What Batteries Does the Nerf Gun Take

What Batteries Does the Nerf Gun Take?: A Perfect Guide

Batteries in Nerf guns may not be super common to many people. But there are indeed a couple of Nerf guns that do require batteries. But what batteries should one use or are they all the same? Not really. 

So, what batteries does the Nerf gun take? 

Not all Nerf guns are equal and neither are the batteries. The Nerf Regulator, Rapidstrike, and Ultra One take 4 C batteries. On the contrary, the Nerf Rival Zeus uses 6 C batteries. The less powerful Nerf guns like Modulus and Stryfe use 4 AA batteries. The Stampede & Vulcan uses 6 D batteries. 

That wasn’t enough to cover the entire topic. There are a lot more models to talk about. And we’re glad to do it for you. 

Simply keep reading and you’ll have the information that you’re looking for! 

Why Do Some Nerf Blasters Need Batteries? 

Nerf blasters usually don’t have any type of battery-related function. At least for the major products of the Nerf line. 

But that didn’t stop Nerf from trying to be diverse. After all, it’s a company that needs to have different products. 

For example, there are different ball sizes for Nerf Rival guns. Depending on different balls, your experience will be different. 

Anyways, let’s talk about the Nerf gun batteries. Some Nerf guns are motorized. It means that it requires a battery for priming and reloading, like the Nerf Rival.

Source: Cnet

This saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to reload every time. This way you can take on multiple enemies at once without reloading.

There is also Nerf gun batteries mod for certain Nerf blasters. 

Nerf Gun Batteries: Quick Overview 

Now that we’ve mentioned the importance, let’s take a look at the batteries. Most Nerf guns pretty much use the same batteries. Except for a few ones. 

There are around 11-12 Nerf blasters that use batteries for priming and reloading. Naturally, it’ll be overwhelming to talk about them all at once.

That’s why we’ve simplified it by bringing everything to one chart-

Nerf Guns BatteriesPrice
Nerf Regulator4 “C” BatteriesOrder Now
Nerf Ultra One4 “C” Batteries
Nerf Rapidstrike4 “C” Batteries
Nerf Rival Zeus6 “C” Batteries or Nerf Rival Rechargable BatteryOrder Now
Nerf Modulus4 “AA” BatteriesOrder Now
Nerf Stryfe4 “AA” Batteries
Nerf Hyperfire4 “D” BatteriesOrder Now
Nerf Infinus4 “D” Batteries
Nerf Mega Mastodon6 “D” BatteriesOrder Now
Nerf Stampede6 “D” Batteries
Nerf Vulcan6 “D” Batteries
Nerf Rival Nemesis6 “D” Batteries

After looking at the table, which Nerf gun do you like more? 

Nerf Gun Batteries: Detailed Discussion

As you can see, there are different batteries recommended for different Nerf guns. Just like how there are different-sized screws for Nerf Rivals

Similarly, there are different Nerf gun battery sizes you’ll need to worry about. Of course, it has to do with the battery capacity, efficiency, and load. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Nerf Regulators, Nerf Ultra One & Nerf Rapidstrike

Without a doubt, Nerf regulators are one of the most famous Nerf guns. They’re big and considered a top-of-the-line product. 

On the contrary, Nerf Ultra One has a drum magazine that shoots 25 darts. Nerf Rapidstrike works the same way, except it has an extended magazine.

Batteries Needed: 4 C Batteries

Without a doubt, all three of them require firepower. And that’s not possible without powerful batteries. 

That’s where the C batteries come in. Each of those batteries has a capacity of 4000 mAh. This gives you all the power you need to empty your magazine at high speed. 

The amount of Nerf gun batteries needed for these guns is 4 C batteries.

If you’re looking for some C batteries, we’ve got your back-

Choose whichever you like and these will set you up.

Nerf Rival Zeus

Nerf Rival Zeus is a bull-pup style shotgun blaster which requires even more power. That’s why we’ve separated it from the previous category. 

Batteries Needed: 6 C Batteries

The Nerf Rival Zeus uses Rival ball ammo and thus requires more power. That’s why for Rival Zeus, you’re going to need a little bit more. 

Source: CNET

Unlike the Nerf Regulators, Ultra One, and Rapidstrike, it needs 6 C batteries. However, there’s always the NERF Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack.

Nerf Modulus & Nerf Stryfe 

Okay, let’s talk about something that requires slightly less power. The Nerf Modulus and Nerf Stryfe are the big names that use smaller batteries. 

Batteries Required: 4 AA Batteries

AA batteries are mostly used in tiny toys like RC controllers or clocks. They have a capacity of 1200 mAh. 

Source: Reddit

Since Nerf Modulus is easy to operate, 4 AA batteries are more than enough. The Nerf Stryfe is also no exception to that. But you can also use C batteries as Nerf gun battery upgrade

For your convenience, we’ve linked our personal favorites-

They’re both great products. Simply choose any and you can get started! These will also work as Nerf gun battery replacements

Nerf Hyperfire & Nerf Infinus

The Nerf Hyperfire and the Infinus are both known for their rate of fire. This heavy firing cannot be sustained without a powerful battery. 

The Nerf Hyperfire is also considered the fastest firing blaster of the series. Like Hyperfire, Nerf Infinus is also equipped with a drum-mag. 

That allows both of them to shoot at an enormous speed. 

Battery Requirement: 4 D Batteries

D-sized batteries are the biggest batteries available for purchase. They’re gigantic and have a capacity of 8000 mAh. That is almost 7 times bigger than AA batteries. 

To operate a Nerf Hyperfire, you’ll need to install 4 D batteries. Like Hyperfire, Nerf Infinus also requires the same amount of batteries. 

To save you some time, we’ve recommended some of our top picks-

Pick whichever you prefer more and that’ll set you up with everything. These batteries come as a Nerf gun battery pack as well. 

Nerf Mega Mastodon, Nerf Stampede, Nerf Vulcan & Nerf Rival Nemesis

These are some of the most powerful Nerf guns that have been produced. They’re huge and require the most battery power possible. 

Batteries Needed: 6 D Batteries

D batteries are mostly used in bigger devices such as lamps. Other than that, boom boxes and transmitters also use D batteries. 

All of the mentioned Nerf guns require the same amount of batteries. With 6 of those D batteries, you can win any war you want. 

Remember that sometimes your gun can be jammed. In such cases, remember to unjam your guns. Sometimes you may need to do a Nerf gun battery change


Can you use rechargeable batteries in Nerf gun?

Yes, it’s totally possible to use rechargeable batteries in Nerf guns. It’s also possible to use multiple AA batteries instead of a D battery. But in that case, the charge will deplete rapidly. Alkaline batteries are the ones used by most people for Nerf guns. But they aren’t rechargeable. 

What size batteries does Nerf Rival Charger take?

A typical Nerf Rival gun takes around 6 C batteries to function. The Nerf Rival Charger which came out recently uses the same amount. These Rival guns shoot balls instead of darts which require additional power. That’s why using smaller batteries isn’t advised. 

What batteries does the Nerf Ultra 2 take?

Nerf Ultra Two blaster is an automatic pistol. Naturally, it doesn’t require too much power like Nerf Hyperfire or Stampede. But it’s still a great amount and certainly greater than some products. Ultra 2 takes 6 AA batteries to function. Nerf Stryfe on the other hand, requires only 4 AA batteries. 

Final Words

That was all we could gather and deliver on this topic. I hope you’re now more insightful about what batteries the nerf gun takes.

You can always install bigger batteries if you want. But it’s always best to stay away from using smaller batteries.

Finally, have a nice day. 

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