What Is The Fps Limit In Airsoft

What Is The Fps Limit In Airsoft- A Must Knowing Fact For You!

Imagine a scenario! During a shooting event, you got shorter-range shoots. Unexpected, right? But surely it would haunt you. We get it.

Generally, lack of knowledge makes us suffer. But no worries, we have brought this article for you.

So, what is the fps limit in airsoft?

The fps limit depends on some factors. For example, low-powered guns come with a 250 to 350 fps limit on average. Then mid to high-powered guns stay between 350 to 450 fps. However, guns like sniper rifles go top as these limit around 600 fps! 

Accordingly, revealing all the factors is a big part of our article.

So, let’s get started!

Explaining Airsoft FPS Meaning 

Now, in the airsoft gun industry a lot of things matter. And you’ll see a lot of new terms. For example, you might need to know what is aoeg scope, hop up, and so on. 

One of the key specs in your airsoft gun you will be looking at is how hard it can shoot, right? That’s where the measurement of FPS comes around.

You may have often heard about MPS or Meter per second too. As per American culture, let’s follow the FPS or feet per speed. 

In the airsoft gun industry, fps refers to the main method of measuring your BB’s speed. Simply put, it’s a way to determine your BB’s traveling range through the air every second. 

So, what’s the average airsoft fps limit

Well, you will see mostly 200-400 FPS limit on average. But for different situations, places, and laws the fps limit changes.

4 Key Factors in FPS Limit To Acknowledge! 

So, got some ideas on the FPS Limit in airsoft guns? 

Well, there’s more to know. As we’ve mentioned the fps limit depends on some factors. Just how factors help you to pick between two airsoft guns such as hatsan 95 and rws 34. 

To know what fps limit you need, you should go through the factors. Let’s get deeper into the factors that manipulate the FPS limit.

Factor 1: During Indoor Usages

For indoor close-quarters battle aka CQB, the FPS limit is almost 300-350. So, if you’re using airsoft guns indoors, make sure this is the fps limit.

Factor 2: During Outdoor Usages

For outdoor purposes, you can choose 400 fps limit guns. Especially, Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun serves great outside. 

Meanwhile, by using snipers, the fps limit goes up to 500! For that, a minimum 30-meter distance is required. 

In addition, the fps limit does not just represent the velocity. It also comes with a safety protocol.

So, you must be known for non powder or airsoft guns safety tips.

Factor 3: At Low Powered Guns

Now, the fps limit will change depending on the gun powers. 

First, let’s talk about low-powered guns- 

Yes, there are lots of models of low-powered gun types. But don’t start panicking! We’ve mentioned the FPS Limit for different low-powered guns. 

Now, let’s get your head into the table below. This table shows the fps limit for low-powered guns (based on 0.25g BB weight).

AspectsFPSEnergy (in Joules)
Close Quarter Taggers300-350
1-1.5 (Approx)
1 (Approx)
Support Taggers300-3501-1.5 (Approx)

Hopeful that you got clear aspects of low-powered guns. Now, let’s move to another range.

Factor 4: At Mid To High Powered Guns

These guns are introduced for hitting big targets. You can shoot at a greater range through field rifles, heavy fields, and sniper rifles. 

Also, the more powerful the gun, the more things you need to consider. For example, for a better shooting experience, things like delta ring in airsoft are put importance.

But for now, let’s check out the fps limits for every mid-high powered gun-

AspectsFPSEnergy (in Joules)
Field Rifles350-4001.85 or above
Heavy-Fields400-4502.35 or above
Sniper Rifles450-6004.2 or above

Enough of getting ideas on different types of places and guns? Let’s move to calculate the fps limit on your own! 

How to Calculate FPS Limit in Airsoft?

To measure it up generally, you’ll need BBs that weigh 0.2 grams to examine. Though the number of weight might be deceptive, let’s not worry about that.

Meanwhile, let’s get familiar with another metric called Joules.

What measurement it serves rather than the speed is the energy of the projectile. Joules along with the FPS limit show up the whole calculation.

As inputs, we need the mass of the BBs, and FPS limit to calculate Joules!

The equation stands as: Energy(in Joules) = 0.5 * mass * (FPS limit)^2.

Got the mechanism behind the airsoft fps calculator? Great! Now, we would like to get you around some general questions!


Is My 300 FPS Airsoft Good Enough?

Firstly, you need BB weight apart from the FPS limit. Secondly, calculating the Joule through an equation will reveal the energy out. In general, 300 FPS can do the job. But in terms of long-range shots, it’s not perfect.

Which One is Better Between 0.20 vs 0.25 Airsoft BBs?

0.20g BBs are suitable for traveling 12% quicker than 0.25g BBs. And as if that is not enough to judge. 0.25g is 25% more robust than 0.2g. As a result, the same percentage of it works as a benefit. This weight gets less wind affection, less debris contact, and so on. Got the best one now?

What is The Max Fps For Airsoft

Low-powered guns can allow 350 fps as a maximum. Meanwhile, 450 fps is the highest limit for most mid or high-powered guns. To maintain standard comparison, we consider 0.2g BB in each case. However, high-powered guns such as snipers allow an almost 600 fps limit maximum.

Final Words

Before wrapping up, have you got now what is the fps limit in airsoft? We have attempted to give you all the necessary info. It includes BBs weight, Energy calculation, and so on. 

Once the BBs vs FPS limit gets cleared into the head, you will know what you require. Still, if you get queries, let us know! 

Good luck with your airsoft gun!

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