What Caliber Are Nerf Darts

What Caliber Are Nerf Darts?: [Measured & Answered!]

It’s quite easy to find out your favorite nerf guns and darts online. However, there’s not enough information about the darts themselves. Especially, the details about the darts’ calibers.

You might’ve already gone through tons of sites but couldn’t find what you wanted. All your time searching comes to an end here.

So, you want to know what caliber are Nerf darts?

Nerf darts have different caliber sizes ranging from 0.4 inches to 1.5 inches. Normal regular-sized nerf darts have 13 mm or 0.5-inch caliber. But that’s not the only nerf darts. Mega nerf darts have a wide frame and 20 mm or 0.75-inch caliber. There are many more nerf dart types.

I know you’re getting curious about the other dart types and their calibers.

So, don’t make yourself wait anymore and start reading!

What are the Nerf Dart Types?

Even the mightiest of nerf aficionados won’t be confident about all the nerf darts. However, you’ll get to know about them today!

Source: Blaster Hub

Let’s start with the most common ones and that’s Nerf Elite darts.

Elite and Ultra are quite similar but they do have some differences. While the Elite darts have a 2.75 inches / 7 cm length. And Ultra ones are 2.45 inches / 6.2 cm. Even the caliber differs slightly.

Then you have Micro and Accustrike darts which are quite famous. Micro ones have a 3.25 inches / 8.3 cm length. Accusrtike is made a bit smaller at 2.75 inches / 7 cm.

And you can’t forget about the N-strike, Fornite dart series. 

Oh! Did I forget to mention the Star Wars-themed darts? Truly, there are so many nerf darts that they need a separate discussion!

I hope this table came in quite handy to understand the darts. But why don’t you learn more about some famous ones?

A Detailed Look at Some Nerf Dart Calibers

Here, you’ll get to see a detailed discussion of some of the nerf darts’ calibers. I know you probably won’t be satisfied by knowing this much. Because here you’ll only know about the darts.

So, don’t expect anything about nerf rival ball caliber or size and all. That’s another story altogether. Anyways, let’s get going with the flow!

Nerf Elite Darts

These darts are one of the most prominent and influential darts in Nerf’s darts range. Publicly released under the N-strike banner in 2012, it became famous instantly. 

It changed how everyone plays with guns and darts. Micro darts got a true successor at last. While those two don’t have the same construction, they did have the same caliber.

Both are built with a diameter of 0.5 inches / 13 mm. So, you get a similar caliber size from both. That’s why they are quite frequently compared!

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Now, let’s look at another famous range of Nerf dart types. I think you know which darts I’m talking about.

Nerf Ultra Darts

The ultra darts were made in mind with performance blasters. Releasing it in 2019, the company had high hopes for it. However, the reception was a bit underwhelming. 

Nonetheless, these darts are not something to scoff at.

Having a length of 2.45 inches / 62 mm, they are a bit smaller than the Elite lineup. However, the caliber is slightly enhanced at 0.6 inches / 15 mm. 

So, the smaller body packs a more wide area to hit. It also flies a bit more than the other nerf darts.

Even the body has some unique traits. There are two back fins and two tiny holes in the shell. That makes the darts more robust and aerodynamic. 

So, these really are made for ultimate performance. And that’s why check these darts in a different number of packages.

Nerf AccuStrike Darts

Arguably one of the best nerf darts to ever see the light of day! The Accustrike dart series completely changed the whole nerf battles. Fans were going crazy over how revolutionary it was at its time of release in 2017.

Not only do these darts improve overall performance, but it also has several unique features. 

Let’s start with the spiral tip. Its specialized tip lets the dart fly through the air horizontally. So, no fear of darts popping out of nerf guns!

While these are almost similar to Elite darts, the weight distribution is slightly improved. However, this nerf dart diameter mm is exactly the same as Elite at 0.5 inches.

In addition to that, the length is the same at 2.75 inches / 70 mm. 

Now, you might be thinking wait a minute! If these two have so much in common, are they interchangeable? Yes, they really are! So, that adds more awesomeness.

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Nerf Mega Darts

Another successful dart with enhanced design and performance. The name mega comes from the size and caliber.

Just to give you an overview, here’s a pack of Nerf Mega compared to a Nerf Elite dart.

Source: UK Nerf

The length is around 3.65 inches / 93 mm and the caliber is 0.75 inches / 19 mm. So, the darts are bigger than the others. Battles with these darts are extra fun and occasionally painful!

But if you like your darts bigger than anything, Nerf Mega is there to fulfill your dreams.

Mega XL Darts

As the name suggests, this dart really is one of the wicked darts from Nerf. Introduced quite recently in 2021, they got huge popularity because of their size. Nerf fans have never seen anything like this before.

Take a look at these darts, they are way too big to handle.

This dart is the extra-large version of the previously introduced Mega darts. A unique feature about Mega XL ones is that they can store a mega dart inside! Isn’t that cool! 

As the inner shell is hollow, the pocket can perfectly fit with a mega dart.

You have probably guessed that these darts are probably quite long. Yes, the length of this dart is around 4 inches / 100 mm. And the caliber of the dart clocks at 1.5 inches / 38 mm which is huge! So, be careful how you play with them.


Are All Nerf Darts the Same?

No, the nerf darts vary in size, diameter, weight, design, and so on. Regular darts are around 3 inches long and have a 0.5-inch caliber. While those dimensions are for micro and elite darts, mega ones have different dimensions. They are around 3.8 inches long and have a 20 mm caliber.

Which is the Best Nerf Dart?

All the guns are unique and exemplary in their own sense. In recent times, the Fornite AR-L Elite Blasters are getting positive responses from toy-gun fans. Then, there are also Nerf N-Strike Mega Magnus and Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster guns. They are also great to use and fun to play with.

Are Nerf Guns Illegal?

Usually, the mainstream nerf guns are not illegal or dangerous to own. They are permitted countrywide and you can use them anytime. However, there is some exception to its use cases. It’s best to pack them in your luggage when you’re traveling. Guns that are similar to actual guns are not permitted.

Finishing Up

That’s everything you’ll need to know about what caliber are Nerf darts! Although there are more darts available, these are enough for now.

One last thing before you start your battles. Always be careful about safety while playing.

Now, you are ready to blast away!

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