively Faster
PriceComparatively HigherComparatively Lower

We hope this quick comparison table entertained you quite well. Now let’s move on to the detailed comparison.

Krylon Fusion Vs Colormaxx: Full Comparison

We appreciate your patience coming all the way through till now. We are done with all the introductory phrases. In this section, we’ve picked up each of the comparison factors and discussed them thoroughly.

The detailed comparison of Krylon Fusion vs. Colormaxx is as follows-

1. Adhesion Quality

The Krylon Fusion provides great adhesion quality. They have 5x more adhesion than normal spray paints. So applying them on different rough surfaces is not a problem. Due to this superior adhesion quality, they are extremely durable.

Talking about Krylon Colormaxx, they are quite good as well. But when it comes to the adhesion quality, they don’t provide as much as Krylon Fusion. Due to low adhesion quality, their durability of them may not be as good as Fusion.

So comparing both, it can be said that the Krylon Fusion is the winner here. However, on smooth surfaces, adhesion shouldn’t be any big concern.

2. Priming Requirement

There’s a difference between Krylon Fusion and Krylon Colormaxx when it comes to priming.

The Krylon Fusion doesn’t require any priming or sanding. But the Krylon Colormaxx requires priming prior to painting. However, the primer comes inbuilt with the paint. So, maintaining it is not a difficult task.

If you’re still planning to get a Krylon Fusion and looking for a good quality primer, then here goes our recommendation-

But for hassle-free applications, it’s quite obvious that Fusion gets an upper hand here.

3. Outlook & Rust Protection

Krylon Fusion and Krylon Colormaxx both provide quite good rust protection. But the quality isn’t the same on both.

Due to better adherence to tough surfaces, the fusion gives better rust protection. On the other hand, the rust protection of Colormaxx is not as good as fusion.

Talking about the outlook, both provide good finishing and sheen. But the Colormaxx gives a more shiny and glossy look. So, the outlook is more attractive when applied.

So, here both of them win in separate segments.

4. Drying Time & Usability

Drying time is another differentiating factor between Krylon Fusion and Krylon Colormaxx.

The Krylon Fusion all-in-one gets dry to touch within 20 minutes. But it takes 2 hours to fully dry to handle.

Now, the Krylon Colormaxx also gets dry to touch by 20 minutes. But it fully dries for handling within 1 hour. This time constraint is quick when compared to Fusion.

So, it can be said that, according to drying time, Colormaxx is the winner.

Regarding usability, both of them can be used in wood, metal, plastic surfaces, ceramic, etc. surfaces. But the usability of the Krylon Fusion is actually more. It can be used on PVC, hard vinyl, tile, wrought iron, etc. surfaces as well.

So, in terms of usability, the Krylon Fusion gets a clear margin of winning.

5. Price

When it is a popular brand it will cost a  bit extra. No matter if it’s gun brand Umarex or paints brand Kylon.

However, there is a subtle price gap between Krylon Fusion and Colormaxx.

The Krylon Fusion and Krylon Colormaxx both are almost identical in different aspects & functionalities. So, their pricing of them also belongs to a similar range.

However, the Krylon Fusion due to its added benefits costs a bit more than the Colormaxx. So, from the affordable price point of view, Krylon Colormaxx color wins here. But the price gap is not significantly different.

So, these were the 5 differentiating factors of Krylon Fusion & Colormaxx.

Final Decision: Which One Should You Pick

It’s hard to pick the best one from the two as both of them are excellent. But depending on your needs, you can choose one.

The Krylon Fusion is an all-in-one product. It can serve you in many ways. Such as Krylon Fusion for plastic, Krylon Fusion black, etc. And it’s made for applying on various rough & difficult surfaces.

But you may not need it if you’re painting on a smooth surface. Besides, it will cost you some extra bucks. On the other hand, the Colormaxx can provide you with a more glossy outlook costing less.

So, if you want better durability in harsh environments, you can go for the Krylon Fusion. Or else, if you think that your painting surface is quite good, you can purchase the Colormaxx.

Hope this will help you to make your purchase decision easier. But as always, the choice is yours. And don’t forget to remove the paint from the gun after finishing the work.


Can you trust the durability of Krylon Fusion?

Yes, you can trust the durability of Krylon Fusion. They provide best-in-class protection from rust with extreme adhesion on rough surfaces. So, they are very durable and trustworthy.

Can the Krylon Fusion withstand water?

The Krylon Fusion is not fully waterproof. They can last for a little time in the water, but there’s no guarantee. So, it’s recommended not to apply them on any surface that will stay underwater.

Is Krylon Fusion aquarium safe?

Yes, the Krylon Fusion is rated aquarium-safe when it’s dried. So, they don’t harm the fishes in the aquarium.

Are Krylon paints toxic?

All Krylon paints are rated non-toxic once they’ve dried. But it’s better not to take any risk for testing that. So, ingesting them is not recommended.

Do Krylon paints have VOC?

Krylon paints are currently manufacturing products with low VOC(volatile organic compounds). So, they won’t radiate much harmful gas to the environment.


Finally, we’re at the end of the Krylon Fusion vs. Colormaxx comparison. We nitpicked everything that we felt you should know.

Have a good look at your painting surface before purchasing any of the two. Stay safe and happy. That’s all for this time. Have a good time.

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