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Polarstar Jack vs F1: Which is Better?

Looking for a new drop-in system for your airsoft gun? So, you’ve narrowed down your browsing to 2 systems. 

But you’re probably confused about which one to choose. Well, don’t worry you’re not alone. This is a very difficult choice and many people face the same problem too. 

Professionals, as well as amateurs, came forward with their confusion regarding this. 

So, which is better between Polarstar Jack vs F1?

The Polarstar Jack is a more budget-friendly option F1. But this makes the quality of the Jack a little lower than the F1. Which also affects the air efficiency of the Jack. Hence, the F1 has better air efficiency than the Polarstar Jack.

But wait, we’re not done. We have dug into the details of these factors. The details have been mentioned throughout the entire article. 

So do stick with us to find out more. 

Let’s begin. 

Polarstar Jack vs F1: Quick Comparison

Both Polarstar Jack and the F1 are very high-performing HPA conversion systems. The systems are almost identical to each other. Because they have almost similar specifications. 

Their velocity and the rate of fire are identical. In fact, almost all their functionalities are similar. 

Differentiating Factor Polarstar Jack Polarstar F1
QualityLower Cost SolenoidGood Quality Solenoid
Air EfficiencyLessMore
Air PressureSameSame

However, there are some minute differences. These differences could be a huge factor when making a purchase decision. 

So, let’s see the in-depth differences.

Polarstar Jack
Source: Extreme Airsoft RI

Polarstar Jack vs F1: In-depth Analysis

By now you should have a basic idea regarding the Jack and the F1. Now let’s move on to a more detailed analysis. 

Here goes.


The build quality is the biggest factor that differentiates the Jack and the F1. 

And when it comes to quality the Polarstar Jack quality is lower than the F1.

Polarstar Jack:

The Polar Star Jack is made of a lower-cost solenoid. This solenoid was used to reduce the cost of the product. 

But with these lower-cost solenoids, the Polarstar Jack’s quality is also lower. As a result, the entire quality also becomes lower. 

However, remember that we are only mentioning the quality compared to the F1. Because as a standalone system the Polarstar Jack is also pretty good. The Polarstar Jack reviews are pretty solid. 

Polarstar F1:

The Polarstar F1 is not made of a lower-cost solenoid. The solenoid used in the product is actually a good quality solenoid. 

Yes! A better quality solenoid does increase the production cost. But the overall quality of the product also improves. This makes the Polarstar F1’s quality much better than Jack’s

Winner: Polarstar F1

Air Efficiency:

As we’ve mentioned above Jack uses a lower-quality solenoid. This lower-quality solenoid affects the air efficiency of the shooting. 

Although it’s not a huge difference, for perfectionists, it could matter a lot. 

Polarstar Jack:

As the jack has a lower quality solenoid the Polarstar Jack’s air efficiency is also reduced. It’s not that huge of an air efficiency reduction. 

It’s just a slight air efficiency reduction which is the result of the lower quality solenoid. 

Polarstar F1:

Now let’s talk about the F1. This Polarstar F1 air efficiency is top-notch. As it has a better quality solenoid the air efficiency is also improved. 

This improved air efficiency could make all the difference while shooting. This adds about 15% air efficiency to your shooting. 

This might not sound like a lot. But during competitive shooting, it could come in very handy. 

Of course, it’s not a massive upgrade from Jack. But this little difference could be vital. 

Winner: Polarstar F1

Polarstar F1
Source: Amazon

Air Pressure:

When it comes to air pressure there isn’t much difference between the two. In fact, it’s almost identical. 

And both follow the fps limit in airsoft

But remember both the products require a compatible system to operate. All the components should be compatible. Including regulators, remote lines, compressed air tanks, etc. 

Polarstar Jack:

The operating range of the Polarstar Jack is recommended at 40psi to 130psi. The air needed to be used for the jack should be High Pressured Air (HPA). You can also use Nitrogen. 

However, you can also use CO2 propellants. But in order to do it, make sure the device has the required components for it. 

But what about green gas? Well, you should think twice before using green gas in a CO2 gun. Because it’s not recommended to mix and match and use green gas in a co2 gun.

Polarstar F1:

The Polarstar F1 air pressure for shooting is also 40 psi to 130 psi. And it also requires High Pressured Air (HPA). Where you can also use Nitrogen. 

You can use the CO2 propellants for this device too. Considering the components are compatible with it. 

Winner: Tie


When it comes to pricing the Polarstar Jack is a cheaper alternative. 

Price could be a huge factor when you consider buying the Jack or the F1. Because the functionality and the performance are almost the same.

Hence, if you don’t want that extra efficiency then you could save a lot of money. 

Polarstar Jack:

The Polarstar Jack price ranges from $350 to $370. Yes, these devices do not come cheap. It’s a bit pricey. 

However, compared to other devices the price of the Jack is a bit lower. Here are some of the airsoft guns that come along with Polarstar Jack.

One of the best automatic BB airsoft guns is GAME FACE ASRGTH Electric Airsoft Submachine Gun. You can check the price on Amazon.

For better accuracy, the Bushmaster BB Air Rifle is an ideal choice. You can check for availability on Amazon.

You’ll get minimal to zero issues with Ghost Affliction Full-Auto Airsoft BB Rifle. You can check the price on Amazon.

Polarstar F1:

On the other hand,  the Polarstar F1 is a bit more expensive than the Jack. 

The Polarstar F1 price ranges from $390 to $410. When compared to Jack it’s quite a lot of extra money. 

The question is what does the extra investment give you? Well, all it gives is a little more efficiency. So, is it actually worth it?

The answer depends on you. If efficiency means this much to you then go for it by all means. Other than that this could be a bad investment.

Winner: Polarstar Jack

So, Which Is Better for You?

The final decision is obviously yours. Because there is no clear winner. The choice depends on you. However, here’s someone who used Polarstar Jack for a build.

If you want a budget-friendly alternative then you should go for the Polarstar Jack. On the other hand for better quality and air efficiency, you could opt for the F1.

Other than these both Jack and F1 are pretty identical. And have the same functionality. This also includes using the gun in ideal FPS for airsoft.

Jack and F1
Source: Simple Airsoft Shop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the velocity of Polarstar Jack?

The shooting velocity of Polarstar Jack is 500fps w/ .20g. With a.20g BB, velocity may be changed. Ranging from below 280fps to around 500fps. Velocity varies depending on the model because longer barrels have higher maximum velocities. While shorter barrels have lower maximum velocities.

What is the Rate of Fire of Polarstar F1?

The Rate of Fire (RoF) of the Polarstar F1 is 30rps. The Polarstar F1’s maximum cyclic rate is influenced by a number of variables. Although, in the majority of conventional setups, 30 cycles per second is easily feasible. Most rifles with properly adjusted parts may easily outperform this.

Is it necessary for the replica body and the gearbox to be of the same brand?

No, it is not necessary for the replica body and the gearbox to be of the same brand. But it is recommended. Because the perfect combination is obtained by matching the same brand. Mixing up the brands will not yield the best results. Instead, it could cause harm to the gearbox.  


Hopefully by now you should be clear about Polarstar Jack vs F1

A bonus tip for you is to make sure the spring guide is placed accurately. Because it’s a common mistake made by many people. 

That’ll be all from us. 

Best of luck!

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