Tremclad vs Rustoleum

Tremclad vs Rustoleum! Which one is Better?

Painting some is a real hassle right! And it’s more annoying when you are confused about which paint is best for you. 

But no worries at all. We are here to make things easy for you. Even though you are confused between Tremclad vs Rustoleum.

Basically, Tremclad is a brand under Rustoleum. Which is specially made for metals and rust control. But the other brands of Rustoleum are used for different purposes. You can paint fiberglass and watercraft with both of these paints. But You have to be sure you are choosing the right product.

So let’s find out which product will be the best for you. 

Quick Comparison

Tremclad paint is basically a special brand under Rustoleum. Rustoleum is a USA-based paint company. It was founded by a sea captain to protect rusty metal decks from corrosion.  

But the main point is that Tremclad and Rustoleum are used differently. They both have different characteristics. So, you need to find out on which object you are using the paint.

But no worries at all. We are here to help you out in this confusion. 

First, let’s have a sneak peek at both these brands. And see what they offer.

Paint typeOil-based (mainly)Enamel (mainly)
Type of stateRegular liquid and sprayRegular liquid and spray.
VarietiesNot so manyToo many
Useable on rust? BetterNot so good
Usable on fiberglass?Not so goodBetter
Usable on watercraft?Not so goodBetter
PriceDefers in quantity and purposeDefers in quantity and purpose

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In-Depth Comparison

Let’s start with an in-depth comparison between Tremclad and Rustoleum. But before starting you need to be clear about something. 

Both of these paints are well renowned in their own class. The performance of paint will depend on which kind of paint you are using. And of course what type of surface you are using it on.  

There is also an important thing to mention which is: prep work. If you are planning to paint on a rusty surface it is really necessary to work on that. Otherwise, whichever paint you use won’t work for long.

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Performance on Rust 

To be honest it is quite hard to choose between these two paints. Because both of these paints are rust specialists. But we have got some specific criteria to choose which is best for you.


Let’s talk about Tremclad first. This paint is popular in this field for its longevity. It is said that no other paints last longer than Tremclad paint. It can stick to metal for almost 10 years which is really impressive. 

There is another good thing about Tremclad. This paint can be directly applied to the surface. It just required a basic soap wash. If you are done with it you are good to go.

So if you had a question can you apply RustoleumRustoleum over rust? Yes, of course, you can. 

Tremclad rust paint review is up to mark all the time. And even Tremclad colors are also impressive.


Rustoleum protective enamel is really great for rusty surfaces. You have both options in regular liquid and spray. Which is really convenient. But this Rustoleum needs some prep work before painting.

These kinds of prep works are like: washing the surface, roughening the surface, etc. But once you are done with these prep works Rustoleum paint works so fine on it.  

The finishing of Rustoleum spray paint is better than any other paint.  

Performance on Fiberglass

When it comes to the question of using paints on fiberglass it is a bit tricky. Because most of the paints can be used on fiberglass. But the question is: Will it last long on fiberglass?

We will try to find out the answer. Before that, it is really important to follow the instructions given on the box of paint. Which helps to find the perfect paint for fiberglass.

Now let’s find out which is better: Tremclad or Rustoleum!


You can hear that Tremclad can be used on fiberglass easily. Which is kind of true but not all of them. Some specific paint liquids can be used on fiberglass.

Now the main question comes up. Will it stick to fiberglass? 

Yes, tremclad will stick to fiberglass. But you need to do some prep work which helps to stick the paint.

Firstly, You need to make sure the area you will paint is totally clean. Then, you need to use sandpaper to remove wax and other surface materials. And it should be above 220 grit.   

Some people use a primer coat before the first coat. Because the Tremclad clear coat paint will stick to that easily rather than the fiberglass.


Basically, Rustoleum has the same condition as Tremclad. There are some specific paints of Rustoleum which are good for fiberglass. 

But there is a catch, the review of Rustoleum is way better than tremclad. People get very good feedback from Rustoleum from fiberglass projects. We also have some suggestions for your convenience. 

Here go some of our suggestions for your convenience- 

We think these suggestions will help you to find the perfect pain for you. 

Which Paintworks the Best on Boats? [Tremclad or Rustoleum]

Both tremclad and Rustoleum make paints for boats. As nowadays boats or canoes are generally coated with fiberglass. So you can expect the same result as using fiberglass.  

As it will be used on something related to water there are special kinds of paint. Let’s see what we can get from tremclad or Rustoleum in this case.


It is definitely possible to use Tremclad paint on boats. But you need to be very patient about that. Because Tremclad takes time to sit on watercraft. 

Let’s think of an example, someone put tremclad on his canoe. But noticed that it was peeling off though he painted that completely. After a couple of months, he noticed the paint was completely okay. And it is not peeling at all.

That means Tremclad needs time to set on watercraft. And you need to give that time before using the watercraft. 


In this case, the Rustoleum is ahead of the Tremclad. Because there are lots of options for you from Rustoleum. Rustoleum especially makes some paints that are easily usable on watercraft.

If you are up to painting your boat we think these suggestions will help you. Why not give these a try. 


Basically, both brands have varieties of paints. And the price differs on which kind of paint you want. Also, there are various states of paint like normal liquid or spray paint. 

So it is quite hard to mention all the prices. But the funny thing is all of these paints are available in marketplaces. So you can easily get the basis of the price on your purpose. 

So, we guess it’s pretty clear now which paint is perfect for what kind of work. You just need to make your own choice now.  

Which one Should You get!

I think after the detailed discussion we could make this a bit clear. Because it totally depends on which product you are using. And most importantly on which surface you are using.

So if it is for a normal metal surface you can go for tremclad. Because it works nicely on a rusty surface without any hustle.

Then again if you are thinking of using fiberglass Rustoleum will be better because they have specific paints for it.

Lastly, if you are finding it for your watercraft Rustoleum will be a good choice. Because it has specific options and a good number of choices for marine uses.  

No matter which one you get, always remember one thing. The chemicals in paint can be harmful to your health. So try to take precautions before starting painting.  


Is Tremclad made by Rustoleum?

Yes, Tremclad is made of Rustoleum. Tremclad is a brand of Rustoleum. Tremclad is a special segment of Rustoleum which is for a rusty surface. And tremclad is really easy to use on a rusty surface which makes this brand really popular.

Is Tremclad good paint?

From most of the reviewers, Tremclad is a marvelous paint. Because it is really easy to use. It can be directly used on a rusty surface without any tough prep work. It also gives long-lasting protection and durability.  Moreover, a nice finish.

What type of paint is Tremclad?

Basically, tremclad is an oil-based rust paint. Which is mostly used on rusty surfaces. It is very popular all around. Because it is really easy to use and you don’t need to do much prep work for it. Also, it gives nice protection to the metal. 


We hope you’ve got some good knowledge from this article. And also get the things between Tremclad and RustoleumTremclad.

If you have any more queries then let us know in the comment section.

Till then stay safe and be happy.

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