R Hop Vs Flat Hop

R Hop Vs Flat Hop: Which One Got Your Back?

Things we choose, even if it’s about hops, need to be right! Otherwise, there’s a chance your airsoft gun might not perform how you wanted it. 

But don’t worry! To help you out, we’ve brought together all the differentiating aspects!

So, what are the differences between r hop vs flat hop

In terms of the installation process, flat hop is easier. But r hop wins the battle while comparing longevity. Besides, this hop comes with a unique bucking system. Meanwhile, users get flat hop bucking within a traditional system. Last but not least there’s an efficiency difference between the two hops.

Going through these key factors will burst all myths. But you’ve to know them in detail. And we’ve provided just that!

So, let’s start exploring deeper, shall we?

Table Overview: R Hop Vs Flat Hop- Going Through Quickly!

Before coming up with our verdict, you need to understand the comparing metrics. Or less the entire conversation will look confusing to you. The same can be said when you want to pick one between daisy 901 and 880.  

So, let’s get started!

FactorsR HopFlat Hop
BuckingGets a “pillow” covered underneath the barrelOffers more flat space to BBs
Contact PatchSmallerBigger
Installation ProcessTougher Easier
DurabilityLasts longerAverage lifespan

Lots of differences, right? 

It’s easy to assume you haven’t picked one yet. If so, let’s get into the next segment.

R Hop and Flat Hop: Detailed Comparison

You now know the basic differences between the two. But what you need now is the differences being discussed in a detailed way. Otherwise, you might still face difficulty in picking one hop for your airsoft gun.

Contact Patch

In terms of producing better backspin power, understanding the contact patch is a must. As you may already know, the heavier friction to the BB, the more backspin will get generated.

R hop airsoft comes with sturdy materials that keep generating wobble. Applying frictions to the BB might have some drawbacks we understand. So, r hop stands a smaller contact patch area.

On the other hand, you can experience less wobble or shift on flat hops.

This hop system including harder materials allows a bigger contact patch. And obviously, it gets more backspin to get more distance covered!

Winner: As R hop highly produces more backspin, it wins over flat hop at this section.


Users often ask if using plastic BBs in a metal BB gun is safer. See, any types of BBs you use require a standard bucking. That’s how the velocity will get generated.

So, let’s discuss bucking.

At first, look at Flat hop-

It’s highly dependable on its flat nub for backspin. In general, this nub belongs to the barrel. And during Flat hop bucking, it comes to the down-part of the barrel.

As a result, the nub gets closer to BBs during its movement. That’s what you have experienced from a standard hop-up system, right? 

The difference pops up as the Flat hop gives BBs more flat space. Relevantly, it creates less wobble while connecting the hop with BB. 

On the other hand, R hop shows less care about nudging. However, its rubber patch under the bucking generates a pillow surrounding the BB. And it spreads up half of the inner barrel. 

The good thing is, that each BB finds itself more compact to the area in R hop. And comes out resulting in more accurate shots with more distance covered. 

Along with that, the backspin gets the BB a top-notch speed without increasing the velocity. 

In terms of velocity, the FPS limit comes up. While doing the comparison you should know what is the airsoft FPS limit! This way you’ll stay one step ahead.

Winner: In terms of shot accuracy, r hop has the more efficient bucking system.


Now, are you wondering about r hop vs regular hops in terms of durability?

Well, the durability of materials like hops highly depends on the level of stiffing. Relevantly, R hop keeps BBs ahead of serving for a long time.

Unlike normal bucking materials, flat hops go stiff for a long time. But in comparison to r hop, this stiffness is not enough to win over.

Winner: Both the hops serve users for a long time. But r hop wins the battle.


Good competency along with accurate shots has kept R hop in a good position. But want to know how R hop often gets users stressed? Well, it’s the installation process.

To start, the installation process initially requires measuring the r hop window. After that, you need to cut the patch off precisely. 

Then, sanding the inner side of the patch off with grit lapping paper is required. It helps reduce bubble imperfections. 

But during this part, you have to be extra careful and wear gloves. Otherwise, you can get cuts and scratches from sanding. So, you’ll have an extra headache in treating the cuts

Next, you need to focus on cleaning the patch and barrel with isopropyl alcohol. 

Now, bringing a Prometheus hopper is necessary. While unfolding its inner side, make sure to smooth it off. You require a CK screwdriver and handy Dremel for that. 

Once the rubber is fixed, put it over the patch of the barrel. That’s it! 

Now for the other part of the story:

Flat hop has been serving an easy installment. Through the do-it-yourself (DIY) process, it is coverable to install within an hour. Besides, it requires less sanding process as well as cleaning concerns. 

Along with that, it’s quite drop-in ready. You just need to test the variables before going deeper to install.

Winner: We would like to give thumbs up to Flat hop.

Final Verdict- What You Should Pick?

So, which one do you want to buy? 

Not clear yet? 

Let us help you one last time.

So, is flat hop worth it

Well, if you want the installation process to be easy-to-go and painless, flat hop is the way to go! Because you will experience smoother installation steps in Flat hop for sure. 

But there’s a catch-

In terms of backspins, accuracy, and durability, r hop takes the win!

Still, your priority can change over time, right? 

So, it’s always a clever step to question your own instinct. All you have to do is, set the priorities.

By the way, picking up the right one is not the end of the story! You need to be careful to do the adjustment part correctly. Go through this hop-up adjustment guide to learn more.


How Can I Make A Flat Nub For Flat Hops?

Flat nubbing is all about- the softer the better. What about trying with an eraser, right? Just make it flat so that sitting on the bucking won’t be an issue. As always, making this perfect asks user time. So, take your time and come up with the best result.

What Does A Rubber Do At Hop-upping?

Well, it does two major jobs. Firstly, it maintains getting an accurate projectile throughout the BB. But how? Actually, it can produce higher backspin through the Magnus effect. Aside from that, it supplies the air seal between barrels and cylinder head nozzle. 

Do My Airsoft Gun Carrying Hop-up System?

First, do check the airsoft gun’s box. In general, several airsoft guns come with a hop-up model. Find any sticker regarding BAXS on top of the box? If yes then there exists a hop-up. However, BAXS is a shooting system that offers a fixed hop-up unit.

Take Away

Hoping that we have conceivably broken the r hop vs flat hop issue into pieces. Each hop comes with different but particular strengths. 

So, which one are you going to pick? 

We would love to know your opinion so do leave a comment!

Now, it’s time to say goodbye! Good luck!

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