What To Do With Used CO2 Cartridges?

What To Do With Used CO2 Cartridges? A Complete Guide

So, something buzzing off in your head? Not sure what to do with CO2 cartridges that have already been used? Worry not! We got your back.

So, exactly what to do with used CO2 cartridges?

You can utilize CO2 cartridges in a lot of ways. The first thing to do with used cartridges is to recycle them. Other than that you can refill it and even practise target shooting with them. If it’s damaged then you can just dispose of the used CO2 cartridges. 

Now, you need details! That’s why we’ve discussed all the points one by one in detail. We’ve even mentioned how to handle your used CO2 cartridges. 

Stick around to know the full procedure. Bring your handyman cap on and let’s get started. 

Can You Utilize Used CO2 Cartridges?

CO2 cartridges are known to be small cans that are filled with CO2 gas that’s pressurized. 

Now, CO2 cartridges have been around for a very long time. These are mainly used in different applications. For example, you can use them in airsoft pistols, carbonated soda, and dragster cars

One good thing about these cartridges is you can use used CO2 cartridges. It has a number of applications. You can use it while practising targets, you can dispose of it and even recycle it. 

What Can You Do with Cast-off CO2 Cartridges? 

So, you now know that using a used CO2 cartridge is possible. But now the question is “how to use it?” 

Well, fear not! Because we’ve mentioned 4 different ways you can make the used CO2 cartridges useful. So, just follow details to make use of the cartridges-

You Can Dispose of It

CO2 cartridges can be disposed of as empty containers. The process of this is actually similar to that of household trash or landfill.

You Can Recycle It

You can save energy and natural resources by recycling your cartridges. Used CO2 cartridges could be used like any other scrap metal.

When it comes to scrap metal, the basic guideline is that a product must contain at least 50% metal.

Much like the process of zeroing a scope, recycling metal is not too complicated. 

Separate the metal if you have products with a small bit of metal that is easy to remove. You’ll need to figure out whether your metal is ferrous or nonferrous before proceeding. A magnet is the best tool for this. 

Locate a scrap metal recycler and connect with them through their website. When recycling scrap metal, the majority of scrap metal recyclers will ask for identification to prevent stealing. 

You Can Refill It

As we know by now, all CO2 cartridges are not the same. So, you can even refill used CO2 cartridges

Prepare the old cartridge for a refill and open the safety check valve. Remove the main valve and refill it. Finally, install the safety check valve. 

Here are some of the refill options: 

You Can Practice Targets with It

You can place the used cartridges on toothpicks in a cardboard box. It will eventually increase your accuracy by roughly 34%. 

What Happens If You Don’t Handle Used CO2 Cartridges Properly?

If you don’t handle your CO2 cartridges properly, you’ll run into a number of issues. Make sure you’re aware of those. 

Hazardous to the Environment 

There are many adverse effects of CO2 cartridges. If you discard them, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) will damage the soil and water if they reach landfills. 

Furthermore, we are well aware of CO2’s risks.

Harmful for Humans

Inhaling nitrous oxide is exceedingly dangerous for the human body. It can result in significant health issues. It can induce a spasm in the throat muscle, which makes it difficult to breathe. 


Are CO2 cartridges prone to exploding? 

Yes, CO2 cartridges are prone to exploding. Because the pressure of the gas rises with temperature. So if your cartridge turns too hot, you’ll see an explosion. 

Can You Use CO2 Cartridges for Beer Dispensers? 

Yes, beer can be dispensed with food-grade CO2. It keeps it from spoiling as quickly as it does with hand pumps (Atmospheric Air). As a result, some of your keg-beer shops will stock it.

Do CO2 Cartridges Expire?

The gas in the cylinder doesn’t expire but needs to be checked for quality assurance purposes by a specific date. 


Our expedition has come to a close. We hope you finally got to know what to do with used CO2 cartridges

Oh, and before you leave, let us give you one fun piece of advice.You can make a small amount of the ice with the CO2 cartridges as well.

That’ll be the last word from us. Good luck!

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