KWA ATP Not Working

KWA ATP Not Working- [Common Problems and Solutions]

Are you considering purchasing a KWA ATP? But you’re perplexed since you’re reading so many conflicting evaluations on the internet. Half of the individuals are discussing the positives, the other half are discussing the negatives. 

Before you buy the KWA ATP, you should learn everything about it. It will help determine the best decision.

Do you want to discover why is your KWA ATP not working?

KWA ATP offers a lot of wonderful features, but it also has drawbacks. You’ll find that after washing and assembling them, they don’t operate very well. Secondly, the recoil is inconsistent when using standard magazines. The valve o-rings will be removed. Next, the larger mag looks to work.

It was just a short brief of the problem. Do you want to learn more? This article contains all of the information you need to know about the KWA ATP.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go right to the bottom of the issue!

The KWA ATP Characteristics!

In this section, we’ll discuss the characteristics of KWA ATP. We’ll go through everything and then get into the problems.

Initial Thoughts

The box is typical of KWA. Around it is black and gray, with a styrofoam-packed pistol. In the box, there is lubrication, sachets, guarantee, label, hop key, and magazine. 

The adjustable handle, which comes with the other components, is exclusive to this rifle. 

The threaded orange barrel tip, Glock-style, and the lack of “safe action” are noticeable features.

Building Materials and Construction

The KWA ATP is built with a polymer frame and a metal slide. Its front sights are made of plastic and feature the standard white three-dot arrangement. The dots are clear and brilliant. 

Only friction keeps the front and rear sights in their dovetails. The barrel system is steel from the chamber to the threaded tip. So, the threaded tip is bright orange and plastic. 

We are not aware of any airsoft imitation suppressors that would fit this tip. The release guidance is made of plastic and contains only one trapped spring. The metal parts are mostly derived from the preceding KWA Glock 17 in the plastic frame.


KWA ATP is not that much complicated. A polymer-framed handgun with a three-dot targeting system and a capacity of 23+1. The pistol, as predicted, has a short barrel upfront for installing lasers or alights. 

The only distinguishing element is the adjustable backstrap. The rifle comes with one smaller backstrap and one bigger backstrap out of the package. This is comparable to the design of the present generation four Glocks. Another “benefit” is the capability to use Glock holsters.


One item struck my attention as we were looking at the gun’s mechanisms. The magazine’s new base plate is so wide. Because of that, it had to be removed partially before filling with Green Gas.

Another incentive is to switch to propane. The nozzle on the Airsoft Innovations propane connector is large. So it has to fill the magazines without needing to alter the baseplate. Also, you can’t leave the co2 in an airsoft gun

Goes Force on Force 

I’ve put it through 2 Force on Force sessions and messing around in the home. As long as I don’t skimp on ammo, I haven’t had any severe engine issues. 

I was concerned that it might fall after strenuous activities because it’s bigger than a holster. Despite the fact that it would print more because of the longer slide and grip. And after that, it remained securely in position. 

Unless you own a Glock or Smith & Wesson and are looking for a dependable airsoft handgun. Because you couldn’t do worse than this one.

These are all the characteristics KWA ATP has. According to the performance, it can go head to head with any popular brand like Condor. Let’s talk about the KWA ATP problems you can face when you start using it. 

The Problems KWA ATP Have

Now we’ll go over all of the problems one by one. So that if you want to buy the KWA ATP, you’ll be aware of it.

  • If you invested in KWA ATPs, you’ll face after cleaning, lubricating, and assembling. They don’t work well. 
  • Using regular magazines, the recoil is uneven. I removed the fill valve o-rings from a few magazines. So they fill properly with 5g-8g of propane if I shorten the overfill tube. 
  • The expanded mag appears to operate much better than the conventional mag. It has a snappier recoil and more rounds
  • When I warm the magazines up to 90 degrees, they produce a very quick recoil. 

I strengthened up the hammer springs with an additional twist, but at 65F. Only the extendo is constant, whereas the rest provides low recoil, back to poor recoil.

  • If I force the mag in, the slides clog up and the process becomes worse. There doesn’t appear to be anything broken. The cylinders seal properly, and I even attempted covering the connection type with a BB. So that all gas flows into recoil, which results in incredibly shallow and short recoil. But compared to other pistols it was tested in the same manner.
  • The normal magazines don’t appear to get as much expansion area. In that case, you should think about ordering some HPA fittings and hooking them up. To an air, pump seeing how both perform against extendo mag at a specific PSI. It’s also approximately 65 degrees inside, which shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Trigger bars are unquestionably troublesome. You can’t tell how much time you’ve wasted twisting and tweaking to have them locked. And then release the hammer’s sears properly. 
  • One is obstinate and will either not catch or early release the hammer. It will cause the flapper to become trapped above the hammer. Also unable to lock up without pulling the move back off.
  • In addition, two of the seven BBUs feature a longer lens bump. The longer gun works a little better with one of the guns. But that shouldn’t create a change.

The above problems are the most common KWA ATP problems. Now let’s get into the FAQ section.


What exactly does SSG imply in airsoft?

A typical airsoft gun has a sector gear that rotates. And pulls the spring backward before releasing it, allowing the BBs to exit the barrel. Because it only has teeth on one side, it is commonly referred to as single sector gear.

What’s the distinction between Speedsoft and Airsoft?

You’ll find a few distinctions between speed soft and airsoft. Although typical airsoft games tend to play in military loadouts, complete with strategic gear. And even ghillie suits, speed soft players frequently choose for a modest tryout. As the game needs fast movements, glides, jumps, and firing.

What exactly is an adaptable training pistol?

Adaptive Training Pistol is an automatic gas backfire pistol designed in partnership with enforcement activities. And it also provides army organizations with a reasonably safe and effective training instrument. The ATP is outfitted with KWA’s NS2 pump station for operation and sharp blowback recoil.

Summing Up

That concludes our guide on why is your KWA ATP not working. I’m sure you’re clear about it by now. Consider all you know before making a buying choice.

Despite the fact that KWA ATP has a 45-day guarantee and build quality is decent. You have 45 days to return it if you wish to.

Okay, folks best wishes on your purchase. Adios!

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