Nerf Vulcan EBF 25 Not Working

Nerf Vulcan EBF 25 Not Working: 2 Reasons and Solutions

Nerf blasters are very fun to play with. Among them, the Nerf Vulcan EBF 25 is a great option. Nevertheless, it can be devastating when the Vulcan EBF 25 doesn’t work.

However, it is possible to locate the problems with it and solve them easily.

So, why is the nerf vulcan ebf 25 not working?

The nerf vulcan ebf 25 might have shooting-related problems. In this case, check the dart compatibility and the dart gate for shooting-related issues. Wrong-sized darts cause various problems. If the Vulcan isn’t powering on or shooting, check for bad motors and belts. Replace the problematic parts.

This was just a small preview of the things we are about to discuss below. Read the whole article in order to solve the problems accurately!

So, let’s get going!

3 Quick Troubleshooting Tips!

The Nerf Vulcan EBF 25 is one of the deadliest nerfguns hands down. You can even see people make petitions to stop it from selling.

But it might be their influence that malfunctions your favorite nerf gun. Well, that’s obviously not the actual reason for your nerf vulcan ebf 25 not working. A lot of reasons can be at play when issues occur. 

However, there are some easy & quick fixes. Before we move on to the more serious problems, let’s look at them. 

Tip 1: Check the Clip

This may seem like a mistake that most people won’t make. Still, leaving the clip empty is the most common mistake nerf users do! 

Check the clip of your nerf vulcan ebf. Maybe the blaster doesn’t have any darts left. Or maybe, you forgot to refill it in the first place!

Tip 2: Check The Battery

If your nerf vulcan ebf 25 won’t start, battery issues might be a reason. There’s a good chance the battery is worn out or it is malfunctioning.

The nerf vulcan ebf 25 battery is the only power source for this blaster. Replacing your old batteries with new ones will solve the problem easily. The nerf vulcan uses D-cell-type batteries. 

For your convenience, here are some top-rated D-cell batteries for your Vulcan ebf 25-

By using these batteries, your blaster will be provided with the optimum power source.

If you’re wondering how to install batteries nerf vulcan ebf 25, it’s very simple as well. To clear out your confusion check out this video about replacing Nerf Vulcan Batteries.

Tip 3: Check The Wiring

Peek inside the vulcan ebf 25 to ensure proper wiring. If the wiring isn’t done right, the Vulcan cannot function properly. 

All the wires must be connected properly. Rewiring everything can eliminate the unplugged/disconnected wire issues.

These are the fundamental troubleshooting. But wait, that’s not all. There are a few specific issues that you may face while using Nerf Vulcan EBF 25. Why don’t we take a look at those?

2 Reasons Why Your Nerf Vulcan EBF 25 Not Working

The quick fixes mentioned above should take care of the small problems. However, if it fails to fix the vulcan ebf 25, keep on reading! 

In addition to the reasons, I’ve also added their corresponding solutions. Hopefully, the solutions will help you fix the Vulcan!

Reason 1 of 2: Dart Gate Issues & Wrong Dart Sizes

The motors work but the gun isn’t able to shoot out darts. This happens because of wrong dart sizes and dart gate problems.

Source: WorthPoint

The solution for this particular problem is given below-


Below, I’ve divided the solution into small simple steps. Try following them precisely.

Step 1 of 2: Check The Spring of The Dart Gate

The dart gate of the gun is sometimes faulty. If the dart gate isn’t working, the gun won’t be able to shoot out darts. So in this step, you’ll have to check for dart gate damage and assembly. 

  • First, start by disassembling the nerf vulcan ebf 25. After disassembling, find the location of the dart gate.
  • You may be confused by the nerf vulcan internal parts. Take help from the manual to locate the dart gate.
  • Defective springs are one of the most common issues regarding nerf dart gates. The spring doesn’t work; which eventually leads to a dysfunctional dart gate.
  • Finally, find the spring and check the spring thoroughly for damage. It might be corroded or broken. If that is the case, replace the spring. A small spring of a pen will do the job.

Step 2 of 2: Check The Dart Size

If you’re not using the designated dart sizes, it causes problems. For instance, you might observe nerf darts popping out because of the wrong size!

This is also applicable for the nerf vulcan ebf 25. If the dart sizes are not matching, the gun won’t be able to shoot! 

Since the nerf vulcan ebf is a fully automated machine gun, it uses belts. The nerf vulcan ebf 25 belt consists of darts that get reloaded automatically. 

You can try using knock-off versions of nerf darts. Although, they are not recommended. Some other versions of nerf darts also work with the nerf vulcan ebf 25. For instance, the elite darts are compatible with the Vulcan.

It’s normal to get confused between all these sizes and variations. No worries, I’m here to sort things out for yourself! Here are some of the darts that are compatible with nerf vulcan ebf 25.

If you’re in this situation, simply follow a nerf dart buying guide. It’ll help you choose the right dart sizes.

Reason 2 of 2: Bad Motor & Chain Issues

Since the Vulcan is a fully automatic blaster, it relies heavily on the motors. Any kind of jamming issues and shooting issues might be caused by the motors. 


However, you don’t need to worry! Below, I’ve explained the solutions to these problems.

Step 1 of 2: Check Motor Functionality

It is important to check if the nerf vulcan motor is working or not. The motor might not work properly when damaged. It’s very important to switch the motors with a new one. A motor can be damaged in many ways. 

The coils and wires can burn due to overheating. The bearing inside it might break. For similar reasons, nerf modular evader motor problems can arise.

Damaged motors should be replaced. You can always find nerf vulcan ebf 25 replacement parts by contacting nerf. 


Replace the motor by sending it to the nerf. You can do it yourself as well!

Step 2 of 2: Check The Chain

The chain of the blaster holds the ammo. Sometimes the chain of the nerf vulcan ebf 25 starts jamming heavily. In this case, a replacement for the pistons is necessary. 

If the nerf vulcan ebf 25 won’t turn on, maybe it’s not detecting the chain.

In this case, the rotor is not working. If the rotor works, the belt can feed itself. So you have to replace the chain and the rotor. You can buy a chain (also known as a belt) refill from the stores near you and replace it. 

Following the solutions above will fix your nerf vulcan ebf 25 in no time!


How far does the Nerf Vulcan shoot?

There are several modes for the Nerf Vulcan. The single-shot mode can shoot at a maximum distance of 15 feet. The pistons use the pressure of springs to shoot out the dart. The weapon should be fully charged before use; just press the trigger! Don’t worry about the impact though, the darts are very light.

How old is the Vulcan EBF-25?

As of this date, the Vulcan ebf-25 is 14 years old. This blaster is also known as the Havok Fire EBF-25. It is part of the N-strike series. This is an automatic shooter which uses ammo belts. 6 D-cell-type batteries power this monstrous blaster. This model has earned a lot of popularity since 2008.

Are motorized NERF guns good?

Apart from being good, some of the best nerf gun lineups are motorized. Motorized also means automated. It uses a motor & auto fires the bullets. Usually, you can feed more darts into a motorized gun than regular ones. Stability, accuracy, & speed of darts are boosted in motorized guns.

Final Words

We’ve reached the finish line for this article. Now, you should be able to fix the problems when the nerf vulcan ebf 25 not working.

Following the instructions precisely is very critical. Try to pinpoint the problem; that way, solving it will be much easier!

Wishing you all the best!

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