MK 18 Mod 0 vs Mod 1

MK 18 Mod 0 vs Mod 1: Which One to Choose?

MK 18 mod 0 and mod 1 are quite popular upper receivers. So, naturally, choosing between the two upper receivers can get quite confusing. 

So, which one to choose when it comes to MK 18 Mod 0 vs Mod 1

Both MK 18 Mod 0 and Mod 1 have a significant number of differences. When it comes to firing rate, MK 18 Mod 1 is better than Mod 0. At the same time, Mod 0 is more budget-friendly compared to Mod 1. However, Mod 0 features a better firing range. 

Here’s your magnifying glass. The quest begins. 

MK 18 Mod 0 vs Mod 1: A Quick Overview

Mod 0 means the two-piece railed hand-guard style with a fixed front sight post.

Mod 1 is free-floated and has that uber 0p3rator Daniel Defense style free-float handguard. No front sight post.

The difference between Mod 1 and Mod 0 may seem intimidating at first. But relax, it’s not that complicated like the differences between scar and hk416.

Now, let’s take a look at this table for a short overview:

Parameters MK 18 Mod 0MK 18 Mod 1
Fire rate250 rounds per minute700 to 900 rounds per minute
Range2200 yards 300 yards
Mag capacity300130
Firing modeSemi + Full automaticSafety + Single + Full-Auto
Weight 2600g3210g
Inner Barrel Length260mm280mm
Muzzle Velocity 400 FPS350 ~ 380 FPS
Caliber6mm Airsoft6mm Airsoft

Now, let’s get into the details!

MK 18 Mod 0 vs Mod 1: A Thorough Comparison

The US Navy developed the Close Quarter Battle Receiver as a replacement upper receiver for the M4A1 Carbine. 

The CQBR has a 10.3-inch barrel, which makes it much more compact, making it easier to use in and around vehicles, as well as in tight, limited situations.


Price is a big factor when it comes to choosing between two items. You can only buy something that’s within your budget.

Receivers tend to be not as pricey as aoeg scopes. So, you shouldn’t worry that much! 

In general, MK 18 Mod 0 costs around $173 to $199, whereas Mod 1 costs $542 to $795. If you have financial concerns, it’s wiser to go with MK 18 Mod 0 rather than Mod 1.

Technically both the receivers get the job done. So, you get the most bang for your buck with the Mod 0 model.  

Fire Rate

The fire rate of a weapon refers to how quickly it can shoot or launch projectiles. RPM (rounds per minute) or RPS (rounds per second) are the most used units of measurement.

With a fire rate of 700~900 rpm, MK 18 Mod 1 outperforms MK 18 Mod 0 in terms of fire rate. So, if you want a receiver with a higher fire rate then Mod 1 should be your pick. 


In terms of effective range, MK 18 Mod 0 has a seven-fold advantage over MK 18 Mod 1. So, if you want a receiver that can cover more distance then look into Mod 0. 

Magazine Capacity

MK 18 Mod 0 has twice the ammunition capacity of the MK 18 Mod 1.

Firing Mode

Now, the main difference between the two guns comes down to their exterior appearance. 

The MK 18 Mod 0 is a semi and fully automated gun, whereas Mod 1 is a single and fully automated gun


MK 18 Mod 0 weighs 2600g, whereas Mod 1 weighs 3210g.

MK 18 Mod 0 has better mobility because it is 610g lighter than the MK 18 Mod 1. 


MK 18 Mod 0 is 640mm long, whereas Mod 1 is 720mm extended.

MK 18 Mod 1 has an 80mm length advantage over MK 18 Mod 0. 

Inner Barrel Length

MK 18 Mod 0 barrel length is 260mm long, whereas MK18 Mod 1 barrel length is 280mm extended.

So, MK 18 Mod 0 has a 20mm length advantage over MK 18 Mod 1.

Muzzle Velocity

MK 18 Mod 0 has a muzzle velocity of 400 FPS. 

On the other hand,  Mod 1 has 350 ~ 380 FPS. 

MK 18 Mod 0 has a velocity of 20 ~ 50 FPS advantage over MK 18 Mod 1.


Both MK 18 Mod 0 and Mod 1 have the same 6mm airsoft caliber. So, both of the receivers don’t vary much in this regard.  

MK 18 Mod 0 or Mod 1- Which one to choose? 

We’re almost done with our chat. Now is the moment to make a choice. 

It’s pretty okay if you’re not sure about your option right now. Let’s review the facts once more. 

If you want something inexpensive, you can go for MK 18 Mod 0, which is comparatively cost-efficient. 

Also, if you are concerned about firing range, MK 18 Mod 0 is undoubtedly a better pick. Mod 0 has a seven times better firing range. 

Want something more belligerent? MK 18 Mod 1 is for you with a 700~900 rounds per minute fire rate. It has a comparatively better firing rate than MK 18 Mod 0. But it’ll be a bit expensive.


Does Handguard Make Your MK 18 More Efficient?

Yes, a handguard will make your MK 18 more efficient. The handguard comprises a high-quality aluminum alloy. This alloy is impact and wear-resistant as it’s made to allow the operator to hold the gun’s front. Using a handguard on your MK 18 will undoubtedly improve your mobility.

Can You Use a Rail Interface System on Your MK 18?

Yes, you can use the rail interface system on your MK 18. You may acquire a Rail Interface System for your MK 18 to focus on accuracy.

Is MK 18 Mjölnir Better Than Mod 0 or Mod 1?

Yes, MK 18 Mjölnir outperforms MK 18 Mod 0 and Mod 1 in inefficiency. MK 18 Mod 1 is a semi-automatic rifle with long-range capability. However, MK 18 Mjölnir surpasses both semi-automatic rifles in long-range shooting. 


That’s all on MK 18 Mod 1 vs MK 18 Mod 0 on a broad scale. We hope the information helped make your selection.

Last but not least! Check your gun thoroughly before purchasing it. Also, purchase with your specifications in mind.

That’s all from us. Happy purchasing.

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