Nerf Modulus Evader Motor Not Working

Nerf Modulus Evader Motor Not Working: 3 Problem Solved

Nerf makes tons of powerful blasters and modulus evader is one of them. Modulus Evader became quite famous quickly. However, with the popularity, came tons of different problems too!

A major problem of the modulus arises with its motor. Users complain too often about the motor. If you are one of those users, I can understand your situation.

It’s frustrating to see your nerf modulus evader motor not working!

The main problem with the nerf modulus motor does not start at all. While the lights work, the motor does nothing. This issue mostly occurs due to not snapping all the pieces together. Users forget to piece all of them together and think the motor is the culprit. However, there are other problems.

You might be getting curious about the other issues.

For you, I’ve discussed everything one by one. Have a read!

Getting to Know About Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader

Before we move on to motor problems, I think you need something else. And that is knowing more about the gun you are trying to fix. That’s why, here, you’ll get to know some interesting facts about nerf evaders.

Source: Reddit

When you’re picking up the gun with your left hand, you might feel a bit uneasy. Do you know why? Because the gun is made with right-handed nerf lovers in mind!

Also, the gun has three slots to hang a strap to easily carry the gun. After sticking a strap, you’ll get a better performance out of it.

When it comes to performance, the darts leave the gun with a zoom! Can you believe that the average speed of the darts is around 73fps! That’s actually quite insane and lethal for stock nerf darts.

There’s a lot more that can be said about this special nerf gun. However, these won’t matter when you can’t even start the motor. 

So, let’s go ahead to discuss your motor problems!

Common Nerf Modulus Evader Motor Problems

I know you’ve waited long enough. Now, you’ll get to know about the possible nerf ghost ops motor problems. But what good is it to only identify the problems if you don’t know the solutions? So, you get the solutions as well!

Wait! Let me remind you of one thing. These problems are different from ultra one nerf gun working issues.

Enough talking already! Let’s fix those problems now.

Problem 1: Nerf Bullets Not Firing 

Often users encounter this issue where the bullets are not firing. The flywheel mechanism is somewhat unique to use. But the users find that everything works fine but the darts aren’t firing.

This problem is mainly caused by not following the proper instructions. While a faulty motor can be an issue, generally, the main culprit is the parts. When they are not in their places, the gun’s firing mechanism stops.

Here are all the kits of Nerf Modulus Evader-

While talking about the darts let me share an interesting fact. Did you know that Elite darts are compatible with Evader? Well, they are, and here are some of the packages of Elite darts.

Now, let’s see how to solve this issue.


Most users think that the motor is broken when the gun is not firing. However, the unique mechanism tends to confuse users left and right. 

The issue is not with the motor but the other pieces. Let me explain!

Many forget to snap all the pieces together before loading and firing. There lies the problem. The nerf modulus ghost ops can’t operate if there’s any piece missing. 

For example, in a rectangular ammo clip holder, the barrel needs to be attached.

Source: Nerf Wiki

Otherwise, the flywheel cage shuts down and won’t spin. While many assume that the gun or motor is faulty, it’s actually a misconception.

So, try again after you’ve attached every piece together.

Problem 2: Nerf Ghost Ops Evader Flywheel not Spinning

Another unique problem indeed. The users face a peculiar situation when the flywheel is not spinning. Even the lights are glowing and all but no rotation in the flywheel. 

Again, the motor can be the culprit. However, that’s rarely the case. Users predict the motor’s death because that’s the heart of the gun.

Want to know how to solve this one? Let’s have a look.


There are 3 important factors to look at when facing this issue. 

  1. First, the jam door. If you don’t shut it before turning on the gun, the flywheel won’t spin. Also, make sure that the dark button behind the door is switched up.
  1. Secondly, you have to engage the switch that sits beside the door. You will see the trigger when the cartridge is slipped in. The tiny orange lever takes the impact from the cartridge.
  1. Lastly, there’s a button underneath the gun trigger. You need to engage that one for the spinning to start.

Now that this problem is solved, let’s head on to the last one! 

Problem 3: Rev Trigger on Modulus not Working

This problem is quite frustrating because the trigger won’t stop revving! The problem mainly occurs when there’s a loose piece inside the shell. Also, there can be some binding of the trigger.

Don’t worry my friend! Because this issue is quite easy to solve. 


First, check if there’s any electrical fault. If there’s none, check the trigger position. It might be stuck. The problem can be solved by applying lithium grease. The grease makes the trigger mechanism smooth.

Check out these lithium greases that I’ve curated here to make your life easier.

That’s all you’ll need for this problem. Now, let’s get to know how to properly handle the gun!

The Right Way to Handle Nerf Modulus Evader

It’s always a good decision to go through the manual before you start the gun. If you don’t know how to properly load & fire the gun, don’t stress. Because it’s not that tough.

First, insert your preferred darts into the clip. Carefully insert them so that they don’t pop out. Oh! Did I forget to mention batteries? Before anything, make sure of what batteries your nerf gun supports.

Getting back to the topic. Then, put the clip inside your gun. Finally, pull the acceleration button to engage the motor and rev the trigger with precision.

There you go! You’re now fully ready to march on your battle. Blast away your opponents and become victorious in your nerf battles!


How Does the Nerf Regulator Work?

The regulator in the modulus evader is quite unique. Because it comes with a built-in 3 option mode. The first option lets you fire the darts one at a time. The second firing option allows 3 darts to shoot at once. Last and the most lethal one can shoot all 12 darts simultaneously.

Which Nerf Gun is the Best?

Some of the best nerf guns are Elite 2.0 Commander, Super Soaker DartFire, etc. However, there are tons of more nerf blasters that users absolutely love. For example, Nerf Ultra Pharaoh, and Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite guns are best in the mid-range. So, you can pick one according to your preference. 

Are Nerf Guns Good for 5-year-olds?

While some parents debate that guns are not for kids under 5, others disagree. Because nerf toy guns are very exciting to play with and children can have fun. Obviously, they should be careful with guns because they can cause severe damage. With proper protection, kids will be fine.


Now you know the solutions to nerf modulus evader motor not working! I hope you can enjoy those nerf battles without any problem.

If you need any further assistance, the comment section is always open.

So, go and burst those darts with perfect accuracy!

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