Nerf Screw Size

Nerf Screw Size: [Let’s See What Fits Your Nerf!]

It will be a legit hustle if you lost a screw of your nerf. And the hustle will increase if you don’t know what size is, right! If you don’t know the size or which one is compatible, it will only increase your hassle.

But no worries, let’s find out what was the perfect nerf screw size for you!

Basically, you will get plastic-made screws and stainless steel screws for your nerf. But different nerf models require different sizes and types of screws. The nerf shell needs 3-20 size screws. But the nerf Kronos needs 6-32 and the nerf blaster needs 3-16 size screws. 

We have discussed all the details in our article. So let’s see which screw you’ll need for your nerf. 

Screws for Your Nerf!

You might think that all the nerfs use the same screw to reduce the cost. But the real case is not true. Different sizes of screws are used in different nerf gun models.

Then again there are different types and sizes used in different places of the gun. Suppose the screws for the motor are not the same as the screws of the outer body. Even some of the screws are there for only decorative purposes like this one.

Then again you will find different variants of screws of the same size. They are made of different materials. Some are durable and some are not.

So to choose the perfect screws for your nerf you can look after a lot of aspects. But no worries, we are here to make things easier for you. We will try to describe some very common models of nerf that generally require screws. 

Besides the screw size, you can also think of what batteries the nerf gun takes. Which also varies from a model of gun.

Let’s take a sneak peek at the size of the most common nerf screws. 

Nerf Gun ModelsScrew Size
Nerf Shell3-20
Nerf Kronos6-32
Nerf Blaster3-16

You can use both stainless steel and plastic screws. But definitely need to make sure you use the exact size otherwise it won’t fit your nerf. 

What Type of Screws You Can Get for Your Nerf!

There are many different kinds of screws you can get on the market. But not all kinds of screws are good for your nerf. There are generally two kinds of screws you can get for your nerf.

  • The stainless steel screws
  • The plastic made screws

Now you can have a general idea that stainless should be more durable. That’s why you should go for the stainless steel ones. But the real case is not like this.

All the screws won’t fit in your nerf. And even different parts of your nerf require different types and nerf gun screw sizes. So you’ll need the perfect screws for your nerf.

Then again there are two types of plastic self-tapping screws for your nerf. There is a common type of screw which is called a coarse pitch screw. And there is an uncommon type of screw which is called a fine pitch screw. 

There are also some different types of plastic screws for different purposes. There are some shiny chromed screws and some matte black screws. The shiny screws have a heavier gauge than the mate black ones. 

These shiny screws are super soakers. Because you’ll need super strength for its shells and parts. That’s why you can use them in different parts of your nerf.

But remember one thing. If you are planning for a nerf war don’t forget to maintain proper safety.

Let’s have a look at some of the motorized Nerf guns. 

These guns are really fun to play with. If you are planning to get a new one then you can try in between these. 

Which Size of Screw Fits Your Nerf!

As we have talked about, there are different screws for different nerfs. And again the screw size is different for different parts of your nerf. 

Source: Amazon

So, let’s talk about some of the common models of nerf. And see what kind and size it requires. 

Nerf Shell Screw Size!

Suppose you have a nerf shell. Now, you need to change the screws with a durable stainless steel one. Which size are you going to choose? 

Generally, nerf shells come with a Torx drive configuration. And the nerf shell appears with and requires 3-20 threads. So you can use 3-20 screws of any type.

You can use the stainless steel ones. You can also use plastic ones as it comes with 3-20 plastic screws. So, you can use that without any doubt.

Nerf Kronos Screw Size!

Assume that you are placing screws on your nerf Kronos. Then suddenly all the screws fell down on the ground and you’ve lost the perfect track. Now, what to do?

No worries at all, because we are here to place all the screws for you. 

You will get two long screws which are longer than the other ones. You need to place them in the bottom two screw ports of the handle. Those are basically 6-32 screws. 

You will need to put the 2nd second smallest screw in the top right port. Which is on the priming slide, the third point that connects the plunger tube and the slide. 

The smallest screw with a sharp head goes to the bottom left of the priming slide. You will have two screws which are basically the same size as all others. These screws go to the back edge of the slide.  

Nerf Blaster Screw Size!

Nerf screws are one of the most needed among all. Maybe because the blaster uses a heavy motor which leads to loose screws. But no worries, we have an easy solution for it.

In that case, you need to tighten them properly.

Basically, the nerf blaster uses two sizes of screws. You will need some longer screws for the bottom handle port which are 12mm. And all the other screws are pretty much the same size as 10mm screws.

So you just need these two sizes. But it can be any type (Stainless steel or plastic) with a Torx head. It will do all. These 10 mm screws are also known as 3-16 screws.   

But there is a fact, the motor mount needs a totally different size of screw. The motor needs 2 screws to mount and the nerf motor screw size should be m2x5. And these screws should be Torx head and stainless steel because they will hold the motor. 

All the other nerf models run by motor require the same nerf motor screws. So you won’t need to worry if you have other models. You may find the motor drops out with the screws. Then you’ll find your nerf rival charger mxv-1200 stops working.

Basically, these are the general type of screws you can search for nerf.  


What kind of screwdriver do you need for a Nerf gun?

Generally, there can be two kinds of screws for your nerf. You can have the Phillips head screws or you can have the crosshead screws. But you don’t need to worry about that. Because you can get one solution for both of them. It is the “precision screwdriver PH1” nerf screwdriver

What are Nerf screws made of?  

Generally, the nerf screws are made of good quality stainless steel. The Nerf blaster comes with these stainless steel screws. But some models like nerf shells appear with plastic ones. But the quality is top-notch. But you should always look for the perfect size.

What is the hardest hitting Nerf gun?

The blasters are generally popular for their hard heatings. But the nerf n-strike elite hyper fire blaster is faster than any other blasters. This gun is really popular for its fast firing and hard-hitting. It can shoot 5 darts per second.


You can buy both stainless steel and plastic screws for your nerf. But all you need to do is look for the perfect size. If the nerf screw size doesn’t match properly then there is no benefit. 

If there are any more queries about your nerf drop them in the comment section. We will try to answer for you.

Till then have a fun time with nerf.

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