Nerf Rival MXV 1200 Not Working

Nerf Rival MXV 1200 Not Working: [6 Step Solution!]

Playtime isn’t the same with the new Nerf Rival MXV 1200. This nerf lets you shoot up to 100 bbs in high speed rather than reloading after each. But wouldn’t it be a shame if your nerf stopped working when you’re in a battle? 

So, nerf rival mxv 1200 not working– how to fix it?

You can fix your Nerf Rival MXV 1200 in 6 simple steps. First, check if there is a jammed bb. Then, inspect for any broken internal components. Now, check if the safety is on. After that, inspect if the jam clearing door is open. Then, replace the batteries. Finally, look if the trigger is jammed.

That’s not all. We have assembled this article with in-depth insight on how to solve these issues yourself! 

So, what’s the holdup? Let’s dive right in!

6 Steps to Fix Your Nerf Rival MXV 1200

There could be a plethora of reasons why your Nerf Rival MXV 1200 is not working. But there are 6 usual causes that are the culprit in most of the cases. 

Source: IAmBobololo

Here, we have discussed all these 6 reasons and how you can fix them down below:

Step 1 of 6: Look for Jammed Ammo

The Nerf Rival MXV 1200 was made with the idea of making them semi-automatic. 

The Nerf Rival MXV 1200 has a capacity to hold up to 12 rounds of bb. It can shoot them at an astonishing 95 fps. 

But, due to its high capacity, sometimes the bbs get jammed inside the holder.

All models of the Nerf Rival guns have jam-clearing doors on them. This door is generally placed adjacent to the near-sight lens. If you have a jammed bb, open the rear jam door first. Then you can reach in and get rid of the jammed bb. 

As an alternative, you can opt for a long tool to remove the bb. However, the previous method is easier and safer.

You could have jammed bb if you mistakenly used the wrong size of the bullet. The Nerf Rival MXV 1200 usually uses bbs that are 2.2-2.5 cm in diameter. Any size bigger than this could potentially get jammed inside your nerf gun. 

Remember to make sure to check if you got the right size of bbs or not. So, jammed ammo in nerf rival mxv 1200 is another reason for its malfunctioning.

Step 2 of 6: Look for Broken Internal Components

During an intense Nerf battle, you could easily damage your gun mistakenly. You can accidentally slam your nerf into the wall or drop it on the concrete floor. Nerf guns are well-known for their durability but the base material is still just plastic.

So, when something like this happens, you could easily break, bend or lose a component. It could also happen when you mod your nerf gun.

This could happen to the internal components, magazine releases, or the magazine itself. You could also damage the trigger lock or the acceleration button as well.

In most cases like this, it’s the end of the road. 

However, you may still be able to exchange it through your retailer. But it’d depend on how old it is and how damaged it is as well.

Step 3 of 6: Check If the Safety Is Turned on

Nerf guns include a mechanism to avoid random misfires, similar to real guns out there. It is known as the ‘safety’ feature. Before deducing that your Nerf Rival has hit the bucket, check if the safety is off. 

If it is turned on, your nerf won’t fire. So, turn it off if it isn’t already.

Source: Randomshadow09

Step 4 of 6: Inspect If the Jam Clearing Door Is Open

The jam clearing doors need to be closed totally for the nerf motors to operate. Keep an eye out on the chart of nerf motors, This is one of Nerf RIval MXV 1200’s safety features

Reload the magazine with bullet balls again if you find the door already closed. Check if there is any dirt between the little plastic door and the frame it has. If yes, clean it with a tiny brush

That should do the trick!

Step 5 of 6: Check If the Batteries Are Dead

Most Nerf guns do not run on batteries, but some models do. The Nerf Rival MXV 1200 is one of those models.

If your Nerf Rival MXV 1200 isn’t working abruptly, try changing the batteries. Sometimes, the battery is just dead and you are checking all the complex parts. 

Nerf rival charger battery life is a very important matter. The types of nerf gun batteries needed for nerf guns vary from model to model. 

The Nerf Rival MXV 1200 uses six C-batteries. If you got the rechargeable battery pack for your nerf gun, charge it again. The issue may lie with the power source, not the nerf gun itself.

Here we have mentioned some quality rechargeable battery packs for you:

Hopefully, you’ll love these!

Step 6 of 6: Check If the Trigger Is Jammed 

Now, check if the nerf rival mxv has jammed the trigger. For a jammed trigger, there are two options that you can go for.

Firstly, you have to open and close the trigger hatch simultaneously. This small hatch is usually placed on the right side of the Nerf Rival MXV 1200. Now, press the hatch downwards firmly to ensure that the hatch is closed.

After that, proceed to take it apart. You may need to disassemble the nerf gun to fix this problem. A tiny piece works in collaboration with the power source as well as the trigger. You have to ensure that nothing is fettering that piece from functioning.


Also, inspect the nerf’s barrel to look for anything that is obstructing it. This could very well be affecting your gun’s functionality.

Hopefully, one of these usual suspects will be the cause of your Nerf Rival not working. Identify it and fix it yourself!


How long does it take for a Nerf rival battery to charge?

The nerf Rival MXV 1200 needs six C batteries to run. It takes about 2 hrs 15 min for the batteries to charge fully. However, it does somewhat depend on the output of the charger. The charger indicates that it’s charging through a solid red light. It goes to a blinking red when it has charged fully.

Can Nerf rival guns cause harm?

No, the nerf rival guns cannot injure you. The ammo bbs might sting a bit but they do not hurt at all. There have been no cases of them leaving any scars behind. So, it’s safe to assume that the nerf rival guns will not hurt you in any way. And so, this gun has been a big hit among toy gun shooters.

Is Nerf Rival MXV 1200 the hardest-hitting Nerf gun?

No, the nerf rival mxv 1200 is not the hardest-hitting nerf gun out there. It is the Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire blaster that hits the hardest. It is the fastest among the Nerf dart blasters. It is a totally motorized blaster. It can shoot up to 5 darts per second with new batteries rapidly. 


Now, you know what to do in case your nerf rival mxv 1200 not working

Always be careful when you disassemble the nerf guns to repair them. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the components mistakenly.

We will see you in another article real soon. Till then, happy nerf shooting ya’ll!

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