Nerf Ultra Darts Vs Elite

Nerf Ultra Darts Vs Elite: Complete Breakdown

Who doesn’t like Nerf toy guns! Nerf blasters are popular among all ages! However, choosing the right darts for your blaster can be complex.

So which is better Nerf Ultra Darts vs Elite?

Nerf Ultra darts have a longer range. However, the durability is much better for Nerf Elite darts. Also, Nerf Ultra Blasters can fire only Nerf Ultra darts. Whereas, Nerf Elite darts have backward compatibility. Also, Nerf Elite offers 4 color schemes.

We’ve got you covered if you’re not sure which one to choose! We’ve explored everything you need to know.

So, let’s jump right in!

Quick Comparison

Nerf guns are fun. However, to gain a competitive advantage Nerf has two popular series. The first series is Nerf Ultra and the second one is Nerf Elite. Nerf darts are also different for each series.

Nerf Ultra darts are required to use Nerf Ultra Blasters. And Nerf Elite darts are required to operate Nerf Elite Blasters. Each series has its pros and cons. However, one of the main differences underlies Nerf Ultra darts and Nerf Elite darts.

For a better idea of which darts are suitable for you, we’ll do a comparison. To start with here’s a quick overview:

Differentiating FactorsNerf Ultra DartsNerf Elite Darts
AvailabilityAmazon or Nerf dealerAmazon or Nerf dealer
Dimension1.75 x 6 x 6.88 inches2.24 x 8.74 x 11.5 inches
Materials UsedExpanded Polypropylene (EPP)Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Colors Available24
Refill SizePack of 10, 20, 45 and 60Pack available depending on customers’ demand

This short comparison can be confusing for now. However, we will dig into the topic more. Let’s move into more details.

In-Depth Comparison

Performance-wise, Nerf Ultra and Nerf Elite have different kinds of advantages. However, the main reason for such diversity is the darts themselves.

Each series of darts are unique and different. To learn more about this head-to-head complete comparison are below. 


Nerf is the most popular toy gun brand. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Nerf Ultra or Nerf Elite series. 

Nerf Ultra darts and Nerf Elite darts both can be found on amazon or nearby toy stores.

Size And Shape

The size of Nerf Ultra is 1.75 x 6 x 6.88 inches. The bottom of Ultra Darts has built-in fins. Ultra Darts have two little vertical holes towards the tip of their dart heads. The head of Ultra darts is not mechanically affixed to the dart’s foam body. The heads are more like dome-shaped caps.

The size of Nerf Elite dart is 2.24 x 8.74 x 11.5 inches. The tip plug of the Nerf Elite dart is shorter than Nerf Ultra. However, the tip is pushed back a bit. The body dimension of Nerf Elite dart is what makes them travel so far.

Materials Used 

Nerf Ultra darts are made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). It is less flexible than conventional foam darts. It has a styrofoam-like look. The heads are composed of a thermoplastic rubber that is soft and flexible (TPR).

Nerf Elite darts are made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA). It is more durable than the materials used in Nerf Ultra darts. This is why Nerf Elite darts last longer than Nerf Ultra darts.

Colors Available

Nerf Ultra darts have basic two colors to offer. These are black and orange or yellow and orange.

However, Nerf Elite darts offer 4 different color schemes and outer designs, The best ones among the 4 colors are-

  • N-Strike Elite has a basic blue body and orange head.
  • N-Strike Elite “Deco,” which has a blue body with three triangles carved on it and an orange head.
  • N-Strike Elite Special Edition has a blue body with white and black camo and an orange head.


There are two versions of the Ultra Dart which are AccuStrike Ultra and Sonic Screamer.

However, Nerf Elite dart has only 1 variant which is the Suction Dart.

Refill Sizes

Ultra darts refill sizes are 10 darts, 20 darts, 45 darts, and 60 darts. The options to buy official darts as much as you need are limited.

On the other hand, Nerf Elite Dart has multiple options. It has packs of 12 special editions, 30 darts, and so on. You can even buy packs of 200 darts of Nerf Elite darts.


With constant testing and improvement, Nerf Ultra darts are fun to play with. Lots of creativity and innovation have happened here. With the help of some Nerf Ultra Blaster, the darts can hit a target up to 125 feet.

Nerf Ultra dart has aero-fin technology. This has helped the dart to achieve an astonishing amount of air time. On top of that, the velocity of darts remains the same for such innovation.

The darts, however, are less flexible than the MEGA or Elite versions. Even though both of the darts were inspired by Nerf Ultra darts.

The range of Nerf Elite dart is about 75 feet. However, Nerf Elite is more accurate than Nerf Ultra dart. 

Another thing to notice is the durability. As we have mentioned before, Nerf Elite darts are more durable than Nerf Ultra darts. Thanks to better build quality and material Nerf Elite gains an upper hand here.

Compatible Guns

Nerf Ultra darts are compatible with Nerf Ultra Blasters or guns. Some popular guns are Nerf Ultra 2, Nerf ultra 3, Nerf Ultra 5, etc. Even Nerf Ultra 9, the latest release of the series uses Nerf Ultra darts.

 Sometimes, Nerf Ultra 1 troubleshooting is required to feed Nerf Ultra darts.

Elite, AccuStrike Elite, Zombie Strike, and Modulus blasters are all compatible with Nerf Elite.

Backward Compatibility

This is an interesting aspect. Because many Nerf toy gun fans still use old blasters. However, darts designed for those are hard to find nowadays. 

So, do Nerf Ultra darts fit all guns? The answer is no. Nerf ultra darts don’t have backward compatibility.

However, Elite Darts can be fired from any blaster fire Streamline Darts or Micro Darts. This contains all blasters with a clip system. They’ve also been proven to work successfully with Dart Tag blasters with clip-fed darts.

Nevertheless, you may face issues with Nerf Stampede ECS while feeding Elite darts.

In short, Elite darts provide backward compatibility whereas Ultra darts fail in this aspect.

With this, the in-depth comparison of Ultra darts and Elite darts ends. However, if you are still unsure which is better, then we have put our recommendation.

Let’s go right to our recommendation!

So, Which Dart Should You Pick?

If you have Nerf Ultra blasters, then Nerf Ultra darts are required. Because Nerf Ultra blasters are built differently. Only Nerf Ultra darts can be shot from them.

Nerf Elite darts on the other hand can be used in almost any other blaster. Because of the universal size and shape, it is possible.

So our recommendation for me, go with the most compatible darts for your blaster. If you have an old blaster then using Nerf Elite is ideal.

However, be careful! Nerf darts can cause eye injury if any darts hit your eyes.


Are Nerf Darts Reusable?

Yes, Nerf Darts are designed to be reused. To remove the ink from the previous use, just clean the darts with warm water. After that, you can reuse it until it fully declines.

Can I Use Nerf Guns in Water?

No, you shouldn’t use nerf guns in water. It can completely ruin your gun if it’s submerged in water.

Why Nerf Darts Stop Functioning?

Nerf darts are manufactured of closed-cell foam that expands over time. For this reason, even with proper care, it stops working


It is critical to choose the right darts for your blaster. Because of popular blasters, Nerf Ultra darts and Nerf Elite darts are popular options.

We’ve settled the dispute Nerf Ultra Darts vs Elite for you! Hope this helps you to find the best dart! 

Until then stay happy and healthy. See you next time!

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