Nerf Mega Mastodon Not Working

Nerf Mega Mastodon Not Working [8 Problems Solved]

Nerf Mega Mastodon is a monster of a gun that carries 24 darts altogether. It’s heavy and powerful. But it can still give you trouble because of many reasons. And getting interrupted while having fun with your friends can be frustrating. 

So, what could be the reasons behind your nerf mega mastodon not working?

There are different troubleshooting guides for nerf mega mastodon problems. Wrongly inserted batteries are a common problem. So, first set the batteries properly. Jammed darts are another issue that occurs often that can be problematic. Remove the jam door and lock it to overcome this issue.

Confused? Don’t worry! We got you a whole troubleshooting guide on this topic. Interested to know more?

Then let’s get started right away!

Mega Mastodon Working Mechanism

There are a lot of problems you might face while using your Mega Mastodon. But before diagnosing your nerf you need to understand how it functions. Then it will be easier for you to find the problem and act upon it.

The Mega Mastodon is a spinning blaster that works automatically. It comes with a big, built-in dart barrel that can contain up to twenty-four projectiles at a time. It contains three tactical rows of blasters. Two are long and one is short.

The number of nerf mega mastodon bullets is one of the highest among other guns.

The long ones are set on the top side of the blaster. And the short one is at the bottom in front of the cylinder. It also includes a carrying handle.

The provided shoulder band can be attached to dual strap points. Looking for more gear? Then Condor is a good brand to buy from. One can be found at the very front of the topmost tactical top row. And the other one is at the very end of the blaster.

Now let’s head on to the next segment which is the possible problems on Mega Mastodon.

What Goes Wrong And What to Do? – 8 Troubleshooting Guide

A lot of things can go wrong while some of the issues are very common. But don’t worry! Solving them can be as easy as playing with the nerf gun. So let’s check them out.

  1. Batteries Inserted Incorrectly

This is one of the most common reasons. The Mega Mastodon required 6 D batteries. The nerf mega mastodon not powering up can be the reason for this problem. If the batteries aren’t inserted correctly then it won’t start. 

Here are some good 6D battery recommendations for you-

On the top of the backside, you will see the nerf mega mastodon battery compartment. It will have two screws. Remove the screws and pull out the cover.

There you can see the batteries. Check if the batteries are inserted correctly. If they are then move on to the next problem. 

You can also take help from the nerf mega mastodon instruction manual.

  1. Corroded Contact Point of Battery Tray

Since you have removed the batteries, check the contact point of the battery tray. If the contact points are corroded it will prevent the connection. So what if they are corroded.

Don’t worry! You can remove them easily with the help of rubbing alcohol. Take cotton and put some rubbing alcohol on it. It’s safe for your device because it doesn’t leave any moisture on it. Also, it will remove the corrosion.

You can also use lemon and vinegar to remove the corrosion. Once the corrosion is removed, put back the battery cover and screw it.

Your Mega Mastodon should work fine now.

  1. Jammed Dart

Darts getting jammed can be seen often. Also, nerf ultra 3 jammed darts are also common. So no need to get sad about it.

When we compared Nerf ultra and elite with Mastodon, it was not a problem for those series. But even if it does, then nerf ultra one repair was kind of similar.

You can solve it in a minute. On the left side of the gun, you will see the jam door. It’s placed just below the engraved name Mastodon.

Remove the jam door and look for the jammed dart. If you see a dart stuck inside the barrel pull it out. And you’ve done it.

Close the jam door and start firing.

  1. Open and Close the Jam Door

If you have removed a jammed dart you may not have closed the jam door properly. In cases like that check if the jam door is closed properly.

Sometimes even after closing the jam door, it might not be registered as closed. If that occurs a simple solution is to open and close the jam door.

It has been proven to have worked for many users.

  1. Bad Wiring

The Mega Mastodon has a lot of wiring inside. Check if the wearings are in place and working. Disassemble the Mastodon by unscrewing all the screws of the gun. After unscrewing every screw gently pull away the upper half of the gun.

Check the wiring. Look for disconnected connections. If you see any disconnected wires, then connect them back. Once you have all the connections back in place.

Check if the moton turns on by pressing the trigger. If the motor is running then you can put back everything as it was. Then get back to nerfing.

  1. Burnt Motor

The motor can get burnt if the trigger is pressed while having a jammed dart. Anyone can mistakenly keep pressing the trigger even when it’s jammed.

It can definitely burn your motor. And if that’s the case the only way out is to replace it. Kids still love Nerf guns and you can’t change that.

If it’s your kid then give him a guide on how to use nerf mega mastodon. That will hopefully prevent them from burning the motor of the gun again.

Also if you are intending to replace the motor, you might need to rewire too.

  1. Manufacturing Defect

Even though it’s rare, your Mega Mastodon might be defective. If you have bought a new Mastodon and checked for all the possible problems. If and still doesn’t work, then it has to have a manufacturing defect.

If this happens, contact the distributor immediately and ask for a replacement. If you can’t get a replacement or refund then look for alternatives. Check out guides like how to fix nerf mega mastodon and try to fix it.

  1. Trigger Problem

You may be wondering how to fix a nerf gun trigger. But in fact, this is the easiest problem to solve. Your trigger might have been disconnected. Disassemble the gun and look for the connection. If there is a problem then fix it.

Your trigger might also have other problems like getting stuck or jammed. If there is any foreign object stuck inside of the trigger then remove it.

Now let’s head onto the FAQ section.


How is Nerf Glowshot?

The Nerf Glowshot has considered one of the worst nerf guns. It’s very simple and the shooting power is very poor. It needs troubleshooting often. Even though it looks good and can be an attractive gun, it’s not that great. But on the other hand, it’s also super cheap so getting it isn’t that bad.

Can I mod my Mega Mastodon?

Yes, you can definitely mod your Meha Mastodon. Modding is something that everyone likes. People spend hundreds behind modding their favorite nerf gun. Disassemble the gun and then mod your Mega Mastodon. Modding like rewiring or paint jobs are very common among Mega Mastodon users.

How often do I need to change the batteries of Mega Mastodon?

How often you need to change the batteries depends on your usage. But in general, you need to change the batteries quite often in comparison to other guns. Mega Mastodon is quite heavy on the batteries because of its powerful motor. So it is preferable that you use reusable or rechargeable batteries for your gun.


We come to the end of our guide on why is your nerf mega mastodon not working. We hope that this article brought value to you.

If you have any further queries do let us know in the comments!

Hope to see you at the next one. Happy Nerfing!

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