Nerf Mega Dart Size

Nerf Mega Dart Size: [Everything There Is to Know!]

Nerf mega darts are one of the very first nerf darts. These were mostly used in the late 19th century to early 20th century. To this date, they are very popular. 

Mega darts are very popular and you may be trying to buy them. However, If you’re buying nerf mega darts, you may be confused with the sizes.

So, what is the nerf mega dart size?

Firstly, carefully choose the right-sized nerf mega darts. Regarding the size, there is weight, length (3.65”), diameter (0.75”), and refill sizes. There are different color schemes & compatible Nerf blasters. Finally, using the wrong dart size may result in weight & dart issues.

This was only a briefing of the article. Read the article fully to understand the sizes better.

So, let’s get right into it!

Why is it Importance to Choose the Right Size Darts?

It is important to know the factors at play when choosing the size of darts. Especially, choosing mega dart size is critical since it has to be compatible as well. 

Choosing the right-sized & compatible mega darts can enhance your nerf gun experience immensely!

It is a common misbelief that nerfs mega darts are compatible with every nerf gun. In reality, they are compatible Nerf guns that use nerf mega darts.

Along with the nerf mega darts sizes, it’s also important to know the caliber of nerf darts

Now, let’s take a look at the nerf mega dart sizes.

Nerf Mega Dart Sizes

Since we’re looking at the sizes, you might ask what are the best nerf darts? I’ve mentioned below some of the best nerf mega darts. Additionally, I have included every nerf dart size.

Generally, the nerf mega darts have refill sizes ranging from 10-50. Among them, the most used sizes are 10 and 15. There are a lot of nerf mega darts out there. They have similar weight, length, and diameter.

Have a look at the table for nerf dart size comparison

The length and diameter are given in inches here, and the weight is in grams. Even if there is ‘mega’ on it, the mega darts don’t weigh that much!

You can select the refill sizes according to your needs. If you’re getting confused by all these measurements here, you can ignore them. Just select the variant you want to use. 

Among these nerf mega darts, some darts are discontinued. So it’ll be tough to find some of these darts in the nerf store near you. They can be pricey as well!

Nerf Blasters Which Are Compatible with Nerf Mega Darts

When nerf makes a dart lineup, that dart can be used in many guns. They make it available to provide the darts at a cheap rate. Accordingly, you can use the nerf mega darts in many nerf guns models & blasters.

Source: Twitter

Here is a list of nerf blasters which are compatible with nerf mega darts-

  • ArmorShot
  • Sharpshooter
  • SplitFire
  • Strongarm
  • Switch Shots (Ultra, Super & Max)
  • Chainblazer
  • Crossbow
  • Eagle Eye
  • Laser Fang
  • Razorbeast
  • Sawtooth
  • Sharpshooter II

Feel free to use the nerf mega darts on these blasters. They will be good to go! Additionally, elite nerf darts have been used with these blasters.

Nerf mega darts vs elite darts has been always a hyped debate. The compatibility between them has always been questioned. Nerf users have asked if it’s possible to interchange these darts. The truth is, you can fit elite darts inside of mega darts.

Although they can be interchanged, it’s not recommended. You may face difficulty removing darts after that. 

And let’s be honest, nerf darts getting stuck is very common among nerf users. A pair of tweezers is the most efficient when removing stuck darts.

For your convenience, here is a list of good quality tweezers out there-

You can pick these tweezers to get out of the annoying ‘stuck dart’ situation!

Nerf Mega Dart Color Schemes

Along with the many darts options, nerf also provides options for aesthetics. The nerf mega darts come in various colors. Some of the color schemes are out of the best color combinations.

Here are some popular color schemes for the nerf mega darts-

  • Black body & orange head (the original nerf dart color)
  • Dark orange body & black head
  • ​Red body & black head
  • Yellow body & purple head
  • Blue body & red head

From this list, go for your preferred color scheme. Although it depends on the availability. Buying different color schemes in small volumes can add funky vibes to your nerf experience. 

Feel free to get creative!

The Consequences of Using A Wrong Dart Size

Some of the nerf darts can work with other gun models. So you might ask, do all nerf darts work with every model? The answer is, no.

The consequences of choosing the wrong mega dart size are explained below.

Darts Popping out of The Gun

The wrong size may cause the nerf darts to pop out of the gun. If the size is too big, you might have problems with the darts fitting in. On the other hand, the size may be too small. As a result, the darts may pop out. 

Source: Reddit

Some people also use knockoff nerf darts. The reason is they are cheap. Most of the cheap things come with cheap quality. Knockoff darts can also misfit. 

So, it is better to look out for size compatibility when choosing dart size.

Weight Issue

This is an overlooked issue that can happen when you use the wrong size. If you use a size larger than you need, the gun might get heavy. Regarding accuracy, heavy guns won’t be more accurate than light guns.

Let’s say you’re using nerf mega XL darts on a regular nerf gun. The gun will get heavy by using XL darts. And also the darts may start popping out of the gun; as stated before.

So it’s always a big no for using the wrong dart sizes for nerf guns.


What is the most accurate Nerf dart?

By far, Nerf AccuStrike Elite darts are the most accurate darts. The darts are very accurate and very speedy. Nerf AccuStrike Elite darts are compatible with many nerf guns. This means Zombie Strike, AccuStrike Elite, and N-Strike Elite are compatible with these. However, they are pricey.

What is the rarest Nerf gun?

N-strike Longstrike CS-6 is by far the rarest gun. That is if you want to find it as a brand new, inside box. This nerf gun was released back in 2010 and it’s a sniper rifle. It can launch nerf darts to a very long distance. Since automatic nerf rifles are more popular, this sniper became rare.

Do Nerf darts whistle?

Yes, the nerf darts do whistle while they’re being shot in the air. The collision of the air and the hole inside the darts is the reason. The darts have been designed to do a whistling sound. It’s to level the playing field between all players. Enemies can stay alert by hearing the whistling sound. 

Wrapping up

Hopefully, now you know the correct nerf mega dart size. This article can guide you to pick the mega dart size greatly.

If the gun isn’t accepting any sizes, the dart drum/holder may be damaged. You can fix that or buy a new nerf gun!

All the best!

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