Nerf Dart vs Ball

Nerf Dart vs Ball: Which One is Better?

Nerf as a company is stepping their games up. With the Nerf ball, they took it a level further. Again, the Nerf dart is gaining huge popularity.

So you might be wondering which one is better between Nerf Dart vs Ball?

For starters, Nerf ball was built for kids above 14. And for outdoor gameplay it is perfect. However, kids above 7 can enjoy playing with Nerf darts. Nerf darts have a longer range than Nerf balls too. But, Nerf balls are more efficient in accuracy and velocity. 

These all can seem confusing. Well, fear not! We will walk you through every important aspect of each category. So, you can make a better decision.

Let’s jump into our topic!

Quick Overview

In the era of Nerf Elite darts vs regular, many are buying Nerf Ball as ammo. Nerf dart and Nerf ball both require different guns to be used. Recently, Nerf Hyper has earned a fair bit of a name in the market.

Regardless of everything, Nerf darts vs ball is a hot topic for now to discuss. Let’s get started with a quick overview.

Differentiating FactorsNerf DartsNerf Ball
AvailabilityAmazon or Nerf dealerAmazon or Nerf dealer
Dimension1.75 x 6.15 x 9.13 inches1.75 x 2.56 x 7.81 inches
Materials UsedCell-foamHigh Impact Foam
Refill SizePacks of 10 up to 250Packs of 25 to 200

These are the primary factors between Nerf dart and ball. However, there is more to it. So, let’s jump right into in-depth comparisons.

In-Depth Comparison

Nerf darts are famous old-school ammo for Nerf blasters. But, with the introduction of Nerf Rival vs Hyper in the market, different ammo is available. This ammo is termed Nerf Ball.

How much different is the ammo actually? To answer that, let’s go through a head-to-head comparison.


The most popular toy gun brand is Nerf. It doesn’t matter if you like Nerf Blasters, Nerf Rival, or Nerf Hyper.

Both Nerf darts and Nerf balls can be purchased on Amazon or at local toy stores.

Size and Shape

Nerf Ultra is 1.75 x 6.15 x 9.13 inches in size. Darts have built-in fins on the bottom.  Darts’ heads contain two small vertical holes near the tip. The heads have a dome-like shape to them.

Nerf Ball is 1.75 x 2.56 x 7.81 inches in size. The name itself is self-explanatory of how it shapes. However, Hyper rounds are a third of the size of Rival rounds. This implies that instead of 25, each blaster may hold 100 HYPER rounds. Also, Nerf balls have dimples pressed in themselves for better aerodynamics.

Materials Used

Most Nerf darts these days are built out of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA). However, some old darts are still manufactured under Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). Both materials are good but EVA offers more durability.

Nerf ball is made out of high-impact foam. This is the key element for high-speed firing velocity.


Nerf darts use cell foam as a material. Which lasts for about 8 years according to Nerf.

Nerf balls have better durability than Nerf darts. Because of the high-impact force and the shape of the ammo, it absorbs contract better. So, it gets damaged less than Nerf darts.

Colors Available

Nerf darts mainly come in two different colors for Nerf Ultra. These are black and orange or yellow and orange. On the other hand, Nerf Elite has a few more color schemes. However, the main and widely available color is black and blue.

Nerf balls are also available in a few colors. Some popular color schemes for this nerf ball are green, red, yellow, blue, and orange.


Nerf darts have several variants. To satisfy a wide variety of consumers, Nerf has decided to shift its focus to Nerf Ultra and Nerf Elite. The two variants can be used in 30 and more Nerf Blasters series.

On the other hand, Nerf Ball also focuses on two different variants. One is Nerf Rival and another one is Nerf Hyper. 

Refill Size

Nerf darts come in packs of 5 to 250 packs. Nerf non-licensed darts company allows you to choose refill size as you need.

The same goes for Nerf balls. However, the official Nerf ball refill comes with a loaded canister. This helps to reload the gun smoothly and fastly.


To evaluate performance there’s a common question that we need to address. Which nerf gun shoots the farthest? 

The undisputed champion is Nerf Ultra One Blaster loaded with Nerf Ultra darts. The range of it is 120 feet! However, Nerf Hyper loaded with Nerf balls has a range of 110 feet. So, either way, both are impressive.

Nevertheless, troubleshooting of Nerf Ultra One may be required as some common problems can arise. 

Moving on, let’s talk about accuracy. 

Nerf dart is light weighted and materials are maximum cell-foam based. So, winds can easily make a target hit hard. But, Nerf balls are made out of high-impact foam. For this reason, targets can easily be hit at a higher speed or velocity too.

Which is Better Between Nerf Dart Or Ball?

Before we give our verdict there is a basic thing we should mention. Firstly, Nerf Rival or Nerf hyper guns are too heavy for 7-year-old children. Nerf has advised people of 14+ age to use it.

So, which is better? Well for starters if you are looking for more indoor-friendly games, then go for Nerf dart. Because Nerf balls can damage your household stuff. And Nerf darts are perfect for kids.

However, for better gameplay and action, Nerf ball is the winner. Not only can it deliver a competitive based game, but it is also made for outdoor sports. So, activities surrounding Nerf ball have their advantages too.

Although, be careful! Playing with a Nerf ball can leave bruises on your body.


Is it Possible to Modify Nerf Guns?

Yes, it is possible to modify Nerf guns. There are plenty of official and third-party manufacturers bringing in cool features. These features can be added to your gun easily.

Which is the Rarest Nerf Gun?

The N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 is the rarest Nerf gun. It was released in 2010. However, no official or sealed product of this gun can’t be found.

Do Nerf Guns need Batteries to Operate?

Almost all nerf guns need batteries for cool features and basic stuff. However, pump-action Nerf guns require no battery to operate.


We hope through this article you’ll get a brief idea between Nerf Dart vs Ball. Depending on your playing style, you should choose the best ammo.

That’s all from us. For any queries comment down below!

Have fun!

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