Nerf Gun Darts Popping Out

Nerf Gun Darts Popping Out: 2 Major Reasons & Solutions

It is really fun playing with nerf guns and all. These are enough for you to have a refreshing and competitive time with your pals. But the thing that annoys you is the darts popping out.

So, why are nerf gun darts popping out?

Nerf gun darts may pop out for a number of reasons. The first and most common reason for this is a load of gun darts improperly. Another reason for this could be the trigger not being pulled back properly. Other than these two, there might be many other little issues responsible for this.

Thinking it is enough for you to understand? Well, keep reading to know all about it as we have got here.

So, get started right away!

Why Do Nerf Gun Darts Pop Out?

There could be a couple of reasons for darts popping out like the picture below. The reasons could be obvious at times but some are exceptional too. 

Source: Reddit

Because some of the issues feel like the other way around. That is, the reasons might seem too unusual for this that you are not well aware of.

So, take a look here as we have discussed the reasons here. We have also got the solutions here in brief. But for the long-term solutions read along to the next segments.

Reason 1: Loading The Gun Darts Improperly

The very first and obvious reason for this is not loading the dart properly. If you are using the Nerf gun darts for the first time, it might be a common issue. 

And that is where you lack the darts not to pop out. Remember that loading the dart properly is important just like the grip and distance while shooting.

This can also happen if there is a problem with the nerf screw size. So, this is one of the reasons why Nerf gun darts pop out!

Quick Solution

Since the problem is quite common, the solution is simple too. Just make sure that you load the darts properly. 

If you planning on arranging a Nerf gun party like this one-

Ensure the darts are loaded properly.

If you are not sure, you can always look up the manual’s instructions. It is always better to ask the seller about this. They can explain this quite easily.

Reason 2: Trigger Not Pulled Back Properly

This one might sound unusual to some people. But the trigger not pulled properly can be a reason for Nerf gun darts popping out

You actually need to exert the required force to pull back the trigger properly. The trigger needs to be pulled back far enough before shooting the darts.

Source: Nerf Point

And if you fail to do so, there might be an ejection or popping out problems. 

Quick Solution

The first solution to this is exerting proper pressure and force. And make sure that the barrel obstructions are clear. 

Take off the barrel and give a close look at it. There might be dust at times that creates problems for the Nerf gun. You can try using a handheld air blower to blow off the dust.

Here are some-

Or take a clean cloth and wipe it off. If you want, you may also dampen the cloth a bit. But do not take too much water so that the Nerf gun gets wet.

So, these are the main reasons and quick solutions to them. But remember that there might be some other small factors as well.

Other than the small factors, there might be big issues too. And choosing an unfit motor might be one of them.

However, this is generally not a common mistake if you are not an amateur.

Few Things to Follow for Nerf Gun Darts Not Pop-Out

Here are a few things that could help you with the darts in the long term. Take a look here.

Procedure 1: Tighten the Grip of Gun Darts

You can use a hairdryer for this. And you most probably have one at your house. 

  • To begin, set the hairdryer to medium heat. This may vary depending on the hairdryer you use. But do not set the heat at the maximum. 
  • Second, you’ll need to locate a pillowcase. And toss the defective darts into the case bottom. Place the dryer in the other top half of the room. 
  • Then, for seconds–no more than 30–allow it to flow hot air. It is critical that the pillowcase not be closed. 
  • Allow the air to gather within like a windsock, circulating out as it comes in. Check the darts in the pistol after they have chilled for around 2 minutes. 
  • Examine the barrel to see if they’ve strengthened their grip. And you will definitely see that the darts have strengthened that making them not pop out.

Procedure 2: Cosmetic Fixes

You know Nerf gun darts popping out is not uncommon. Allowing the glue to dry for a couple of seconds prior to adding it is the key. 

You risk putting molten pits on the foam if you don’t. To prevent this, spread the adhesive using a stick or other applicator first. After that, spread it out. 

This could take some practice, but if you get specialty tipped darts, this might be worthwhile. 

It must be warned that superglue and other binding adhesives can cause your foam to melt. Stick to the tried-and-true hot glue or Elmer’s glue.

So, these are the procedures to follow to prevent darts not popping out.

What Are The Do’s for Darts’ Damage Prevention?

You may know that darts are almost unavoidable to be damaged. But you may still take care of them to get their best lifespan. 

Because you must not want to throw the darts once you just use them for a single time. Thus, preventing the darts from a few things can be helpful for this.

Remember playing with Nerf gun darts is fun. But do not just leave them idle anywhere after you shoot them. 

Especially, make sure that you do not keep this somewhere where these can be stepped randomly. You must make sure that they are not mishandled anyway.

Sometimes, the darts are visible to babies and children. And this can actually be risky for them. 

There are many possible accidents that may occur to babies while playing with darts. So, make sure you keep these off the babies or children’s reach. 

Do not forget to store your gun darts somewhere safe until you use them. And once you are done playing, remove them from the barrels. 

This can help the darts not to be loose when loaded before shooting them.

So, these are a few dos that you can follow for your gun darts.

Remember that you can use a dart rover for Nerf gun darts. This would help you to gather the darts together when you are done playing.

Source: YouTube

These work similarly to the mops when you clean your floor.

Now, thinking about buying a dart rover like this? Do not worry. We have here our favorite pickups for you.

Hope this helps!


Are there any major issues with my Nerf gun as darts pop out?

No, there are no major issues with your Nerf gun if the darts pop out. You already know the possible reasons why this may happen. But if you see that you can not fix the issues anyway, there might be a problem. In that case, you might need to change the Nerf gun.

Why are there holes in the Nerf darts?

The compacted area in the rubber is created by markings on the head. Some models that depend on a hole are less precise than these sorts of darts. This allows gasses to pass during contact pressure. Third-party firms produce a large number of waffle-head darts to be used with Nerf blasters.

Can I use my Nerf gun darts again?

Yes, you can use the Nerf gun darts again after you use them. But do not forget to give it a quick clean before you reuse it. Take a mug of warm water and wipe off the darts gently. This would help to take off the existing ink from the message. When these darts dry off, they are ready to be used again.

The Final Words

Now you know why you see nerf gun darts popping out! We tried to present the information easily so that you understand.

As a result, we suppose you are now clear with the concern you were having. And if you have any confusion left, read it again.

All the best.

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