Nerf Crossbow Won’t Fire

Nerf Crossbow Won’t Fire: 3 Reasons Why!

Imagine you purchased a Nerf crossbow from Amazon and it finally arrives. All that hype for it, yet, once you have it all set up, it refuses to fire. And that must be such a buzzkill. 

So are you wondering why your nerf crossbow won’t fire?

Often the problem of nerf crossbows not firing lies with the nerf darts. Sometimes they are too loose. Other times, they aren’t the right ones for your device. But the issue could also lie with your crossbow’s cocking device. On another note, your trigger might also be jammed due to broken springs.

However, you don’t need to worry too much! Because we have a solution to all these problems explained in this piece. 

Just keep reading to learn more about these fixes!

What’s Causing Your Nerf Crossbow to Hold Fire?

If you own a Nerf crossbow, you know how fun they are to use! However, sometimes we all run into some problems with our toy guns. And in one of those times, perhaps your crossbow refuses to fire.


This might make you want to pull the guts out of your crossbow. But it’s important to see if your problems have an easy fix first. So what’s causing your Nerf gun to not fire? Let’s find out!

Problem 1: The Nerf Darts

There are a bunch of reasons for your crossbow to not fire. But some of the more common issues are actually related to the Nerf darts. 

So what is up with these Nerf darts that are so problematic?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have anything to do with the caliber of your Nerf darts.

Reason 1: Air Pressure in Dart Chambers

For some reason, your nerf crossbow chambers aren’t getting enough air pressure. As a result, your nerf crossbow won’t fire the nerf darts. And that’s probably because your nerf darts are loose. 


To begin, ensure that you’ve pushed your Nerf darts into their respective chambers fully. Take extra care to make sure that they are not loose.

But say you can’t fit the darts into their chambers tightly. That means that some other fixes are still required. 

First, check if there’s anything that’s acting as an obstacle in your Nerf dart chambers. Then check for any missing gum which could be causing another hold-up. 

All you have to do is remove these obstructions, and you should be good to go!

Reason 2: Non-specific Darts Being Used

Sometimes we tend to use similar-looking darts for our Nerf crossbows. However, these other darts aren’t always compatible with your toy gun. That might be the reason why your nerf darts are bursting out of their socket.

Even if the darts are provided by Nerf. Because they need to be specific to the Nerf product that you’re using.


Simply check if the darts you are using are compatible with your Nerf product. Because not all nerf darts are going to be a perfect fit for your crossbow chambers. 

If they aren’t compatible, or specific to the product, then you might need to get new darts. Or ask Nerf to replace the other ones for you.

So if the issue lies with your darts, they should be resolved now. 

Problem 2: Crossbow Won’t Cock

You seem unable to cock Nerf crossbow. As a result, you’re unable to fire your toy gun. What’s causing this to happen?

Reason 1: Cocking Mechanism 

So basically, the cocking device in your Nerf crossbow is probably working fine. And you might just not be pulling back the cocking device far enough. 


This is another simple fix. Pull back your cocking device as far back as you can first. Basically, far enough without getting the slide dislodged from its position. 

You should hear a locking sound. That means your cocking mechanism is now locked and you should be able to fire your crossbow.

Reason 2: Cocking Mechanism Won’t Lock

If your crossbow got hit against a rough surface. As a result, the crossbow cocking device is broken. Or the springs in it anyway. 


If you’re wondering how you could fix your broken cocking device, worry not. You can easily solve this problem by replacing it.

Problem 3: Jammed Trigger

Sometimes your nerf gun won’t fire due to a jammed trigger problem. But just because you have a jammed trigger, doesn’t mean you have to get it replaced. 

Reason: Misplaced or Missing Gun Parts

Sometimes when your toy gun gets broken, it’s possible that parts of it fall off. That or, they could end up getting dislodged inside your device. As a result, your Nerf gun trigger will get jammed. 


Now, in most cases, trigger jamming is caused by a broken spring. All you need to do is get a substitute spring. But make sure it has a size and shape similar to the one that got broken. 

Simply replacing the spring should solve your crossbow not firing issue

Here are some reliable spring sets you could get to replace your Nerf crossbow trigger spring:

I hope they come in handy!

But what if you pull apart your crossbow and realize that the spring isn’t the issue? 

In that case, for any missing parts, you’ll need to get them replaced particularly. And make sure to remove any dislodged parts and put them back in place.


What If It’s Not Possible to Repair It by Yourself?

You should be able to resolve most of the crossbow problems on your own. 

However, it is possible that some of those problems may be irreparable to you. And you might want to have an expert technician look into it instead. 

But it is possible that you’re still struggling with your crossbow despite all the troubleshooting. Well, it might be a good time to get a replacement!

2 Tips to Maintain Your Nerf Crossbow

Nerf crossbows usually employ a spring in the trigger area. And it’s actually pretty simple to maintain spring-based Nerf guns.

Tip 1: Try Not to Dry-Fire Your Crossbow

Dry-firing is basically shooting your Nerf crossbow without filling the dart chambers with any darts. But it has a problem. And that is it causes the head of the plunger to constantly hit the barrel post. 

As a result, that will cause it to weaken over time. And it might even make it break. Besides this, it also creates a lot of stress in the spring. Which will certainly cause your crossbow to wear out.

So try to avoid any dry-firing. And that way your Nerf crossbow should work well for a long time without repair.

Tip 2: Don’t Keep the Clip Loaded While Storing

If you’re storing away your Nerf crossbow, try not to keep its clip loaded. This will cause your spring to stay compressed and under stress for a while. 

As a result, your spring will weaken and be more prone to breaking.


So if you don’t intend to use your Nerf crossbow anytime soon, why keep it loaded? Simply load it up when you’re about to use it instead!


How far can a Nerf crossbow shoot?

A Nerf crossbow can shoot darts up to a distance of around 30 meters roughly. Which is close to about 100 feet. That is a great distance and certainly makes the Nerf crossbows fun toy guns to own. 

Can a Nerf crossbow ruin my TV?

If you’re not careful, a Nerf crossbow can certainly ruin your TV. Given that you start shooting your Nerf darts at it. It can actually ruin your TV screen, and that will cost a lot in repairs.

Which Nerf Crossbow is the most powerful one?

The most powerful nerf crossbow is the Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow. It is one of the largest Nerf crossbows. And it comes with 2 arrows which let out a whistling noise when they are fired. Plus it also comes with a target. The best thing about it is that it can fire arrows up to 105 feet. 


That’s about all we had on why your nerf crossbow won’t fire. Hope we were able to help you resolve your firing issue!

It’s important to handle your Nerf gun with care so that it doesn’t get broken! 

Either way, be safe and have a happy shooting! Until next time!

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