Nerf Ultra One Troubleshooting

Nerf Ultra One Troubleshooting- 3 Problems & Solutions Explained!

Getting stuck at your favorite gun shoots hundreds of questions into the head. We understand your situation!

But don’t worry! We’ve got some suggestions for you. 

So, how to do nerf ultra one troubleshooting properly? 

Firstly, while troubleshooting check if you missed out on using the Ultra-branded darts or not. Because this is responsible for you not being able to shoot darts from the gun. However, faulty dart drums can put you in this trouble too. Then you might even encounter the gun not powering on. In this case, incorrect assembly is responsible. 

Now, this is just a tiny part of our entire discussion. We’ve discussed each problem with their reasons and solutions. 

So, let’s put our handyman hat on. And keep following to fix your nerf ultra one!

3 Common Nerf Ultra Problems and Solutions

 Have you tried out the basic things to make the nerf ultra one active? But it’s not working? 

Well, no worries! Even if nerf ultra one is known to be a good gun. It still has its own problem which occurs due to specific reasons. This is the same case if a Benjamin 392 is leaking air. 

So, knowing the reasons for both types of problems is important. 

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Problem 1: Can’t Shoot Darts

You may interpret different problems with your toy gun. But experts initially look up to the darts first. Different brands come with their own darts. 

So, mixing up these won’t be a good idea. 

Reason 1: Not Using Ultra Darts

This reason is mostly the common one. Due to the improper or non-branded dart, you may face this problem.

You might’ve faced nerf ultra 2 not firing also?

Not using the nerf ultra 2 brand darts is the reason. 

So, simply put, in the case of nerf guns, you have to use their own darts. Otherwise, you won’t be able to shoot darts. 


Now, what’s the nerf ultra one repair process for this issue?

Well, for an immediate solution try removing the improper darts as quickly as possible. Because keeping those for a longer time will make the drums inefficient. You will also discover a reduced version of it in terms of durability. 

Once you’ve removed the darts, get the perfect Nerf dart for your gun.

These are the major nerf ultra one instructions for the reason above.

Reason 2: Faulty Dart Drum

Apart from non-branded darts, chunky drums have a role in generating this trouble. Any faulty drum can cause a malfunction. 

If it’s a new gun, you are just unlucky that this happened. But for older drums, it carries an interesting problem. And that’s-

Users often confess that they kept darts in the dart drum for a long time. And if you didn’t know-

The more time the darts are inside nerf ultra one dart drums, the more springs get weak.


Now, you might think about nerf ultra one remove drum process. 

Well, opening up the drum will reveal to you some sort of information.

However,  after the settlement of the nerf ultra one, things get harder to pull apart. 

Furthermore, no manufacturer of blasters recommends dismantling the drum. The reason behind this is that the drum has been developed as a one-time installer. 

But there’s a catch- 

You have the authority to do a DIY experiment. Do use long screwdrivers with a flathead. 

Once you disassemble the whole drum, let’s start reviewing. 

Go through each drum if there’s any damage or error existing or not. 

Problem 2: Efficiency Going Down

The motor of Nerf Ultra one is quite impressive. While pressing the trigger, can produce frequent firing. 

But wait! What if it lacks a high-capacity drum? Also with ordinary battery picking, nothing will go smoothly. 

Furthermore, shooting to deliver extreme speed, distance, and accuracy will be impossible.

Reason: Faulty Battery Picking

Using unrated or not recommended batteries may fall you into shooting trouble. So, get it checked!


Don’t get the blaster messed up with non-recommended batteries. 

Four C batteries are suitable for Nerf Ultra one. Also to note, it’s not included with the package. 

Picking a fresh C energizer or Alkaline batteries will be the ideal decision. With the completion of it, we have already hit our targets.

Problem 3: Can’t Power On

Fixed everything up but still the gun isn’t working? The nerf ultra one not powering on is a common problem. By the way, incorrect assembly might even cause springs to wear out from being compressed.

Reason: Incorrect Assembly 

Toy guns from Nerf are available with proper guidelines. 

And without following the proper guidelines you can’t assemble the gun correctly. This leads to this problem. correctly.


Well, if you have already assembled it incorrectly, don’t worry. We’ll fix this problem easily. But first, let’s follow the steps of nerf ultra disassembly process!

Step 1: Requiring Tools

At first, you will be needing key tools. Let’s see, how big the list is,

  • Hand-saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Dremel drill
  • Eyeglass repair screwdriver
  • Diagonal pliers
  • Upgradable replacement pieces, if required. 
Step 2: Removing All Screws

Examining its internal components requires each and every screw to remove. In this step, the screwdriver is your best partner. Once you pull each halve together, the whole gun will get halved.

Step 3: Removing Drum

Initially, you need to take down the barrel post and air restrictor. If not, the drum or cylinder will hardly get removed.

Step 4: Screwing Up Drum’s Cap

Every drum gets attached along with holding an endplate. Find the plate attached with an orange cap. So, pop up the cap using your screwdriver. 

Make sure to keep the cap safely. Unless you will have a tough time while reassembling.

Step 5: Clip Off Darts

From the barrel posts of each drum, make the darts detached. Users who make their own dart will benefit closely through this step.

Make sure to cut off the darts as close as possible to the endplate.

Step 6: Extracting Endplate

It’s time to extract the plastic plate from the drum. To do so, find the arc-formed tiny plastic nub in it. Now, make it removed from there. 

Step 7: Summarize Extraction

Finally, we have come to the last stage. Find out if any additional parts you need to remove. We suggest you remove springs from firing components. It’s easily available to upgrade from any hardware store.

Once you’re done dissembling the gun, assemble the nerf ultra one again. 

Is your nerf ultra one working perfectly now? 

Well, that’s great! However, you must follow the airsoft gun safety guidelines while using it. This will just make your shooting experience better!


Why does my nerf ultra one shoot with reduced range?

By default, you are getting in the gun a spring-piston air chamber. Check if it’s broken or not. Broken issues may cause air to leave the chamber. 

So, keep yourself from firing until it is fixed back. Because the more you fire at this situation, the more range reduction will be caused

Can I remove the dart drum after installation?

You can, it is not recommended though. Once it gets fixed to that portion, removing it comfortably gets difficult. You will be requiring a lengthy slender flat head screwdriver. Also, you need to crush the clips. 

Can nerf darts harm TV?

Yes, it surely can. And it can ruin a lot of other things too. Therefore, we suggest being cautious while your kid is using the gun. Otherwise, you’ll surely regret it later.


We’ve discussed every possible problem and guideline to fix. Hoping this will take you closer to nerf ultra one troubleshooting.

Another additional thing to mention is, to check the inner barrel. Firing consecutively may cause damage inside the barrel. 

Taking every tip into concern is always safe. So, don’t let yourself be confused! Make a list so that the original problem starts getting visible soon. 

This is all for today. Good luck! 

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