Nerf Rival Ball Size

Nerf Rival Ball Size: A Perfect Guide for Beginners!

Nerf wars are super fun but they can be pretty expensive. On top of that, if the balls are bad, it can totally ruin the fun. That’s why choosing perfect balls for your Nerf rival guns is important. 

So, which nerf rival ball size should you choose? 

Most Nerf Rival guns have a diameter of 0.9 inches. While the official Nerf Rival balls share the same diameter, there are other options. Little Valentine’s Rival balls are shorter in diameter but the cheapest. HeadShot and Dart Zone Rival balls cost a little more but way cheaper than Nerf Official.

That was just a short answer. Here we’ve further elaborated on different types of balls. Keep reading if you want to know more about nerf guns and different ammo. 

Without further ado, let’s head right in. 

Nerf Rival Ammo Comparison: Quick Guide

Before we start comparing different nerf rival balls, let’s have a preview first. This will help you understand the difference between the different rival balls. 

For example, to understand the motor chart of Nerf, you’ll need some background information. The best nerf rival ball comparison is also no exception.

That’s why we’ve come forward with a chart to help you out-

FactorsNERF OfficialLittle Valentine HeadShotDart Zone 
Diameter0.96 Inches0.87 Inches1 Inch1 inch
Weight0.067 Oz0.056 Oz0.070 Oz0.084 Oz
Cost Per Ball20 to 50 cents15 Cents18 Cents20 Cents
PriceBuy Now!Buy Now!Buy Now!Buy Now!

After going through the chart, which one are you liking more? 

Nerf Rival Ball Size: Comprehensive Discussion

If you haven’t made a decision yet, that’s totally fine. We have compared all of them in different categories and picked the winners. 

This way you can understand the differences better and more easily. Simply relax and go through all the categories. You’ll reach a decision in no time. 


The first thing we’re going to discuss first is the diameter of these balls. Because after all, if it doesn’t fit properly, how else are you going to play?

The diameter has always been the first concern when buying nerf ammo. Fortunately for you, we’ve collected all the data and compared them. 

The caliber or diameter of a Nerf rival gun is 0.9 inches. This means the balls have to be at least 0.8 inches to be compatible. Otherwise, it will be too small. 

On the contrary, the maximum Nerf Rival ball diameter should be 1.0 inches. Any more than that and it’ll not fit in the gun. 

With that in mind, let’s have a look at those balls we’ve shown you.

The official Nerf Rival balls aka. High Impact rounds have 0.96-inch diameters. Since they’re officially supported, this is quite expected. These balls act as a scale in this category. 

Source: YouTube

Then there are Little Valentine Nerf Rival balls which have 0.87 inches in diameter. This is slightly shorter and because of that these balls are smaller in size. 

After that, there are two other Nerf Rival balls that share the same diameter. Both HeadShot and Dart Zone have a ball diameter of 1 inch. This makes them slightly bigger than the other two balls. 

Unless you really try to notice, you won’t be seeing any differences at all. All these balls fit the nerf rival ball caliber and they’re totally compatible. 

This way you won’t have to face jamming problems. Although, it’s super easy to unjam Nerf guns


After diameter, the next biggest concern is the weight of the balls. Because if it’s too heavy it wouldn’t go far and hit the target. 

The official Nerf Rival ball weight is 0.067 ounces. Like diameter, this also acts as a scale in this category. 

The other Nerf Rival balls are also close but not the same. Little Valentine’s Rival balls are the lightest. They weigh about 0.056 ounces. 

HeadShot Rival balls are the next ones that we’re going to compare. These balls had a higher diameter and naturally, they weighed more. These balls have an average weight of 0.070 ounces. 

As for Dart Zone, they make the heaviest Rival balls out of all 4. They weigh around 0.084 ounces. Without a doubt, these balls will have the least travel distance. But it’ll be quite accurate in close range! 

These balls also support the Nerf Rival ball holders as well. Speaking of Rival balls, you’ll also need a Nerf Rival ball bag for efficiency. 

To help you out with that, we’ve recommended our best picks-

Using any of these, you can get to the action right away. 


After talking about diameter and weight, it’s time to talk about toughness. Most balls are made of foam so they all feel pretty much the same. 

The Nerf official Rival balls are decently soft. Balls made by Dart Zone also feel the same. 

Here’s a poor dad who’s terrorized by his son’s Nerf Rival with Official balls loaded.

However, Little Valentine makes the softest balls out there. Balls made by HeadShot aren’t as soft as Little Valentine. But they’re softer than Nerf Official and Dart Zone. 

Cost Per Ball & Accuracy

Other than Nerf Rival barrel size, accuracy, and the overall cost is also a concern. Luckily, we’ve discussed it with you. 

Source: YouTube

When it comes to cost per ball, Little Valentine is the cheapest. They cost about 15 cents on average. But Nerf’s official Rival ammo costs the most. 

They range between 20 to 50 cents depending on the ammo pack. 

We’ve recommended some of our recommended picks to get you started-

Choose any of these and they’ll set you with a Nerf war instantly. 

As for the accuracy of Nerf Rival ball guns, there aren’t enough comparisons. Because it sort of depends on the Nerf gun themselves. 

But Little Valentine and Dart Zone Rival balls are known to be more accurate. 

Final Verdict

Have you picked your winner yet? If you haven’t, that’s totally alright. We’re going to give you a final push. 

The winner in our opinion is the Little Valentines Rival balls. They’re the cheapest and you can easily find 100 ball packs. They’re also the lightest and the softest. 

Other than that, HeadShot and Dart Zone Rival balls are great choices with some setbacks. 

On the contrary, Nerf Official Rival balls are too expensive. Considering other third-party Rival balls, they aren’t worth your money. 


Are Rival Nerf guns safe?

Yes, the Nerf Rival guns are totally safe for everyone aged over 14. Although some might argue they can be harmful to children. But that’s just a myth. But you should remember that some specific Nerf guns shouldn’t be given to a child. There are Nerf guns for kids under 14 as well. 

Are Nerf Hyper rounds compatible with Nerf Rival?

Both Nerf Rival and Nerf Hyper have been famous series because of their product line. Nerf Rival uses standard balls with 0.9 inches of diameter. Compared to that, Nerf Hyper balls are too small and Hyper magazine contains more. Because of that, you can’t use Hyper rounds with Nerf Rival guns. 

Are Nerf Rival balls accurate?

Nerf Rival balls have proven to be really impressive over the darts. And part of the reason is because of their accuracy. Nerf Rival balls are extremely accurate within a range of 60 feet. This makes them super fun to play with. If you want a close-quarter Nerf war, Rival balls are the way to go! 

Final Words

That was everything we could talk about nerf rival ball size. We hope that this information has helped you more or less. 

If you want further confirmation, you can try out some hobby stores. That way you can check the balls by yourself and be totally sure. 

Finally, have a nice day!

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