Nerf Triad EX-3 Not Working

Nerf Triad EX-3 Not Working: Let’s Fix It!

Tell me what is more embarrassing than losing a war with your noob friends! Yes, this can happen if your nerf stops working suddenly. 

Are you facing this same issue? Then let’s find out why your nerf triad ex-3 not working?

Issues with your dart or the barrel are the most common ones. If your darts get damaged you need to change the darts. But if your darts are ok but still your nerf is not working. Then there must be an issue with the barrel. But you can rebarrel it on your own if you follow the steps in our article.

Let’s just dig into the article and see why your nerf triad ex-3 is not working. And let’s fix it the easiest way possible. 

Why Is Your Nerf Triad ex-3 Not Working!

Imagine you are in the middle of a war with friends, your nerf triad ex-3. Suddenly your nerf triad ex-3 stops working. And you lose the war.


You can also face that your nerf megalodon not working like triad ex-3. What can be more annoying than this?

But no worries we are here to make you win the war. Because we have found what is the main issue with your nerf triad ex-3. And if you follow these instructions accordingly you will be able to fix a nerf gun easily.

And if you are planning for the war then you must know the chart explaining nerf motor. So, you can choose the best from those. 

By the way, do you know there are two types of nerf triad ex-3? One is with the normal orange trigger which is a bit expensive. And the other one is with the gray trigger which is way cheaper than the orange one.

But with both of these versions, you will face this same issue. The most complained issue is about the darts. 

Many users complained that after using it for a while the darts refuse to stay down. When they put those in the gun they pop out a bit. And they don’t fire when you pull the trigger.

So this problem can be an issue of the dart itself. Or it can be the problem of your nerf triad ex-3.

But no worries we have the solution for both issues. Let’s jump into the article and solve the problem together.

2 Major Problems of Your Nerf Triad EX-3 And Solution

We have already discussed the problem in the previous segment. But we have talked about a single problem there. That is nerf gun darts are thrusting out from the barrel.

But sometimes you can also notice that the darts are set well in the gun. Though it is not firing. 


But you don’t need to worry at all. Because both of these problems have the same kind of solution.

Problem 1: Darts May Get Old 

You can see the gun is triggered well and seems fine. But it is not shooting as expected then it is the problem of your darts

When you are using the same darts for a long time then the darts get damaged. That’s why for perfect shooting you should always use new darts. 

Then again if you leave your darts in the triad for long they can also get damaged. So you should always put out the darts when you are not using your nerf triad ex-3.

Solution 1: Use New Darts

So get some new darts for your nerf triad ex-3. When you buy a nerf triad ex-3 for you then you can buy some extra darts. So that you don’t need to worry later.

Looking for new darts for your Nerf Triad Ex-3? Have a look at what we suggest:

Grab enough to shoot!

Problem 2: The Barrel Issue

Have you already changed your darts to new ones but are still facing the same issue? So, it can be the issue of the biotch. When you see you are using new darts but nerf triad ex-3 is not firing.

Solution 2: Re-barrel the Biotch 

Rebarrel can be a solution for the biotech issue. Though it’s a bit of a lengthy process you don’t need to think about it too much. Because if you follow some simple steps you can rebarrel the biotch so easily. 

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Break Down the Gun

Firstly, you need to break down your blaster. Then you need to remove the plate which is at the bottom near the priming handle. And of course the trigger. 

After that just push the black rubber which sits inside the plunger tube. It will just pop up easily.

This is how you are done with taking all the parts apart. And disassembling your nerf triad ex 3.

Step 2: Examine the Problem

Then you need to examine the barrels. You will get small parts of the barrel that hold the dart. 

On the left side, there is the part that stops the dart when you pot it in the barrel. And on the right, there is a part that grasps darts when you push all through.  


Step 3: Cut the Barrels

Now you need to cut the trigger guard which is on the front barrel. Then score the plastic above the trigger spot so that it gets torn easily. Next up you just need to cut the barrels off.

You will get a rough surface when you cut it. Clear that so that you can get a smooth even surface.

Then just cut the three new barrels into equal lengths. You can choose the length based on the clip system darts completely held inside. You can also get your nerf replacement parts in uk.

Step 4: Put Glue for New Barrels

Carefully glue the surface where the old barrels used to be. And you can also glue the surface on the new barrels. For better results, glue it in multiple layers using baking soda with cured and superglue.

You need to glue the barrel partially then add the front spacer. Then stuck them in different pieces and put some more layers of glue. So you are done with your barreling when the barrels are completely stuck.

Step 5: Lubricate the Plunger Tube

Don’t forget to lubricate the plunger head and plunger tube. Also, you need to lubricate the black rubber. That’s important because it connects the pt to the air restrictor house.

Step 6: Clean the Parts

Use a little alcohol on a q-tip and clean the black and white of the rubber parts. Wait for a few seconds to let it dry. Then very carefully put a few drops of glue on them and stuck them together. 

Then put the spring and with the use of it push the rubbers together. 

Last Step: Assemble All Remaining Parts

Finally, just put all the remaining parts together. You can also follow the nerf gun assembly instructions to put the gun together. And wallah, your nerf triad ex-3 is ready to fire again.

Hope this technique will help you to restore your nerf triad ex-3 again. And you must know some essential nerf tricks and hacks to win your nerf war easily. 


Why do Nerf darts stop working?

Maybe the darts are not in good condition anymore. After using it for a long time the darts may get damaged and stop working. Generally, the darts are made of closed-cell foam. That’s why high temperatures can melt the darts. It can also deform them. 

Can we reuse Nerf darts?

Yes, you can reuse the darts for plenty of time. But after using it for a long time the darts may get damaged. Then you can’t use them anymore. Because then the darts won’t sit in the barrels anymore. You can also clean the drats using warm water.

Why do Nerf darts have holes? 

The holes are to let the air escape. When you fire with your nerf it flows air during compression from impact. To get an accurate shot there are holes on the darts. The darts that have a hole in their work more accurately than the others that don’t.  


We hope you have got the issue: why is your nerf triad ex-3 not working! 

If you have any more doubts just drop them in the comment section. We will try to resolve those as well.

Till then have fun with your nerf triad ex-3.

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